Direct Flight From Singapore To Krabi – SIN To KBV

Passengers willing to escape the city’s rhythm & embrace Krabi’s island charm need to catch a few details before booking tickets. This guide unveils the secrets to a smooth direct flight from Singapore to Krabi. From the major airlines and their unique perks to unlocking hidden deals for budget-conscious travelers, you get all information. Curious about the aircraft that’ll fly you away? Dig into their details, including seating configurations and flight times. Know about the terminals and daily flight frequencies. It will ensure you arrive relaxed and ready to explore. So, ditch the travel anxieties & let this guide be your compass to a smooth Krabi hassle-free trip.

Singapore To Krabi Flight Schedule

Get all the details regarding the flight schedule from Krabi to Singapore, covering airlines, duration, departure times & much more. Plan your itinerary with detailed information to ensure a smooth travel experience. Discover the ease of direct flight from Singapore to Krabi & begin your trip with no stress and hassle.

Singapore To Krabi Flight Time

The flight time from SIN to KBV flights is approximately 2 hours. Enjoy a brief journey as you travel from the vibrant cityscape of Singapore to the stunning coastal landscapes of Krabi. Whether for enjoyment or official work, this comfortable Singapore to Krabi flight duration allows you to maximize your time exploring the beauty & culture.

Flights Time

Distance Taken By Flight From Singapore To Krabi Airport

Covering the route between Singapore Changi Airport and Krabi, the direct flight from Singapore to Krabi covers an intriguing 582 miles. As the aircraft cruises over the shimmering Andaman Sea, passengers might catch glimpses of remote islands & private coves. It adds an air of mystery to the journey.

Airlines That Fly To Krabi From Singapore Directly

Get to witness smooth travel with direct flights from Singapore to Krabi. Plan a comfortable journey once you know about this one airline that serves direct flights on this route. Scoot airlines & Singapore airlines flies you to the destination within a few hours, saving time and energy. You can enjoy breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, & thrilling adventures.

Scoot Airlines: This airline is a low-cost airline. It offers direct flight from Singapore to Krabi. Operating one daily flight, & seven flights per week, this airline provides travelers with convenient options to explore the vibrant city of Krabi. With 180 economy seats available, passengers can begin their trip affordably & comfortably on flights from Singapore to Langkawi.

AirlineAircraft UsedTerminalDestination Airport
Scoot AirlinesAirbus A320Departure from Terminal 1KBV, Kravi

Flight Number For SIN To KBV Flights

The direct flight from Singapore to Krabi is operated by Scoot & is designated as flight number TR686. Start your journey with ease aboard this convenient flight connection.

Ticket Cost For Direct Flights From Singapore To Krabi Thailand

When it comes to the one-way Scoot flight from SIN to KBV, it will cost around $63-$64. Round Trip Scoot flight from Singapore to Krabi will cost $169-$170.

Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines, your gateway to paradise with convenient direct flights from Singapore (SIN) to Krabi (KBV) and also SIN to FUK direct flights. It is a premium airline offering various in-flight amenities to the passengers. With a total number of around 180 seats available, you can go comfortably.

AirlineAircraft UsedTerminalDestination Airport
Singapore AirlinesAirbus A320-200 & Boeing 737-800Departure from Terminal 1KBV, Kravi

Direct Singapore To Krabi Flight Ticket Cost

For a one-way direct flight from Singapore to Krabi, the ticket cost is $53. This offers travelers the convenience of a direct journey without any layovers, saving both time and hassle. For those planning a roundtrip journey, the cost is even more attractive, with roundtrip tickets priced at $87. Roundtrip flights often provide additional savings compared to booking two separate one-way tickets.

Note- These prices are subject to change and may vary based on factors such as the time of booking, availability, & any additional fees or charges imposed by the airline.

Airlines Serving Non-Direct Flights From SIN To KBV

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) serves as a bustling hub connecting travelers to various destinations worldwide. Among its popular routes is the journey to KBV, a gateway to Thailand’s stunning beaches & natural wonders. With numerous airlines operating non direct flight from Singapore to Krabi, passengers have a plethora of options to choose from. Ensuring comfort & flexibility in their travel plans. Here is the SIN to KBV flight schedule with airlines facilitating smooth connections between these two vibrant destinations.

