Direct Flight From Singapore To Yogyakarta – SIN To JOG

Dig into a useful guide offering insights into airlines serving direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta. Along with it you also get insights on flight details such as duration, distance, aircraft types, & relevant flight numbers. Witness the ease of travel as you travel between SIN to JOG. Soak in the diverse cultural tapestry & historical richness they have to offer. This direct flight will let you focus on the excitement that awaits in the destination. Explore the possibilities of this experience, discovering the charm of the location from the moment you fly Singapore to Yogyakarta.

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Singapore To Yogyakarta Flight Schedule

Find the Singapore to Yogyakarta flight schedule, featuring leading airlines like Indonesia AirAsia, Scoot & Batik Air. Uncover essential details including flight duration, distance, flight numbers, terminals, & daily flight frequency. It ensures a smooth travel for the passengers.

Airlines That Fly Direct Flights From SIN To JOG

Uncover the effortless journey with direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta with Indonesia AirAsia, Scoot, 7 Batik Air. Enjoy daily nonstop flights, ensuring ease and comfort. Keep an eye out for flight numbers mentioned below for better understanding. Departing from multiple terminals, these state-of-the-art aircraft promise a comfortable voyage to your Indonesian getaway.

AirlinesAircraft UsedType of AirlineTerminalDaily Flight Frequency
Indonesia AirAsiaAirbus A320Business41 daily flight
Scoot AirlinesAirbus A320Business11 daily flight
Batik AirBoeing 737-800 PassengerSun, Mon,Wed & Fri31 daily flight

Indonesia AirAsia- It offers direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta (JOG), providing travelers with easy options for their journey. With a focus on affordability and efficiency, this one ensures a smooth travel. You can enjoy modern amenities and comfortable seating onboard, making flight enjoyable. Before making the final booking, make sure to check the airline’s schedule for regular flights.

  • Aircraft Used- The aircraft used for Indonesia AirAsia is Airbus A320.
  • Number of Seats- 180 seats (all-economy)

Scoot- This airline presents flight direct from Singapore to Yogyakarta, catering to travelers seeking affordable & reliable air travel. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Scoot offers hassle-free flight schedules, ensuring flexibility for passengers. Whether traveling for business or leisure, it strives to make your trip enjoyable & comfortable. It also serves other routes like flights from SIN to Sapporo.

  • Aircraft Used- Usually the type of aircraft used for Scoot is Airbus A320.
  • Number of Seats- 180 seats (all-economy)

Batik Air- It connects SIN to JOG with direct flights, providing passengers with a premium travel experience. With a focus on luxury and comfort, this one offers spacious seating, delectable onboard dining, & attentive service throughout the journey. You can rely on its punctual schedule & superior amenities for an exceptional flight experience.

  • Aircraft Used- The type of aircraft used for Batik Air is Boeing 737-800 Passenger.
  • Number of Seats- 162 seats

Flight Numbers For Singapore Jogja Flight

Passengers preparing for a direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta must know the respective flight numbers too. The flight numbers are- ID7296, QZ659, TR206, & TR212. These flights promise a smooth travel experience, each offering its own unique blend of comfort & efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the key details for each flight:

  • ID7296- Operated by Batik Air, offering comfortable seating and excellent service.
  • QZ659- Provided by Indonesia AirAsia, known for budget airline & reliable service.
  • TR206 and TR212- It is served by Scoot, providing modern amenities and a hassle-free travel experience.

Singapore To Yogyakarta Flight Time & Distance

The Singapore to Jogja flight covers a distance of approximately 769 miles, with a flight duration of around 2 hours and 35 minutes. This efficient journey allows travelers to swiftly transition between these vibrant destinations.

Ticket Cost For SIN To JOG Direct Flights

Travelers, mark your upcoming trip with a direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta. It offers both affordability & comfort. Whether you’re planning a one-way adventure or a roundtrip excursion, these flights promise an accessible gateway to explore the cultural riches of Yogyakarta.

