Direct Flights From Cape Town To Johannesburg – CPT to JNB

Located in the heart of South Africa, Johannesburg serves as a bustling hub connecting travelers to various destinations across the country. For those looking to travel conveniently between two of the nation’s most vibrant cities direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg provide the perfect solution. With smooth air travel options, commuting between these cities has never been easier.

Skip the hassle of layovers & delays, enjoying a straightforward journey from Cape Town’s scenic beauty to Johannesburg’s dynamic urban landscape. These non-stop flights offer not only convenience but also time-saving benefits.

It allows you to focus on what truly matters, which is your travel experience. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a spontaneous getaway, these flights ensure a smooth transition. Discover the joy of hassle-free travel as you embark on an effortless journey from CPT to JNB.

How Long Is A Flight From Cape Town To Johannesburg?

The direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg covers a distance of approximately 800 miles & offers a quick & convenient way to travel between these two vibrant South African cities. The duration of the flight mainly depends on various factors such as the airline, weather conditions, and the specific route taken. Generally, a non stop between Cape Town and JNB takes approximately 2 hours. Here are some key points about the flight duration:

  • The aerial distance between Cape Town and Johannesburg is around 1,290 kilometres (800 miles).
  • A non-stop Cape Town to Johannesburg flight time typically takes about 2 hours.
  • Flight duration may vary based on factors like weather conditions, wind speed, and the specific flight path chosen by the airline.
  • Non-stop flights offer a hassle-free and time-efficient way to travel, allowing passengers to reach their destination swiftly and comfortably.

Aircrafts Used For Direct Flights From Cape Town To Johannesburg

Airlines operating direct flights from Cape Town to JNB employ a range of aircraft to ensure efficient travel. Common choices include Boeing 737s for reliability, Airbus A320s for comfort, Embraer E-Jets for regional flights, & Bombardier Dash for short distances. Airlines select these aircraft based on demand and passenger convenience, ensuring a smooth journey between the two cities.

  • Boeing 737:- Airlines often use different variants of the Boeing 737, a popular narrow-body aircraft known for its efficiency and reliability.
  • Airbus A320:- The Airbus A320 family, including A319, A320, and A321, is widely used by airlines for short to medium-haul routes, offering a comfortable travel experience.
  • Embraer E-Jet Series:- Airlines may also operate Embraer E-Jet aircraft such as E170, E175, E190, or E195, which are regional jets suitable for domestic flights.
  • Bombardier Dash 8:- Some regional carriers use turboprop aircraft like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for short-distance flights, providing a cost-effective option for airlines.

Airlines Offering CPT To JNB Flights

Get details on the airlines offering direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, ensuring a hassle-free journey. These reputable carriers, including Safair, South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, CemAir, Airlink, & more, provide convenient connections. Explore their services, flight schedules, & amenities. They allow you to make informed travel decisions and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

AirlineAvailable WeekdaysTerminalsDaily Frequency
SafairFull Week——–22-23
South African AirwaysFull WeekArriving at B5-7
Singapore airlinesFull WeekArriving at A1
CemAirFull Week-——-5-6
AirlinkFull WeekArriving at B5-7
Global AviationFull Week——-4-7
Air BelgiumMon & Tues——-1
Air CaraibesSaturdayArriving at A1


It is a trusted name in South African aviation, takes pride in offering budget-friendly direct flights from Cape Town to JNB.

  • With a focus on affordability and punctuality, it provides travelers with a convenient option to reach their destination swiftly & economically.
  • Passengers can enjoy a hassle-free experience while flying with Safair, benefitting from their commitment to customer satisfaction & efficient operations.
  • The airline’s dedicated crew and modern fleet ensure a safe and pleasant journey.
  • It becomes a preferred choice for those seeking a seamless travel experience between these two bustling cities.

South African Airways

This airline is the country’s flagship carrier, & stands as a symbol of excellence in the aviation industry. Operating regular direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, it offers passengers a sophisticated & comfortable travel experience.

