Can You Bring Edibles On A Plane?

Can You Bring Edibles On A Plane?

Edibles are products made of cannabis and are available for consumption. Cookies, chocolates, brownies, beverages, baked goodies, gummies, etc., are some common types of cannabis that people like to eat or drink.

If you are heading on a trip, you must have included edibles in your list of items to be packed in bags. Well, that’s absolutely understandable that you want to take full advantage of your travel journey and enjoy it to the fullest. You may be celebrating with family or close friends on travel.

However, you need to be cautious when it comes to flying with edibles or others like bringing edibles made of weed on a plane in your carry on luggage. As the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented strict measures at the airport, you can land in trouble if edibles are prohibited on a plane. To avoid getting into problems, always abide by the TSA regulations.

When it’s about bringing edibles on a plane, the situation is even more serious than packing tobacco on your carry-on luggage in a plane, vapes, etc. Not only the TSA, but federal law also has a major role to play in this scenario. So, it is best to avoid taking any chances.

If you are wondering whether it is allowed to bring edibles past TSA, read on.

TSA Rules: Can You Fly with Edibles?

Well, taking edibles or any such item like weed, marijuana, etc., is not allowed on flights. However, as stated on the TSA’s official website, medical marijuana or other medicines like melatonin on your carry-on or checked bag in a plane is permitted on airplanes. But, it requires some instructions to be followed.

Can You Fly with Edibles

Cannabis-based products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, and marijuana are illegal under federal law. Flying with marijuana is only permissible if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the product. Also, if the dry-weight THC concentration of the item is less than 0.3%, travelers may carry it.

Is It Allowed To Bring Edibles In Carry-On Luggage?

Can you bring edibles on a plane in carry-on? Most solid food items, including edibles like snacks, candies, and baked goods, are generally allowed in your carry-on bag.

  • These items typically do not raise any issues with the TSA. The 3-1-1 rule applies to liquids, gels, and aerosols.
  • Each passenger can bring one quart-sized, clear, resealable bag containing containers of liquids or gels, each of which must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less.
  • This rule also applies to any liquid or gel-based edibles, such as sauces or salad dressings. If your edibles are medical marijuana or CBD products, they should be stored with your medications in their original packaging. Carry a copy of your prescription or a doctor’s note if required.

Can I Bring Edibles In My Checked Luggage?

Can you bring edibles on a plane in a checked bag? Yes you can typically pack solid edibles in your checked luggage without any major restrictions.

  • It’s advisable to keep them in their original packaging to prevent any confusion.
  • For liquid or gel-based edibles, it’s generally recommended to pack them in your checked baggage if they exceed the 3.4-ounce limit specified by the 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons.

What Happens If Edibles Are Discovered in Checked Baggage?

Edibles don’t usually get detected during the screening or checking, as they just seem like a simple product that is to be consumed. You could try to be clever and conceal it in your bags in any manner.

Yet, you might have to deal with serious repercussions if they are discovered. Despite the TSA’s claim that they don’t explicitly search for items like edibles, weed, marijuana, weed grinder, etc., in bags, they can transfer the case to law enforcement if it is found.

But it also depends on how much product you have in your bag. If you own it in excess, law enforcement officials will undoubtedly become involved, which will have a negative impact.

The TSA agents can seize and throw it away if you have a little amount of it. But, you can never predict what will actually happen. When you are caught with it, the TSA also considers whether it is legal or unlawful in the state you are in when it is found. So, it totally depends on them how they feel like proceeding with the matter.

Can I Consume Edibles Before My Flight?

It is advised not to consume it before your flight, but you do it at your own risk. The airport staff may conduct a drug test if they doubt something. You may not be allowed to fly at the end moment.

Is it Allowed to Fly with Medical Marijuana On A Plane?

Well, aside from the TSA’s stated guidelines, it is not at all permissible to fly with marijuana, whether it is for medical purposes, is prescribed by a licensed physician, or for any other reason.

The TSA agents may treat you nicely even if you have a medicinal marijuana identification card, but this will entirely depend on the circumstances. You may eventually be required to respond to the police. Therefore, even if you travel to a place where marijuana use is entirely legal under the law, you could still be prohibited from bringing it on a flight.

Can You Take Edibles On A Plane Within the US?

Well, the answer is still the same. Traveling with edibles or weed can get you into problems, regardless of where you are going within the US. However, regarding the laws governing medical marijuana, you must follow specific guidelines. If you are planning to bring along liquor with you in your carry-on luggage, check the TSA rules first.

Although marijuana and other products containing cannabis, such as Cannabidiol oil, are illegal under federal law, passengers may bring them on board only if they have FDA approval. Also, if the dry-weight THC concentration of the item is less than 0.3 percent, they can be taken.

