Can You Bring Aerosol On A Plane? Are Aerosols Allowed

Can You Bring Aerosol On A Plane? Are Aerosols Allowed

Can you bring aerosol on a plane? According to the TSA liquid rule, you are allow to bring aerosol, hair gel on a plane in a bag, creams, and other such liquids in your carry-on bags. Items that are larger than 3.4 ounce in weight or 100.55 ml must be packed in checked baggage to facilitate the screening process. So, if you are planning to take aerosol can on plane, make sure you take them inside a secured and tampered bag that can be screened and cleared easily.

Rule of thumb: Medicinal and personal aerosoles along with toilet items which you can spray on your body can be generally carried out on plane, but within limited quantities only.

Are Aerosols Allowed on Planes? TSA Aerosol Rule

In order to go through the screening process make sure that you remove items like aerosols, gels, or any kind of medically necessary items like medicines on a plane in your hand luggage separately from your carry-on bag. These kinds of items are screed separately due to safety reasons. However, if the aerosol or gel alarm during the screening, you may not be allowed to take it with you.

Are Aerosols Allowed on Planes

The liquids rule exemption allows the items only if:

  • The respective items are not available at the airport.
  • The passenger requires the items during the journey.
  • The items are not available elsewhere, at your final destination.

Can You Carry Travel Sized Aerosols Can On A Plane?

Yes, you are allowed to carry aerosols on a plane. However, you cannot carry aerosol insecticides or flammable aerosols in your cabin bags, no matter what their size is. Insecticides are only allowed in checked bags when they are not labelled as “hazardous”.

Items such as paints or DIYs are also not permitted on the plane, as these are not considered as medically necessary items.

Can You Bring Aerosol On A Plane In Checked Baggage?

Is it safe to put cans in checked luggage? Yes, if you wish to travel with your full sized aerosol containers on planes, you can do so by packing them in your checked baggage. The aerosols may include hairspray, antiperspirant, shaving creams, gels, and other kinds of lotions on a plane in hand bag. This way, you will be able to have your favourite toiletry with you.

Bringing along aerosol toiletry products becomes necessary when you are travelling to weddings, job interviews, or vacations. However, make sure that you store the liquids in small containers that must not weigh more than 3.4 ounces. All of the packed aerosols must be kept in a zip-top bag for convenience.

In order to ensure that you have your aerosol cans with you when you arrive at your final destination, you can pack them in your checked baggage, without worries. Nevertheless, if any of the item alarms during the screening process, you won’t be permitted to carry them along with you.

TSA Limitation on Aerosol Can on Plane in Carry-on & Checked Baggage

Aerosol in Carry-On BaggageAllowed
(You can bring aerosol on a plane, less than or equal to 3.4oz)
Taking Aerosol in Checked LuggageAllowed

Can You Bring Aerosol on a Plane International?

When travelling internationally, rules about bringing aerosols on a plane can vary. Here are some general points to consider:

  • Each airline might have its own rules about aerosols or other items like bug spray on a plane in luggage. Some allow small aerosols in carry-on bags, but others might restrict them to checked luggage.
  • Different countries have different rules. Some might allow certain aerosols, while others could ban them altogether.
  • Most airlines follow a size limit for aerosols in carry-on bags. Larger aerosols might need to go in checked bags.
  • Aerosols must pass security checks. They should be placed in a clear bag with other liquids.

Some aerosols, like medical sprays or specific personal care items like skincare products on a plane in a carry-on bag, might have exceptions. Check with your airline or the airport for special rules.

Can You Take Medical Purposes Aerosols On Planes?

You can carry aerosols that are necessary for medical purposes, and are not available at your travel destination or at the airport.

You Bring Medical Purposes Aerosol On Plane

FAA Non-Flammable Medicinal Aerosols Limit

Capacity of Each containerNot exceed 0.5 kg (18 ounces)
Quantity Per Person AllowNot exceed 2 L (68 fluid ounces)

Code Of Federal Regulations: Exceptions for passengers: 49 CFR 175.10(a)(1)(ii)

What Are The Medically Necessary Aerosols?

Some of the most common example of medically necessary liquids are:

  • Prescription creams, gels, and other such liquids.
  • Infant formula, toddler food/drinks, breast milk, etc.
  • Ice packs on a plane in luggage to cool infant formula or breast milk.
  • Hand sanitizer which weighs up to 12 ounces only.