  • With its unmatched reputation for superior service, passengers can expect top-notch amenities, spacious seating, & delectable cuisine on board.
  • SAA’s commitment to safety & customer care ensures a smooth & enjoyable journey for travelers, making it a reliable choice for CPT to JNB flights.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, a global leader in the airline industry, extends its exceptional service to connect travelers with direct flights from CPT to Johannesburg. While primarily an international carrier, it collaborates with partner airlines to provide convenient connections within South Africa. 

  • You can experience the airline’s renowned hospitality, luxurious amenities, & world-class entertainment during your trip.
  • With a reputation for excellence, it offers a reliable & comfortable option for travelers looking for an elevated travel experience between these two cities.


It is a regional airline with a focus on domestic travel, specialising in providing personalized service to its passengers. Operating direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, it offers travelers flexibility & convenience.

  • The airline’s dedicated crew members ensure a warm & friendly atmosphere on board. It makes the journey between these cities both comfortable & enjoyable.
  • Its commitment to customer satisfaction & attention to detail makes it popular for those seeking a personalized & stress-free travel experience.


Airlink, a leading regional airline in Southern Africa, is synonymous with reliability & efficiency. The airline operates efficient and frequent flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, catering to the diverse needs of travelers.

  • With a strong focus on punctuality & excellent service, it ensures that passengers experience a seamless & stress-free journey.
  • Travelers can rely on its extensive network & experienced crew to provide a comfortable & convenient travel option.

Global Aviation

It is a reputable charter airline, offering tailored travel solutions within South Africa. Although primarily focused on charter services, the airline occasionally provides direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

  • Travelers benefit from its expertise in personalized travel experiences, ensuring a convenient & efficient journey customized to their specific requirements.
  • With a commitment to flexibility & customer satisfaction, it stands as a reliable choice for travelers seeking a unique & customized approach to their domestic flights.

Air Belgium

Air Belgium, an esteemed international carrier, predominantly operates direct flights from CPT to JNB. While the airline does not typically facilitate domestic travel within the country, travelers seeking nonstop flights are recommended to explore the comprehensive domestic services provided by local carriers.

  • South African airlines are well-equipped to meet the specific needs of passengers travelling within the nation.
  • Choosing these domestic carriers ensures a seamless & efficient journey between these two dynamic cities.
  • It allows the travelers to experience the diverse culture & attractions of both Cape Town and Johannesburg with ease and comfort.

Air Caraibes

It is indeed a prominent airline specializing in serving the Caribbean region. It primarily operates international flights to various destinations in the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

  • Although the airline does not offer domestic flights within South Africa. Travelers seeking direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg are encouraged to consider reputable local carriers.
  • These domestic airlines are dedicated to providing passengers with punctual & comfortable travel experiences. They ensure a stress-free journey between these vibrant South African cities.
  • Passengers can rely on the expertise of these local carriers to navigate the distance between CPT to JNB, allowing them to focus on enjoying their time in these culturally rich and diverse cities.

Other Airlines Providing Capetown To Johannesburg Flights

Get to know about other airlines providing convenient direct flights to Johannesburg from Cape Town, apart from the ones mentioned above. These carriers offer diverse options, ensuring a smooth trip between the two vibrant South African cities. Explore a range of services, from budget-friendly to luxurious travel experiences, tailored to meet various passenger needs and preferences.

British Airways

It offers direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, ensuring a seamless & comfortable travel experience for passengers. With a reputation for exceptional service & reliability, British Airways provides travelers with a convenient option for travelling between these two major South African cities. You can expect world-class amenities & a high standard of customer care, making your journey a pleasant & memorable one.


Kulula, a well-known low-cost carrier based in South Africa, catering to budget-conscious travelers. The airline offers affordable ticket options without compromising on safety & quality service. Its non-stop flights provide a convenient travel solution for those seeking a cost-effective way to travel between these bustling cities. Enjoy a straightforward booking process and a hassle-free journey with Kulula.

