Direct Flight From Singapore To Taipei – SIN To TPE

Data is everything, and having the right/correct details about the direct flight from Singapore To Taipei will help you plan everything efficiently. You might like information on the specific days, months, or seasons during which the trip to Taipei from Singapore will cost you less. Regardless of your preparation technique, this page offers exclusive and current updates on the flights running from SIN to TPE.

From cheaper options to the perfect timings to fly, every detail is carefully curated for you here. Make the most by planning your dream trip with the help of the key and precise details mentioned here. Moreover, if you need additional information, like how many flights you can catch daily and the complete travel time, the airline with the shortest travel time is also listed here.

Which Airlines Fly Direct From Singapore To Taipei? (Cheapest To Costliest)

Here, we have presented a list of airlines that take you directly from SIN to TPE. Using this list, you will get an idea of which airline to book flights with, the duration it takes, and the flight charges it charges. Using your wisdom wisely and with the help of the information here, you can gracefully make your travel plans to beautiful Taipei from Singapore. The airlines may change or cancel their plans at the last moment, so please check with them before booking a direct flight from Singapore to Taipei. You can also check the details about the Flights that fly from Singapore and the airlines that operate these services.

Cheap Flights
Airlines NameFlight Frequency In A Single DaySingapore To Taipei Flight Time
Scoot Airlines2 – 3 times4 hr 55 min
StarLux Airlines1 time4 hr 50 min
China Airlines2 times4 hr 55 min
Singapore Airlines2 times4 hr 55 min & 4 hr 50 min
Eva Air(Shortest Travel time)2 times4 hr 35 min & 4 hr 40 min
  1. Scoot Airlines

Scoot is in the market with the cheapest prices, offering a Singapore to Taipei flight on the most affordable budget. Scoot is flying 2 to 3 flights daily for this route, and the Singapore to TPE flight time is 4 hours and 55 mins. Scoot Airlines takes about 78 flights monthly on this route. Being the cheapest player in the mix, Scoot also offers direct flights from SIN to CNX.

  1. StarLux Airlines

StarLux Airlines offers the second cheapest flight ticket from SIN to TPE, Taiwan. The flight from SIN to Taiwan is about 4 hours and 50 minutes with StarLux Airlines. The ticket fee can range to Singapore dollars 273 when you hop on the StarLux flight to Taipei. On average, the airline takes a single trip to this location.

  1. China Airlines

China Airlines takes 4 hours and 55 minutes flying time from Singapore to Taipei, Taiwan. A total of 2 flights are flown by China Airlines on these routes. One is during the daytime, and the other is during nighttime. The ticket fee change may go up to Singapore dollars 279.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Two daily flights fly as the direct flight from Singapore to Taipei by Singapore Airlines. The duration for both flights varies by 5 minutes, meaning one takes around 4 hours and 50 minutes, and the other takes 4 hours and 55 minutes. The ticket fee is priced around 414 Singapore dollars by Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines also flies Singapore to Brisbane direct flights. You can visit this page to plan your travel efficiently with the airline for these routes.

  1. EVA Air

Eva Air is flying the shortest flight from SIN to TPE, which is 4 hours and 35 minutes. On average, two flights of EVA Air fly daily for this route, and Singaporean dollars 443 are charged for tickets. The shortest flight duration from Sin to Taiwan by EVA flight takes off during the daytime, which you can catch.

What Is The Cost Of A Direct Flight From SIN To Taipei?

The price of a direct flight from Singapore to Taipei varies when you pick the route, i.e., one side or both side trips. Based on the prices and deals mentioned, here is an estimate of the route fee that will be charged.

Airline Flight Route CoveredSingapore to Taipei Flight Fee (Cheapest)
Single/One Way$102
Round Trip$113

Some Travel Insights Related To Direct Flight From Singapore To Taipei (SIN To TPE)

A successful trip may vary on different factors for different flyers. Some prefer a smooth and VIP treatment throughout the journey, and others prefer a budget ride. No matter where you fall in the category, here are some pointers to look for when checking the Singapore to Taipei flight schedule.

Singapore To Taipei Flight Cheapest Days

When booking a flight from Singapore, for the best rates available, pick Thursdays to catch a flight. The day to avoid will be Saturday for catching a flight from Singapore. Try booking a Friday flight deal at affordable prices when landing in Singapore. Avoid Sundays, as the highest travel fee for the SIN to Taiwan flight route is on Sundays.

Singapore To Taipei Flight Cheapest Month

Look for SIN to TPE flight time in July to get a cheaper flight deal. At this time, the ticket is $208. Expensive, aka costly, months are December and November, and the tickets take a hike up to $434 and $343, respectively. So you can use this data to book wisely.

Book A Singapore To Taipei Flight Schedule To Get The Best Deals (Time/Days Before Departure)

For the mind-blowing deals, the advice is that you reserve your SIN to Taipei flight schedule 78 days before departure day. If you book any other time, the prices dip to below average or be a little higher, depending on the month and days of the year. Remember that the deals keep changing, so check the latest plans.

Check The Airline With Cheap Flights From Singapore To Taipei

Here is what you need to know regarding the carriers offering a way to fly cheap tickets to Taipei from Singapore. Ranking on top is Scoot Airlines, which provides a ticket price of $102 for single-way and two-way ticket fees of $186. The second airline is Air Macau, which has tickets priced at a $216 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many flights per day from Taipei To Singapore are there?

The total number of flights that take off from Singapore to Taipei is about an average of 9 to 12 flights daily.

How long is flight from Taipei to Singapore?

The average time for flights to commute is 4 Hours and 40 Minutes for a direct flight from Singapore to Taipei.

What are the seating options on a cheap flight from Sin to Taiwan?

The seating options include flying in economy, PEconomy, and Business when covering the distance from SIN to TPE.

What is the lowest season or month for finding cheap flights from Singapore to Taipei?

August is rated to see the most drop in ticket fees for the Singapore to Taipei flight.

Which airline offers cheap flights from Singapore to Taipei?

Scoot Airlines is flying cheap flights from Singapore to Taipei at $102 for a one-way route.

What days will I find a direct flight from Singapore to Taipei?

Almost every day, there are direct flights from Singapore to Taipei City.

Do I have to carry a passport/visa for my flight from SIN to Taipei, Taiwan?

Yes! Based on the destination city’s requirements, you must hold a passport for identification and a visa to clarify the purpose of your stay.

Will it be easy to find direct flights that operate from the routes SIN to Taiwan?

Yes! The information for the airlines that run/operate a direct flight from Singapore to Taipei daily is available on this page.

Which airline flies the shortest duration for the flight that lands at Taipei from Singapore?

Eva Air offers the shortest distance for the route SIN to Taiwan.

How long from Singapore to Taipei flight take If I catch an early flight?

An early direct flight from SIN to TPE can be taken at around 12:20 am, landing in Taipei at around 4.45 am.


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