Direct Flights From Cape Town To Durban – CPT to DUR

Begin your adventure effortlessly with direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Located on the east coast of South Africa, Durban awaits with its golden beaches & rich cultural tapestry. For those seeking a seamless travel experience, non-stop flights from CPT to DUR provide the ideal solution. Connecting two of the country’s most dynamic cities, these flights offer not just convenience.

They also provide a gateway to diverse landscapes and unique experiences. Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Soar over the picturesque landscapes of South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban. Enjoy the simplicity of a non-stop connection, unlocking the full spectrum of adventure and relaxation these two enchanting destinations have to offer.

How Long Is A Flight From Cape Town To Durban (CPT to DUR)?

Getting on a journey with direct flights from Cape Town to Durban offers a swift & convenient travel option. It allows you to traverse the diverse landscapes of South Africa. The flight duration between these two vibrant cities primarily depends on various factors. It includes the flight path, aircraft type, and weather conditions.

  • Non-stop flights typically take around 2 hours, providing a quick & efficient way to connect the west and east coasts of the country.
  • If you opt for connecting flights, the duration may vary based on the layover time and the chosen airline.
  • The aerial distance between Cape Town and Durban is approximately 684 miles (1,100 kilometres).

Airlines Providing Flights From Capetown To Durban (CPT to DUR)

Get insights on reliable air travel with direct flights from Cape Town to Durban with reputable airlines ensuring a comfortable travel. Safair, recognized for safety & efficiency, connects these vibrant cities, promising a hassle-free experience.

CemAir, specializing in regional routes, offers reliability & comfort for discerning travelers. Global Aviation stands out as a key player, emphasising efficiency & customer satisfaction in its direct flights. Explore these airlines to make your trip convenient & enjoyable.

AirlineAvailable WeekdaysTerminalsDaily Frequency
SafairFull Week——7-8
CemAirFull Week——2-3
Global AviationFull Week——2


It is a highly regarded airline, emerging as the preferred choice for travelers seeking direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to safety, punctuality, & service excellence. It also guarantees a seamless & efficient journey between these two dynamic cities.

  • With a modern and meticulously maintained fleet, passengers can anticipate not only comfort but also a sense of confidence in their travel experience.
  • Passengers also prefer this airline for Cape Town to Johannesburg flights.
  • Its dedication to providing a reliable & enjoyable flight contributes to the overall travel satisfaction. It becomes an exemplary option for those who prioritize a direct & stress-free connection between the bustling metropolises of Cape Town and Durban.


CemAir solidifies its position as a reputable airline offering direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. It serves the discerning needs of travelers.

  • Specializing in regional routes and charter services, it stands out for its commitment to delivering a reliable & comfortable travel experience.
  • Passengers benefit not only from the convenience of flights but also from the personalized service & attention to detail that characterize its approach.
  • The airline’s dedication to customer satisfaction & safety elevates the overall journey.
  • It is an attractive & trustworthy choice for those seeking a seamless & enjoyable flight between these destinations.

Global Aviation

It is a pivotal player in the aviation industry, facilitating direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. With an unwavering focus on efficiency & customer-centric services, it ensures a smooth & direct travel experience that goes beyond mere transportation.

  • Relish the convenience of non-stop flights, appreciating the time-saving aspect. Rely on the airline’s steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality service standards.
  • The journey between these locations becomes not only a matter of practicality but also an enjoyable & reliable experience.

Other Airlines Offering Capetown To Durban Flights

There are many other options apart from Safair, CemAir, & Global Aviation, ensuring diverse choices for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban (CPT to DUR). Airlines such as Kulula, Emirates, Airlink, and more, bring unique offerings, extending from budget-friendly options to international collaborations. Providing travelers with a wide array of possibilities for a seamless journey between these vibrant South African cities.

Flight Journey

Mango Airlines

It is yet another reputable carrier, enhancing the options for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Renowned for its vibrant orange livery and focus on customer service, Mango Airlines provides a comfortable & enjoyable travel experience. Offering competitive fares & modern amenities, it is a preferred choice. It is especially for those looking to explore the route between Cape Town and Durban with style and affordability.

British Airways

British Airways, operated by Comair in South Africa, adds an international touch to direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Known for its global reputation for quality service, it ensures a premium travel experience. Passengers can expect superior in-flight services, comfortable seating. They can also expect reliability associated with a renowned international airline, making it an appealing option for those seeking a touch of luxury on their domestic journey.


It is a prominent low-cost airline, enriches the selection of flights from Cape Town to Durban. With its distinctive green & white livery, Kulula is recognized for offering affordable fares & a no-frills travel experience. Travellers opting for Kulula can enjoy a straightforward & budget-friendly journey. Making it a favored choice for those seeking economical yet reliable flights between these two bustling cities.