  • One-way ticket– Starting from just $61, this budget-friendly option allows you to experience the enchanting allure of JOG in budget.
  • Round Trip ticket– With prices starting from $90, indulge in the flexibility of a roundtrip journey. It ensures you can fully immerse yourself in all that Yogyakarta has to offer without worrying about your return travel arrangements.
Type Of RouteCost of SIN to YIA Flights
One-WayAround $61
Round TripAround $90

Alternate Airlines Serving Direct Flights From SIN To JOG

Know about alternative options for direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta with airlines departing from or arriving at nearby airports within close proximity. These carriers provide additional choices for travelers seeking convenient and efficient routes to their Indonesian destination.

SilkAir– This airline provides a direct flight from Singapore Changi Airport to AdiSutjipto International Airport in Yogyakarta. It makes sure that you get a smooth trip to witness between these vibrant cities.

  • With a flight duration of approximately 2 hours & 40 minutes, passengers can enjoy the comfort and convenience of its services as they travel to their Indonesian destination.

How To Check Singapore To JOG Flight Status?

To check the status for direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta (JOG), you can use the following methods:

flight status
  • Visit the official websites of the airlines operating flights on this route. Look for the “Flight Status” or “Check Flight Status” section, where you can enter your flight details to get real-time updates.
  • Utilize flight tracking websites as they provide real-time information on flight statuses, including departure & arrival times, delays, & any other relevant updates.
  • Many airlines have dedicated mobile apps that allow you to check your flight status on the go.
  • Check the official websites of Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) and Adisucipto International Airport (JOG). They often provide live updates on flight statuses.
  • If you prefer speaking to a representative directly, you can call the airline’s customer service hotline.

Connecting Singapore To Yogyakarta Flights

Travel with Singapore Jogja flight as it offers an enticing blend of modernity & tradition. Both cities boast unique cultural attractions & vibrant atmospheres. While direct flights are available, several airlines provide comfortable non-direct options. It allows travelers to explore additional destinations along the way. Airlines serving non direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta, each offering its own route options and onboard experience are mentioned below:

AirlinesFlight Duration
Singapore AirlinesRanges from 5 to 7 hours
AirAsiaApprox 6 to 8 hours
Garuda IndonesiaMore than 5 hours
Malaysia AirlinesFalls between 6 to 8 hours
Lion AirAround 6 to 8 hours
  • Singapore Airlines- As the flag carrier of Singapore, this airline offers non direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta. It has layovers in major cities such as Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur. With its renowned service and extensive network, it provides a smooth travel experience, combining comfort & convenience for passengers amenities are also provided on Singapore to ILO direct flights.
  • AirAsia– It is a leading low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia, operates connecting flights from SIN to JOG via its hubs in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. Known for its budget-friendly fares and efficient service, AirAsia provides travelers with affordable options to reach their destination. It also offers the opportunity to explore connecting cities along the way.
  • Garuda Indonesia- This airline offers flight non direct from Singapore to Yogyakarta with layovers in Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali). With its reputation for hospitality and reliability, it ensures a comfortable journey for passengers, with convenient connections to Yogyakarta from major transit hubs.
  • Malaysia Airlines- Connects Singapore with Yogyakarta through connecting flights with layovers in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). As the national carrier of Malaysia, this one provides passengers with a premium travel experience. It includes comfortable seating, delicious cuisine, & attentive service throughout the journey.
  • Lion Air- Provides non direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta via its hub in Jakarta. With its extensive domestic network and competitive fares, it gives affordable & easy options to reach JOG.

Advantages Of SG To JOG Direct Flights

Nonstop flights from Singapore to Yogyakarta offer numerous advantages. It streamlines travel and enhances the overall experience for passengers.

  • Avoid layovers, reaching your destination faster and maximizing your time for exploration and relaxation.
  • Smoothly transition from departure to arrival without the hassle of changing planes or terminals.
  • Enjoy a continuous journey with fewer disruptions, allowing for a more comfortable & relaxed direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta.
  • Minimize the risk of delays or missed connections often associated with multi-leg journeys.
  • Optimize travel plans by eliminating unnecessary stops, reducing overall travel duration and costs.
  • Choose from a variety of departure times, accommodating diverse schedules and preferences.
  • Use uninterrupted direct flight from SIN to JOG time for work, leisure, or rest, enhancing productivity and well-being.
  • Improve accessibility for travelers with mobility issues or special needs, ensuring a smooth travel experience.
  • Reduce exposure to potential health risks associated with layovers, maintaining a safer travel environment.
  • Focus on enjoying the journey and arriving at your destination refreshed, ready to explore Yogyakarta.