AirlinesFlight DurationStopover(s)
Thai AirwaysAround 2 Hrs 20 MinsBangkok
SilkAirAround 2 Hrs 20 MinsSuvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
AirAsiaAround 2 Hrs 45 MinsKuala Lumpur (KUL)
Scoot International AirlinesAround 2 Hrs 45 MinsDMK Airport
Bangkok AirwaysAround 2 Hrs 35 MinsBangkok (BKK)
Malaysia AirlinesAround 3 Hrs 20 MinsKuala Lumpur (KUL)
Jetstar AsiaAround 2 Hrs 40 MinsBangkok at DMK
VietJet AirAround 3 Hrs 30 MinsHo Chi Minh City (SGN)
China Southern AirlinesAround 6 Hrs 10 MinsGuangzhou (CAN)
  • Thai Airways– As the flag carrier of Thailand, Thai Airways connects passengers from Singapore to Krabi with its efficient & reliable service. It makes sure for a smooth journey from departure to arrival.
  • SilkAir– It offers convenient non direct flight from Singapore to Krabi. It combines the comfort of full-service amenities with regional expertise to cater to passengers needs.
  • AirAsia– Known for its budget-friendly fares & extensive network across Asia, it operates connecting flights between Singapore & Krabi.
  • Scoot Airlines– With its emphasis on affordability & no-frills service, this airline provides a cost-effective option for passengers traveling from SIN to KBV. It allows them to explore the beauty of Krabi on a budget.
  • Bangkok Airways– As a boutique airline specializing in routes within Thailand & neighboring countries, it offers smooth non direct flight from Singapore to Krabi. It is complemented by its signature hospitality & attention to detail.
  • Malaysia Airlines– Connecting passengers from Singapore to Krabi via Kuala Lumpur, it provides a comfortable option for travelers seeking to explore the idyllic beaches & lush landscapes of Krabi.
  • Jetstar Asia– Providing competitive fares & a straightforward travel experience, it operates connecting flights between SIN & KBV. It caters to both leisure & work related travelers.
  • VietJet Air– With its expanding network and focus on affordability, VietJet Air facilitates connections from Singapore to Krabi. It opens up opportunities for travelers to experience the charm of southern Thailand.
  • China Southern Airlines– Connecting passengers with connecting flight with a stopover in Guangzhou. It offers a unique travel experience, allowing passengers to explore multiple destinations in one journey.

Cheap Flights To Krabi From Singapore

Planning a trip with direct flight from Singapore to Krabi & hoping to snag a great deal on your flight tickets? With a bit of strategic thinking & unconventional approaches, you can uncover some surprisingly affordable options to book cheap flights Singapore to Krabi. While everyone knows the standard tips like booking in advance or being flexible with your travel dates. There are some lesser-known tricks that can help you score cheap flights to Krabi from Singapore. Let’s explore some of these uncommon strategies:

Cheaps Flights
  • Fly on Unpopular Days- Consider flying on less popular days of the week, such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Direct flight from Singapore to Krabi tend to be cheaper on these days as they are less in demand compared to weekends or Mondays. Early morning or late-night flights may also come with lower price tags due to decreased demand.
  • Use Alternative Airports- Instead of solely relying on SIN, check if flying out from Johor Bahru’s Senai International Airport or even Kuala Lumpur International Airport could offer better deals. Sometimes, the savings on flights from alternative airports can outweigh the cost of traveling there.
  • Opt for Budget Airlines with Stopovers- While direct flights are comfortable, they often come with higher price tags. Consider flying with budget airlines that offer stopover routes to Krabi. Even with the additional layover, these flights can be significantly cheaper than nonstop options. 
  • Utilize Airline Reward Programs Creatively- If you’re a member of airline reward programs, think outside the box when redeeming your miles or points. Combining cash & miles or booking unconventional routes through partner airlines can save your ticket costs. Follow this tip for other routes like SIN to Jeju direct flights.
  • Book Last-Minute Deals Strategically- While booking in advance is generally advisable, sometimes last-minute deals can offer surprisingly low prices. Keep an eye on flash sales, especially for off-peak travel times. Be prepared to act quickly as these deals often have limited availability and may sell out fast.

Advantages Of SG To Krabi Direct Flights

Direct flight from Singapore to Krabi offer travelers an efficient way to reach this stunning destination in Thailand. With the ease of nonstop travel, passengers can enjoy numerous advantages that enhance their overall journey experience. From saving time to reducing stress, direct flights provide unique benefits that cater to various traveler preferences.