South African Airways (SAA)

This one is a major player in the aviation industry, providing a legacy option for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban (CPT to DUR). As the national carrier, SAA offers a comprehensive travel experience with a focus on comfort, reliability, & professional service. Travelers can benefit from a range of amenities and the assurance of flying with an airline that has been a pillar of South African aviation for decades.


This airline is a regional airline, extending its services for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban, catering to passengers seeking connectivity beyond major hubs. Recognized for its efficient regional operations, it provides a convenient & reliable option for those looking to explore not only the main cities but also regional destinations during their journey.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates, in collaboration with FlySafair, offers a unique blend of international standards & local connectivity for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Passengers benefit from its renowned service quality, while FlySafair ensures a smooth domestic leg of the journey. This partnership provides a seamless and comprehensive travel experience, combining the global reach of Emirates with the convenience of a domestic connection.

Air Seychelles 

For a touch of exoticism, Air Seychelles collaborates with CemAir to facilitate direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Operated by CemAir, this partnership introduces travelers to the vibrant & tropical allure of the Seychelles. It is coupled with the reliability & comfort associated with the partnered airline’s regional expertise.

Fly Modern Ark

It is a new entrant in the aviation scene, offering an alternative for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Positioned as a boutique airline, it aims to provide a personalized & unique travel experience, focusing on passenger comfort and convenience. This airline introduces a fresh perspective for travelers seeking a more tailored and intimate journey between these two South African cities.

Air Austral 

In a collaboration with Global Aviation, Air Austral introduces a touch of the Indian Ocean to the direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. Known for its service excellence & comfortable long-haul flights, it is operated by Global Aviation domestically, providing passengers a unique travel experience, seamlessly connecting the scenic beauty of Reunion Island with the cultural richness of South Africa.

Fly Botswana

Fly Botswana, operated by Airlink, provides a gateway to Southern Africa’s wilderness. This partnership allows travelers to combine their journey from Cape Town to Durban with the opportunity to explore the majestic landscapes & wildlife of Botswana. It offers a distinctive travel experience, seamlessly integrating regional exploration with the convenience of domestic air travel.

Kenya Airways

Kulula, in collaboration with Kenya Airways, extends its reach to direct flights from Cape Town to Durban. This partnership combines Kulula’s low-cost efficiency with the partner airline’s international network. It offers passengers a diverse & cost-effective travel option. Travelers can benefit from the convenience of a domestic connection while enjoying the global reach associated with Kenya Airways.

Aircrafts Used For Flights From CPT To DUR

Various airlines employ a range of aircraft for direct flights from Cape Town (CPT) to Durban (DUR). Each is selected based on factors like capacity, efficiency, and route specifications. Commonly utilized aircraft for this domestic route include:

  • Boeing 737: Airlines such as Safair, Kulula, & FlySafair often operate Boeing 737s for their flights, balancing efficiency and passenger capacity.
  • Airbus A320– Carriers like Mango Airlines may deploy Airbus A320 family aircraft, known for their fuel efficiency & passenger comfort.
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400– CemAir, specializing in regional flights, often employs the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for its flights, offering versatility for shorter routes.
  • Embraer E-Jet Series– Some airlines with flight tickets from Cape Town to Durban, including Airlink, may use Embraer E-Jet series aircraft for regional flights. They provide a balance between range & passenger capacity.
  • Boeing 777- In cases where international carriers are involved in partnerships, larger aircraft like the Boeing 777 may be used for longer-haul segments, with the domestic leg operated by a local airline.

Advantages Of Direct Flights From Cape Town To Durban

Direct flights from CPT to Durban offer several advantages, making them a preferred choice for many travellers.

  • They save valuable time by eliminating layovers and reducing overall travel time.
  • Passengers enjoy the convenience of a single boarding & disembarking process. They avoid the hassle of navigating through multiple airports during layovers.
  • It reduces the stress associated with connecting flights. It includes tight layover schedules, potential delays, and the need to transfer luggage.
  • Non-stop flights provide a more comfortable travel experience. You can settle into their seats without the disruptions of changing planes or dealing with layover-related inconveniences.
  • Passengers with plane tickets from Cape Town to Durban are especially advantageous for short-haul routes like this. Here the time saved on a non-stop flight is particularly significant.
  • Business travelers benefit from non-stop flights as they allow for more efficient use of time. It will enable professionals to reach their destination promptly and be more productive upon arrival.
  • Direct flights from Cape Town to Durban often have more predictable schedules, reducing the likelihood of disruptions & providing passengers with a reliable and consistent travel experience.
  • While not always the case, direct flights can sometimes be more cost-effective when considering factors. It includes the total travel time, additional expenses during layovers, and potential overnight stays.
  • They are accessible to a wide range of passengers, including those with mobility issues or families travelling with young children.
  • It can contribute to lower carbon emissions compared to connecting flights. They involve fewer take-offs and landings, which are energy-intensive phases of a flight.

