Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to deliver quality services and serve our clients with full commitment. The Terms & Conditions laid below underscore what you may expect from us while availing our services.


You must provide us with all the correct details, which are marked mandatory, while filling out the booking form. When you submit the form, we shall assume that you and other members on the same booking are in consonance with our Terms & Conditions. All the updates or information regarding your booking shall be provided to you through the contact number or the email id you have provided in the form. If you create a booking on behalf of someone else, you shall be responsible to inform them about the Booking Policy, Terms & Conditions, and other related information.

Our Services

Based on the information you provide and the choices you make, we make every effort to present you with accurate price quotes for your travel needs. Being a travel company, we assist our clients in booking flights and other travel-related services offered on the website. We do not, however, endorse or sponsor any specific companies or modes of transportation. We cannot guarantee that any of the airlines or hotels you reserve will offer the services we expect. We are bound to comply with their terms and conditions.

Identity Documents 

You are responsible for carrying all the necessary travel documents with you. We shall not be liable for any consequences you face during the travel due to the absence of such a document. It is recommended to confirm with the airlines or authentic sources beforehand the mandatory documents to be carried out for uninterrupted travel to a particular destination.   

Travel Insurance

It is beneficial for you to buy a Travel Insurance plan in advance, as it will protect you with claims against any medical emergencies faced during your travel. 

Price Fluctuations

Prices are displayed on our website in accordance with the current date’s currency rate. You must undertake to pay for any changes in price immediately upon demand. Any changes may be charged to your account until the full payment of the amount has been obtained. You shall be responsible for checking or confirming whether the pricing has changed or not before completing the final payment.


You must be cooperative in case of refunds, as the completion of a requested refund could take some time. 

After you have requested a refund and contacted our customer support team, we shall email you to let you know that we have received your cancellation request. By virtue of this notification, you might not automatically be eligible for a refund. This merely acknowledges your submission. 

Following the receipt of your request, we shall work with suppliers, including airlines, to provide you with a waiver in accordance with the policies of those companies and other suppliers. You must be aware that we rely on our suppliers to give the requested refunds. You shall be informed about the outcome or the further step.

After the vendor has approved the refund, your credit card statement might not show it immediately; this could take some additional time. Refund fees are typically charged by suppliers. Before you receive credit on your statement for the entire process, it may take up to 90 days from the time your request is received. In addition to the airlines’ and other providers’ refund penalties, there may also be a post-ticketing services fee. Fees for refunds are added to each passenger’s individual ticket.

Only when the airline or the supplier rules permit such returns, a refund has been approved by the supplier, or a waiver has been requested, these fees are charged. We will repay the post-ticketing service fees associated with your agent-assisted refund request. However, if the supplier does not execute the refund, our booking expenses for the initial travel reservation will not be reimbursed.

Apart from these factors, in the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as wars, strikes, flight cancellations, delays, acts of terrorism, or flight interruption as mandated by government authorities, JustTravo.com shall not be held responsible to offer refunds.

Unethical Content

You shall restrain from publishing or uploading any images, data, or information that displays obscenity, pornography, racial discrimination, casteism, monetary matters, or is derogatory and immoral in any sense. In addition, you shall not be entitled to showcase information that: 

  • Hinders the privacy of some other person.
  • Represents you as another person.
  • Violates any patent or copyright.
  • Contains a malicious file or software disrupting the operation of the website.
  • Misleads a user with wrong details.
  • Harms the image of the country and impacts its foreign relations.

Confidentiality of Information 

We take complete care of the security of your personal information and data. Besides, it may be noted that if you are asked to provide some important information pertaining to services you wish to avail like the fulfilment of special services in case of disability or other medical problems, availability of special meals in case of specific diet patterns etc., you must stay assured of its privacy. However, it might only be passed to the external organizations involved in channelizing your booking process.


We make a constant effort to make sure that guests who book flight tickets or hotel stays with us have a smooth and hassle-free experience. However, unexpected or sudden events may arise and the trip might not go as planned. In such a scenario, you must speak to our customer support team without any delay and share your concern with them so that they could provide you with a timely resolution. It is important to note that if you are not satisfied with the resolution, you must inform the team in writing within 30 days of the date when your trip ended.


Although the trip itinerary operates as agreed between you and JustTravo, we might modify the same keeping in mind the safety of our customers, in case of unforeseen circumstances.


JustTravo is a company providing services to make bookings with external organizations. Hence, the company shall not be liable for any mistakes or inaccuracies made by them, including those that may have unintended results. JustTravo does not advise you to avail any offer that is listed on the website. You shall do it at your own will.

Amendments in Terms & Conditions

Future circumstances may call for changes to our Terms and Conditions. If there are any changes, the same shall be duly updated on the website. You must accept the Terms after any such modifications have been introduced by JustTravo.

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