Direct Flight From Singapore To Surabaya – SIN To SUB

If you are a tourist or a resident of Singapore who dreams of visiting Surabaya, an island in Java, you might be looking to catch a direct flight. This city, Surabaya, is in Indonesia, and a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya is always available for you from Singapore (SIN). These flights make it easy to catch a journey without pit stops.

Here in this content, emphasis has been put on assembling information so that it can guide you. Details include SIN to SUB flight time, number of daily trips available, airline offering direct flights, and more. This blog features every detail that can assist passengers/flyers in planning their air travel.

Airlines Offering Direct And Cheap Flights To Surabaya From Singapore

The most important question is which airlines offer direct flight schedules from Surabaya to Singapore. The answer is here: airlines like Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Jetstar, and Garuda Indonesia are flying the route. Some offer flights at lower prices, and others provide a few costly flights. Detailed airline info is available below, flying direct & cheap flights to Surabaya from Singapore. So choose your joyride for the journey to the Java Islands.

  1. Jetstar Airways

Jetstar, an Australian airline, runs a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya for the cheapest fare. The flight lasts 2 hours and 25 minutes, and the flight time is in the evening. The ticket fare may range from $88 to $125. If Jetstar is your ride, you can also fly to Okinawa with it from Singapore. The airline runs direct flights from SIN to OKA with no pit stops.

  1. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is a full-service Indonesian flag carrier airline that delivers passengers on a direct flight from SIN to SUB. Garuda also flies twice daily, morning and evening, to take visitors to SUB. Both of the flights take the same time, 2 hours and 30 minutes, to arrive at the SUB airport. The fee ranges from SGD 190 to SGD 400.

  1. Scoot Airlines

Scoot is another player, an airline owned by Singapore Airlines that offers budget air rides. The Singapore to Surabaya flight time that a scoot flight takes can be 2 hours and 30 minutes (SGD 150) or 2 hours and 25 minutes (SGD 180). Scoot runs two flights daily for the route. If you take the morning flight, it will arrive 5 minutes early. If you are in Singapore SIN, you can fly to the Yogyakarta location via Scoot airline’s affordable flights. Scoot is known to run direct SIN to JOG flights that you can book.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is another airline that runs Singapore to Surabaya direct flights. The airline stands by its slogan, A Great Way To Fly, offering a mix of affordable perks and amenity full rides to passengers. Singapore Airlines is flying two flights daily on the Sin route to the destination of Surabaya.

Singapore Airlines SIN to SUB flight schedule runs on two shifts, one in the early morning (cheaper) and one in the early night. The time durations for the SIN flight are similar to the Scoot ones; the morning flight takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes, and the early night flight takes 2 hours and 25 minutes to drop you at SUB.

Where Will My Direct Flight From Singapore To Surabaya Land?

When a tourist or a regular flyer is on a Singapore Surabaya direct flight route, they land at Juanda International Airport. JIA airport offers international air operations on Indonesia’s grounds and runs military and public flying operations.

Any airline that runs the SIN to SUB operations will arrive at JIA airport in Surabaya. The airport has award-winning services like meet and greet, fast-track facilities, airport assistance, and more. Also, your journey from Singapore can begin and end at many other locations.

Useful Details of Singapore To Surabaya Flight Schedule

Here are some details that will give you an idea about the SG to Surabaya flight schedule, the airline, and the airport where you will land in Surabaya. Use them wisely and stay ahead with your travel plans when you book a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya.

Airlines Flying SIN to SUB Direct FlightsSingapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Scoot Airlines, Jetstar Airways
Airlines Flying cheap flights to Surabaya from SingaporeScoot Airlines & Jetstar Airways
SIN to Surabaya Flights Landing AirportJuanda International Airport
Airport CodeSUB
Airport AddressJalan Ir. Haji Juanda, Betro, Kec. Sedati, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61253, Indonesia
Singapore To Surabaya Distance851 miles / 1369.55 km / 739.5 nautical miles
Avg Singapore to sub Flight Time2 Hours 30 Mins
Shortest SIN to SUB flight time2 Hours 25 Mins
Cheapest flight One-way price$88.67 (Singapore Dollars)
Cheapest Round Trip Fee$139.27 (Singapore Dollars)
Cheapest MonthMarch

Helpful Tips For Determining Cheap Flights To Surabaya From Singapore

Read more if you want tips on locating cheap flights to Surabaya from Singapore. A few key pointers can help you grab the latest schemes and offers running. Here, we discuss these pointers that play a ground-changing role in the air travel industry. Most frequent flyers are aware of these, and so are your travel agents. Pointers to find a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya are listed as follows:

Always Compare The Deals

The best part of air travel is that there are now many giants in the business, and the competition is cutthroat. So before finalizing, always compare till you arrive at the price or an offer that satisfies you. The days of just walking up to a travel agent and asking them to make bookings are over. Now, at your fingertips, you have the power tool, i.e., the internet, and it will help you find a direct flight from SIN To SUB.