How To Book Cheap Flights From CPT To DUR?

Unlock budget-friendly travel with these essential tips for booking cheap flights from Cape Town to Durban. From strategic planning & flexible date choices to utilizing online tools & considering alternative airports. These insights empower you to secure the most affordable airfares. These tips will guide you in making cost-effective decisions for a wallet-friendly journey between these vibrant South African cities.

Cheap Flights
  • Aim to book at least a few weeks ahead to access early-bird discounts.
  • Sometimes flying on weekdays or during off-peak hours can result in lower fares compared to peak travel times.
  • Utilize online tools and apps to set price alerts for your desired route.
  • Explore flights offered by budget airlines. While they may have fewer amenities, they often provide more competitive prices for short-haul routes like CPT to Durban.
  • If you’re a member of a frequent flyer program or have accumulated travel points, consider using them to offset the cost of your flight. Follow this tip for flights from Cape Town to Mauritius as well.
  • Booking round-trip tickets with the same airline can sometimes result in a lower overall fare than booking one-way tickets separately.
  • Look into flights from nearby airports. Sometimes flying into or out of an alternate airport can be more cost-effective.
  • Travelling during off-peak seasons can often result in lower airfares. Check for the low-demand periods and plan your trip accordingly.
  • If you qualify, check for student or military discounts. Some airlines offer special rates for students, teachers, or members of the military.
  • Explore package deals that combine flights with accommodation. Sometimes bundling services can lead to overall cost savings.

Non-Stop Flights From Cape Town To Other Locations

Besides direct flights from Cape Town to Durban (CPT to DUR), there are enticing non-stop connections to various global destinations. Explore seamless travel experiences as you delve into five notable non-stop flights Connecting Cape Town to iconic cities such as London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Doha, and Munich.

  • Cape Town to London (CPT to LHR)-For international travelers, non-stop flights from Cape Town to London Heathrow provide a direct link to the United Kingdom, minimizing travel time and offering a seamless connection between continents.
  • Cape Town to Dubai (CPT to DXB)- Direct flights from Cape Town to Dubai connect South Africa to the vibrant Middle Eastern hub, allowing passengers to experience the cosmopolitan city and connect to a wide range of global destinations.
  • Cape Town to Amsterdam (CPT to AMS)- Non-stop flights to Amsterdam from Cape Town provide a direct link to the Netherlands, offering travelers the chance to explore the picturesque canals, historic architecture, and cultural richness of this European destination.
  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls (CPT to VFA)- Connecting Cape Town to the iconic Victoria Falls, non-stop flights provide a convenient way for travelers to experience one of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders without the need for layovers or transfers.
  • Cape Town to Sydney (CPT to SYD)- For long-haul travel, non-stop flights connect Cape Town to Sydney, Australia, creating a direct link between the southern hemispheres and providing a seamless option for those exploring the diverse landscapes and attractions Down Under.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding CPT to DUR Direct Flights

Explore the FAQ section for direct flights from Cape Town to Durban, where we address common queries about the seamless air travel experience between these vibrant South African cities. Find answers to your questions and plan your journey with confidence.

How long does the direct flight take?

It typically takes around 2 hours, making it a quick journey between the two cities.

Which airlines operate direct flights on this route?

Airlines such as Safair, CemAir, Global Aviation, Kulula, and others offer direct flights between Cape Town and Durban.

Can I easily book return flights from Cape Town to Durban online?

Booking a return flight is a straightforward process online. Many airlines offer user-friendly platforms where you can conveniently plan and secure your round-trip journey.

How frequently do these flights operate?

The frequency of direct flights varies by airline, but several flights operate daily, providing flexibility for travelers.

Are there direct flights from Cape Town to Durban?

Yes, several airlines offer non-stop flights, providing a convenient and time-saving travel option.

Can I find budget-friendly options for direct flights?

Budget airlines like Safair and Kulula often provide affordable options for non-stop flights from Cape Town to Durban.

Are there any international connections available on this route?

No, direct flights from Cape Town to Durban are domestic routes, connecting two major cities within South Africa.

Can I book round-trip tickets for this route?

Most airlines offer the option to book round-trip tickets, providing convenience and potentially reducing overall costs.

Are there specific peak seasons for these flights?

Flights may experience increased demand during holiday seasons or special events, affecting availability and prices.

Can I book these flights online?

Majority airlines allow online booking for straight route flights from CPT to Durban, providing a convenient and efficient process for travelers.

What amenities can I expect on these flights?

The amenities vary by airline but generally include standard services such as in-flight refreshments and comfortable seating. Check with the specific airline for details on their offerings.


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