  • The uninterrupted journey creates a sense of excitement, creating a deeper connection with the destination even before touchdown.
  • With no layovers to disrupt the journey, travelers can fully indulge in relaxation and wellness activities onboard. Airlines may offer specialized in-flight programs such as guided meditation sessions, stretching exercises, or wellness amenities etc.
  • Provide an opportunity for culinary exploration through curated onboard dining experiences that showcase the diverse flavors of both Singapore & Krabi.
  • For digital nomads or remote workers traveling, nonstop flights offer productivity enhancements. 
  • A direct flight from Singapore to Krabi often features on board destination experts or cultural ambassadors. Passengers can gain valuable knowledge & inspiration.
  • Get personalized in-flight entertainment options that cater to individual preferences and interests.
  • Passengers can contribute to environmental conservation efforts by supporting airlines with robust sustainability programs & beyond.
  • From aromatherapy sessions to guided relaxation exercises, these rituals offer a tranquil transition from the skies to the serene landscapes of Krabi.
  • There are cultural exchange programs that celebrate the diversity and shared heritage of Singapore and Krabi.
  • Find opportunities for sky-high celebrations & special occasions. It allows passengers to commemorate milestones, birthdays, or anniversaries with unforgettable experiences above the clouds.

Other SG Direct Flights to Different Destinations

Traveling with direct flight from Singapore to Krabi and to various Locations around the world has become increasingly convenient. It gives the travelers the ease of reaching their destination without the need for layovers, saving both time & hassle. From vibrant cities to serene islands, there are numerous exciting destinations to explore directly from Singapore. Here are some nonstop flights from SIN to other captivating locations-

  • Singapore to Kaohsiung– Know the vibrant culture and bustling streets of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second-largest city. Non-stop flights from Singapore to Kaohsiung offer travelers the chance to explore its lively night markets, modern architecture, & scenic waterfront.
  • Singapore to Osaka– Witness the cultural richness & culinary delights of Osaka, Japan’s vibrant city known for its historic landmarks, delicious street food, and lively entertainment districts. Singapore to Osaka flights provide easy access to this dynamic metropolis.
  • Singapore to Okinawa– Escape to the tropical paradise of Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, & unique Ryukyu culture. Direct SIN to OKA flights offer travelers the opportunity to unwind in this idyllic island destination.
  • Singapore to Hokkaido– Embrace the natural beauty and outdoor adventures of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. It is famous for its snow-capped mountains, hot springs, and delicious seafood. SIN to Hokkaido nonstop flights provide access to its breathtaking landscapes & charming towns.
  • Singapore to Chiang Mai– Learn about the rich history & serene landscapes of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s cultural hub nestled in the foothills of northern Thailand. Nonstop SIN to CNX flights offer travelers the chance to explore its ancient temples, vibrant markets, and lush countryside.

Commonly Asked Questions – Direct SIN To KBV Flights

In this commonly asked questions section, find quick answers about direct flight from Singapore to Krabi. Discover essential information on flight durations, airlines, ticket prices, and more, ensuring a seamless travel experience to this captivating destination.

Can you fly direct from Singapore to Krabi?

Yes you can fly direct from SIN to Krabi with non-stop flights.

Are there direct flights from Singapore to Krabi?

As of now, Singapore Airlines & Scoot offer direct flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Krabi International Airport.

What is the flight duration for SIN to KBV direct flights?

It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Krabi from Singapore via direct flights.

Do I need a visa for traveling from Singapore to Krabi?

Singaporean passport holders do not require a visa for short visits to Thailand, including Krabi, for tourism purposes.

What is the baggage allowance for direct flight from Singapore to Krabi?

Generally, both Singapore Airlines & Scoot offer a standard baggage allowance, & additional baggage can be purchased if needed.

Can I pre-select my seat for the flight to Krabi?

Both Singapore Airlines & Scoot offer the option to pre-select seats during the booking process or through their respective online platforms.

How much is the flight time from Krabi to Singapore?

The flight duration for flights from Krabi International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport is approximately 2 hours.

How do I book tickets for direct flight from Singapore to Krabi?

Tickets for direct flights can be booked through the airlines’ official websites, authorized travel agencies, or online booking platforms.


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