Mango Airlines

It is a popular low-cost carrier in South Africa, offering efficient & economical direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg. With a focus on affordability & punctuality, it provides passengers with a straightforward travel experience. Travelers can expect competitive fares, comfortable seating, & reliable service. It makes Mango Airlines a preferred choice for those looking for a no-frills travel option between these two vibrant destinations.


It is a renowned international airline based in Dubai, offers seamless connections with flights from Cape Town to JNB via their global network. While not a direct domestic flight, it provides travelers with convenient options for reaching Johannesburg from Cape Town. Experience the airline’s world-class service, spacious cabins, & diverse entertainment offerings. Your trip becomes a comfortable & enjoyable experience. Benefit from its extensive international reach and smooth connections to reach their destination efficiently.

Qatar Airways

It is a prestigious international carrier, offering convenient direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg. While not a direct domestic flight, it provides travelers with excellent service, comfortable seating, & a wide range of amenities. Passengers can enjoy a seamless journey between these cities, benefiting from Qatar Airways’ global network and exceptional in-flight experience.

Ethiopian Airlines

While primarily serving international routes, it provides reliable options for passengers seeking connectivity between these South African cities. Live the airline’s renowned hospitality and enjoy a smooth transition between Cape Town and Johannesburg, making their travel experience pleasant and convenient.


Lufthansa, a prominent European airline, offers not so direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg via its vast international network. Although not a direct domestic route, it provides travelers with efficient connections and high-quality service. Enjoy the airline’s comfortable cabins, exceptional in-flight entertainment, & smooth travel experience. Ensure a pleasant journey between these two vibrant South African cities.

Air France

It is a leading European carrier, providing nonstop flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg through its extensive global routes. While not a direct domestic option, it offers travelers an easy & comfortable way to reach their destination. Get the airline’s luxurious amenities, delicious cuisine, and excellent service, making their journey between Cape Town and Johannesburg a delightful experience.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides travelers with reliable options for reaching their destination. Benefit from the airline’s award-winning service, spacious seating, & diverse entertainment options, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

Cost Of Plane Tickets From Cape Town To Johannesburg

When it comes to travelling with direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The cost of plane tickets can vary based on several factors such as the airline, time of booking, & the class of service. Travelers can find competitive pricing, making air travel an accessible option for different budgets. Here are the approximated price ranges for one-way & roundtrip plane tickets from CPT to JNB:

  • One-Way Tickets- The starting range for one-way plane tickets from Cape Town to Johannesburg is approximately $42. Prices for one-way tickets can fluctuate based on factors like the airline, time of booking, and demand for the flight.
  • Roundtrip Tickets- For roundtrip journeys between Cape Town and Johannesburg, the starting range is around $91. Roundtrip tickets often offer some cost savings compared to booking two separate one-way flights. Prices for roundtrip tickets may vary based on the airline, booking class, and the duration of the stay.
Type Of FlightPrices
One-wayRanges from $42 USD
Round Trip Ranges from $91 USD

Direct Flights From CPT To Other Locations

Apart from direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, there are various destinations worldwide, offering convenience & efficiency. Here are some popular direct flight routes from Cape Town to other locations:

  • Cape Town to Mauritius- Several airlines, including Air Mauritius, offer flights from Cape Town to Mauritius, allowing travelers to enjoy the tropical paradise, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters of this idyllic island destination.
  • Cape Town to London- British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and other carriers operate direct flights connecting Cape Town to London, allowing travelers to explore the historic landmarks and cultural richness of the United Kingdom.
  • Cape Town to Dubai- Emirates, one of the world’s leading airlines, offers direct flights between Cape Town and Dubai, providing seamless connections to the opulence and modernity of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Cape Town to Sydney- Qantas Airways operates direct flights from Cape Town to Sydney, enabling travelers to experience the stunning landscapes and vibrant urban life of Australia.
  • Cape Town to Amsterdam- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers direct flights from Cape Town to Amsterdam, connecting travelers to the rich history, art, and culture of the Netherlands.