What kind of aerosols are not allowed on planes?

When it comes to the question, can you bring aerosol on a plane, several aerosols are restricted from being carried onto airplanes due to safety concerns. These restrictions primarily focus on aerosols that are flammable, explosive, or potentially hazardous. Here are some common types of aerosols generally prohibited or restricted for air travel:

  • Items such as spray paint, cooking spray, & certain types of insect repellents or cleaners containing flammable substances are typically prohibited.
  • Certain industrial or household aerosols contain hazardous chemicals. Such as strong solvents or corrosive materials, are restricted due to their potential risks.
  • Aerosols like hairspray, spray deodorants on a plane in carry-on, or other beauty products often contain propellants that are potentially explosive in certain conditions. They lead to restrictions on carrying them aboard airplanes.
  • Rules often limit the size of aerosol containers allowed in carry-on luggage. Typically restricting containers larger than a certain volume due to security concerns.
  • Some specialty items like certain medical sprays, aerosol-based medications, or food-related aerosols might have specific rules for transport, requiring additional documentation or approval.

Are Aerosols Checked During Screening?

Yes, not only aerosols, but everything you carry with you at the airport goes through the screening process. The TSA officers ensure that liquids, aerosols, or any kind of gels are checked for safety purposes. If the officers are unable to use the X-Ray machine to inspect the items, you will be required to open your baggage.

Why Do You Have To Go Through Screening?

Yes, you are allowed to bring aerosol on a plane but in order to ensure the security of the travelers, everyone is required to go through the screening process at the checkpoint. In case you have any disabilities or a medical condition, you can describe your condition with proper documentation to the TSA officer.

TSA often allows medically necessary liquids and aerosols in the plane, but in a reasonable quantity. You must declare such items to the TSA officers for inspection at the checkpoint.

Can You Take Aerosol Sunscreen On A Plane?

Yes, you can take aerosol sunscreen on a plane. Items like sunscreen, aerosols, and paste kind of items require additional screening during the screening process. Any item that alarms during the screening process can not be permitted in your carry-on bag.

As per the rules and regulations, if you are planning to carry aerosol spray sunscreen in your carry-on bag, then it must weigh less than or equal to 100ml. Make sure to follow the below mentioned criteria.

  • You must pack the sunscreen in a leak-free container.
  • Each container should not weigh more than 500ml.

Bottom line

At this point, you must know what and whatnot you should carry to the airport. Aerosols that weigh less than or equal to 100ml will be permitted. If at all you have packed more than the reasonable quantity, your items will be removed from your baggage and seized at the airport.

Make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the airlines, if you don’t want your added items to be kicked out of your baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bring Aerosol cans on a plane?

If you are planning a trip soon, you must be wondering how can I pack aerosol cans in my baggage? Well, it clearly depends on how big your aerosol can? If you want to pack the cans in your checked baggage, you will need to abide by the liquid rule exemption.

Do aerosols go in checked baggage or carry-on baggage?

All the liquid aerosols must be less than or equal to 100 ml. If you are unsure if some items will pass the screening test, you must pack them in your checked baggage carefully. Make sure that you pack them in containers, so they don’t spill around your luggage and ruin your other important stuff.

Can I take 100ml aerosol in hand luggage?

Yes, you can take 100ml of aerosol in hand luggage. Make sure that you pack the containers in a plastic resealable bag and the items should fit comfortably inside the bag.

Can you take aerosol sprays on a plane?

Yes, you can take aerosol sprays on plane but you must adhere to the guidelines of the airlines, which only allow you to take them in a reasonable quantity.

Can you put aerosols in your suitcase on a plane?

Yes, you can pack Aerosol in your suitcase for a flight. But it depends upon TSA Aerosols rule and policies of airlines you’re flying with.

Will aerosol cans explode in checked luggage?

Passengers do not need to worry, aerosol cans would not explode on plane in checked baggage.

What kind of aerosols are not allowed on planes?

Some Aerosols that are considered hazardous and dangerous for passenger’s security. Here are the list of Aerosol not allowed on a plane:-
1. Non-toiletry.
2. WD-40.
3. Spray paint.
4. Spray starch.
5. Cooking spray.


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