Set Up A Tracker

If you have a tool/ calculator or a website where you find the best deals, set up an account and a reminder to find the flight schedule from Singapore to Surabaya. Many apps also send you an alert as soon as a flight price is up or down. Based on your history and, most importantly, requirements, the times flash when a fantastic opportunity presents itself. So set your app reminders to flash when cheap flights to Surabaya from Singapore appear.

Clear Cookies And Surf Incognito Mode

This tip is the most valuable and beneficial as cookies are known to store your preferences, aka choices when searching online. So always clear your cookies so that you are not getting any marketing-infused results but genuine results. Open an incognito window on a browser and proceed with your research for a cheap flight from Surabaya to Singapore. So that only valid information pops up for a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya from the vast library of contents available on the internet.

Check Your Travel Rewards Earned

If you are an airline club member, check the rewards earned as the chances of getting a SG to SUB flight schedule for cheaper to no fare becomes much more manageable. The rewards earn you way more than cheap flight tickets for a flight schedule from SIN to SUB; you can also get an upgrade and service discounts. Now air travel is more giving with these travel certificates earned and points earned on every mile you cover in the air.

Follow Social Media Pages Of The Airline

Socials are the norm; everyone has a social media page representing who they are. Airlines also are running their pages on these social media platforms. You will likely hit the jackpot if you follow them and check their pages for any offers running for a cheap flight from Surabaya to Singapore. These are the outlets via which airlines are running the latest updates related to flights and their business. 

Information On Other Destinations You Can Fly Direct To From SIN To Surabaya

From Southeast Asia’s busiest and largest port, Singapore, passengers can catch a break to many destinations. Other than a direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya, other direct flights are available from the port of SIN city to various other destinations.

Here is a listing of the cities where you will find a non-stop ride from Singapore by many airlines.

  • Taipei: Fly to the capital city of Taiwan and immerse yourself in Taipei’s vibrant culture and taste. The best news is that airlines like Scoot, StarLux, China, Singapore, and Eva Air offer SIN to TPE direct flights.
  • Maldives: Catch a ride to the world’s flattest country, Maldives, and become a part of social media-worthy beaches and serene views. You can avail a seat on the direct flights from Singapore Airlines to SIN to MLE.
  • Karabi: Hop on a no-pit-stop SIN to Krabi direct flight operated by Scoot Airlines and explore the famous underwater life. Karabi is a popular tourist destination in Thailand for its coral reef and beach life.
  • Gold Coast: Theme parks are the major attractions that make passengers fly to the Australian City of Gold Coast. You can book with the major known air players flying passengers on direct flights that cover SIN to OOL. 
  • Sapporo: For beer fans, Sapporo is a popular tourist spot. Other things it is famous for are skiing and its renowned snow festival. So grab an offer and book a non-stop/direct flight on the SIN to CTS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is flight from Singapore to Surabaya when traveling without any stops?

The direct flight schedule from Surabaya to Singapore takes up to 2 hours and 30 minutes on average.

Is there a Singapore Surabaya direct flight from SIN?

Yes! Direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya operations is actively run by four major, cost-effective airlines.

What other destination can I fly directly to from SIN?

You can fly directly to Sapporro, Goldcoast, Karabi, Maldives, and Taipei on a flights from Singapore.

What airline is offering short-distance flights from SIN to Surabaya?

Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and Jetstar offer Singapore to Surabaya flight time of about 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Which airline is flying cheap flights to Surabaya from Singapore?

Jetstar and Scoot Airlines run cheap flights from Surabaya to Singapore.

What is the SIN to SUB flight schedule of Scoot Airlines?

Scoot runs two operations daily, providing passengers with an option for direct flight from Singapore to SUB.

How long is flight from Singapore to Surabaya with Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines offers two Singapore to Surabaya distance flights; one takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, and the other takes 2 hours and 25 minutes.

How many days do I need to stay at Surabaya after taking a Singapore Surabaya direct flight?

Typically 3, days are enough to explore the beauty of Surabaya, but it depends on the business you are visiting the place for.

What other alternatives are there to travel from sin to Surabaya?

Alternatives to cover the sin to sub distance are taking a ferry ($75 – $90) that will take three days and 7 hours.

Where do the Singapore Surabaya direct flights land?

A direct flight from Singapore to Surabaya will land at the Juanda International Airport.

What is Surabaya famously known for?

The City of Heroes is the name given to Surabaya due to the historic battle in this city during the independence revolution of Indonesia.

What currency is used in Surabaya? Will I find a currency exchange service when traveling from SIN to Surabaya?

The rupiah is the currency of Surabaya, and when visiting, you must carry money in this currency. Exchange services are available at SUB, where you can exchange your money for use during your stay in Surabaya.


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