Benefits Of Capetown To Johannesburg Flights

Direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg offer unparalleled convenience, connecting two vibrant South African cities efficiently. With a myriad of benefits, these flights redefine travel, ensuring passengers reach their destination swiftly. Explore the advantages that make these flights a preferred choice for travelers.

  • Flights between these two are relatively short, usually taking around 2 hours. This significantly reduces travel time compared to other modes of transportation.
  • Air travel provides the utmost convenience, offering multiple daily flights & flexible schedules. This flexibility allows travelers to choose flights that align with their preferred departure and arrival times.
  • Despite the initial perception, flights can be cost-effective, especially when booked in advance or during promotions.
  • Airlines operating on this route provide comfortable seating, ample legroom, & in-flight amenities. They ensure a pleasant journey for passengers.
  • Travelers can enjoy services like in-flight entertainment, meals, and beverages, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Airlines adhere to strict safety regulations and protocols, ensuring passengers’ well-being.
  • For business travelers, direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg offer the advantage of saving valuable working hours.
  • Air travel provides excellent connectivity, allowing travelers to easily access other domestic and international destinations.
  • It reduces the stress associated with long road journeys. Passengers can avoid traffic congestion, road hazards, & fatigue, arriving at their destination feeling refreshed.

Tips To Book Cheap Flights From Cape Town To Johannesburg (CPT to JNB)

Looking to save on your direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg? Get practical tips to secure budget-friendly airfares. From booking in advance to exploring flexible travel dates, these strategies can help you find the best deals. Learn how to maximize your savings and travel smartly between these two vibrant South African cities.

  • Plan your trip well in advance and book your tickets early. Flight prices tend to be lower when booked several weeks or months ahead of your travel date.
  • If your travel dates are flexible, try to book flights on weekdays, as they are often cheaper than weekend flights. Consider flying during off-peak seasons.
  • Subscribe to fare alerts offered by airlines or travel websites.
  • Consider flying with budget airlines that operate direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg. These carriers often offer lower fares.
  • If you’re a frequent flyer, consider using your accumulated miles or loyalty points to reduce the cost of your flight. Many airlines offer reward programs that allow you to redeem points for discounted or even free tickets.
  • While direct flights are convenient, connecting flights might be cheaper.
  • When searching for flights online, clear your browser cookies or use an incognito mode.
  • Check prices for flights to nearby airports in Cape Town & Johannesburg.
  • Booking a roundtrip ticket often works out to be cheaper than purchasing two separate one-way tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions – CPT to JNB Direct Flights

Welcome to our FAQ section, dedicated to answering your queries about direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Explore most commonly asked questions, each with detailed and informative answers, providing you with valuable insights & ensuring a seamless travel experience between these bustling South African cities.

How long is a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Direct flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg typically take around 2 hours.

How frequently do direct flights operate between Cape Town and Johannesburg?

It operates multiple times daily, offering passengers a range of options for convenient travel.

Are there budget-friendly options for direct flights between these cities?

Yes, several low-cost carriers offer budget-friendly fares for travelers seeking economical options.

Which airlines operate direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Various airlines offer direct flights, including South African Airways, British Airways, Kulula, Mango Airlines, and Safair.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for travelling on direct flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg?

Travel requirements may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the airline regarding specific COVID-19 protocols, identification, and baggage policies.

Can I book a one-way ticket for a direct flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Both one-way and roundtrip tickets are available for direct flights, allowing passengers flexibility in their travel plans.

Can I upgrade my seat on a direct flight from CPT to JNB?

Majority of airlines offer seat upgrade options, allowing passengers to enjoy additional amenities and more comfortable seating.

Are there child and infant fares for direct flights between these cities?

Airlines typically offer discounted fares for children and infants. It’s best to check with the airline for specific pricing details.

Can I bring my pet on a direct flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Some airlines allow pets on board, subject to specific regulations and fees. It’s essential to contact the airline in advance to arrange pet travel.


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