Get Cheap Direct Flight From Singapore To Yogyakarta (SIN To YIA)

Finding a cheap flight from SG to Yogyakarta can be a rewarding challenge. With these tips, you can maximize savings and enjoy a seamless booking experience.

Cheap Flights
  • Be open to flying midweek or during off-peak hours for better deals.
  • Utilize online tools to receive notifications when fares drop for your desired travel dates.
  • Websites may track your searches and raise prices accordingly. Clear your browser cookies before booking.
  • Explore options with budget carriers for potentially lower fares.
  • Compare prices across multiple platforms to find the best direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta.
  • Secure your tickets early to take advantage of lower prices.
  • Keep an eye out for airline promotions and flash sales for discounted fares.
  • Receive exclusive deals and offers by subscribing to airline newsletters.
  • Travel during less popular times to avoid inflated prices.
  • Consider nearby airports for potential savings, even if it means a longer journey.
  • Pack only essentials to avoid extra fees for baggage.
  • Inquire directly with airlines for potential discounts or price matching options.

Direct Flights From SG to Other Locations

Singapore, known as a bustling hub of trade, culture, and innovation, also serves as a major aviation gateway to the rest of Asia and beyond. With its state-of-the-art Changi Airport, travelers can enjoy convenient access to a plethora of destinations worldwide, apart from direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta. Know about some direct flight routes from SG to some captivating destinations. Each offers its own unique blend of culture, scenery, and experiences.

non-stop travel
  • SG to Chiang Mai- Located in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai beckons with its rich tapestry of history, temples, & vibrant markets. Direct flights from Singapore to Chiang Mai offer travelers a stress-free trip to explore the temples, Thai cuisine, & adventurous outdoor activities.
  • SG to Jeju Island- This destination is a volcanic island off the southern coast of South Korea, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and unique cultural heritage. Non-stop Singapore to Jeju flights whisk travelers away to this idyllic paradise. They can marvel at natural wonders like Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, explore traditional villages, & savor local delicacies.
  • SG to Kaohsiung- Situated on Taiwan’s southwestern coast, Kaohsiung is a vibrant metropolis known for its bustling night markets, modern architecture, & scenic waterfront. SIN to Kaohsiung direct flights provide travelers with easy access to attractions. Visitors can also indulge in authentic Taiwanese street food & immerse themselves in the city’s dynamic arts & cultural scene.
  • SG to Okinawa- Entices visitors with its turquoise waters, coral reefs, and laid-back island lifestyle. Nonstop SG to Okinawa flight takes travelers to this tropical paradise, where they can unwind on pristine beaches. Explore historic sites like Shuri Castle, and sample delicious Okinawan cuisine. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving, & hiking.
  • Singapore to Osaka- This location is known as Japan’s culinary capital, is a vibrant city brimming with mouth watering street food, historic landmarks, & bustling shopping districts. Flights from Singapore to Osaka offer travelers the chance to indulge in gastronomic delights at Dotonbori, visit attractions & experience the city’s vibrant nightlife.

FAQs About Direct Flight From SIN To JOG

Welcome to the FAQ section for flight direct from SG to JOG! Find answers to commonly asked questions about travel between these two vibrant destinations, including flight schedules, airlines, travel tips, and more.

Which airline fly from Singapore to Yogyakarta?

There are 3 airlines that fly direct flights on this route. The airlines include Indonesia AirAsia, Scoot airlines and Batik Air.

Is there a direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta?

Several airlines offer direct flights from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) to Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) in Yogyakarta.

Do I need a visa to visit Yogyakarta from Singapore?

Singaporean passport holders do not require a visa for short visits to Indonesia, including Yogyakarta, for tourism purposes. A passport valid for at least six months is typically sufficient.

Can I use Singapore dollars in Yogyakarta?

It’s recommended to exchange some currency to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) upon arrival in Yogyakarta. While some establishments may accept Singapore dollars, it’s not common practice.

How long is flight from SIN to JOG?

The flight duration is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours for direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta, depending on the airline and prevailing weather conditions.


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