The TSA officers can take action if they discover such goods in your bags even though they don’t specifically search for them during the screening process. Hence, exercise caution and make plans accordingly.

Apparently, the aviation security setup is governed by federal law, and marijuana is still prohibited on the federal level. Hence, even if a state’s laws permit the use of cannabis, you cannot cross state lines with edibles. In case it’s your medicine on the carry-on bag in a plane for special purpose, cross check the regulations.

How Many Edibles Can You Fly With?

When thinking about the transportation of edibles, particularly cannabis-infused products. Individuals often inquire, can you bring edibles on a plane? The rules & regulations governing the travel with edibles are contingent on the legal status of cannabis.

Both in the departure & arrival locations, as well as the specific guidelines set by relevant authorities. To navigate this complex terrain and avoid any legal complications or travel disruptions. It’s crucial to be well-informed. Here are key points to consider:

How Many Edibles Can You Fly With
  • Know about the legal status of cannabis, recognizing that regulations can differ even within countries or states.
  • Whether flying, rules may vary, & international flights involving countries where cannabis is illegal can have serious legal consequences.
  • Understand the policies of the airline you are flying with. They may have specific regulations regarding the transportation of cannabis or cannabis-infused products.
  • Be aware of quantity limits, including the total amount of cannabis and the concentration of THC.
  • If keeping cannabis as a medicine on a plane in carry-on, carry relevant documentation supporting your need.
  • Adhere to packaging and labeling requirements. Ensuring products are in their original, sealed packaging and labels comply with local regulations.
  • Understand the rules regarding baked goods, gummies, beverages, or other formulations.
  • Expect security screening at airports, during which TSA agents may inspect your edibles.
  • When crossing international borders, accurately declare any cannabis products on customs forms to avoid legal consequences.
  • Thoroughly research and confirm regulations for your specific travel itinerary.

Does the TSA Care About Edibles?

The TSA’s primary responsibility is to ensure passenger safety as well as aviation security at airports in the USA. Anything that could endanger the lives of passengers and disturb the entire aviation system are far more crucial for the TSA to be concerned about.

In other words, they aren’t really hunting for such items, but if they do, they have to report it to the police so that they may take the appropriate measures. Other consequential items include liquor on a plane in carry-on luggage.

How to Travel with Edibles and Pack in Checked Baggage?

If you want to take a chance, you can remove them from their original packaging, as their contents will make it clear that the items contain cannabis. Even though the TSA scanners cannot identify such items, if the TSA officers suspect anything, the items can be removed for further inspection.

Besides, it is better to put your THC gummies or pills in an empty vitamin or medicine bottle, container, etc. You must also use an odor-resistant container, otherwise, an officer with thorough knowledge of the same can detect it.

All in all, it is always beneficial not to carry such items in excess. It should not indicate to the officers that you are taking them for trade or want to sell them further. If the amount is less, there are chances that you will be forgiven, while an excess amount can land you in a serious problem.


In conclusion for the question, can you bring edibles on a plane, It is about being watchful and making the necessary travel arrangements in accordance with TSA regulations as well as federal law. Being aware of what is mentioned on the TSA’s website and observing the standards established by the nation you are visiting is also crucial.

Even if you are traveling within the United States on a domestic trip, you must abide by local laws and exercise caution.

Can You Bring Edibles On A Plane (FAQs)

Can you bring edibles on a plane? Travelers often have questions about transporting edibles, whether for medical or recreational use. Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding the transport of edibles is essential to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Explore these FAQs to get the answers you need before your next flight.

Can I fly with edibles?

Flying with edibles is not allowed under federal law. But, it is acceptable under certain approved conditions, as stated on the TSA’s website.

Can I carry edibles in cabin baggage?

Passengers are not permitted to carry edibles on a plane. But, as per the TSA, you need to abide by some restrictions for the same.

Am I allowed to bring a grinder on a plane?

You can bring a grinder on a flight, but while keeping certain factors in mind.

Can drug dogs smell edibles?

Yes, trained drug dogs can smell edibles.

Can airport security detect weed?

Weeds may not be detected by the security scanner, but the TSA security agents can perform additional screening if they notice anything odd.

Can airport dogs smell weed?

Yes, there is a great probability that airport dogs can smell weed or other drugs too.

Can you take weed on a plane?

Travelers are not permitted to bring marijuana or weed. But, as mentioned on the TSA’s website, they need to follow some guidelines for carrying it in specific circumstances.


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  • Can you bring edibles on a plane if they are purchased from a legal dispensary? I'll be travelling to a state where it's legal, but I'm unsure about taking them on the flight. Any guidance?

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