Can you Bring Shampoo on a Plane?

Can you Bring Shampoo on a Plane?

You have to ditch your daily routine while you travel. But, it’s also necessary to come out of the regular pattern of work, be it on the personal or professional front, and take out time to explore the world. 

Still, if you stick to your habits, you might not miss taking a few things while flying to another destination. Of course, some personal care products including shampoos are one of them. You might also be taking shampoos for your dear ones, or bringing them while returning home.

As you may know about the rules by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for carrying only allowed items on a plane, you might be seeking the answer to this question – Can you bring shampoo on a plane?

Even if shampoos are not prohibited, what could be some restrictions on the amount you can take with you? Hence, you are advised to take a look at this blog to stay conversant with the rules defined by TSA. 

Can you Bring Shampoo in a Carry-on?

Yes, you are authorized to bring shampoo in a carry-on bag. The TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule applies in this situation, as shampoo is a liquid. Therefore, the volume of the shampoo containers cannot be more than 3.4 ounces which is equal to 100 ml. 

Additionally, you need to safely store the containers in one transparent quart-sized bag in the carry-on bag. If the shampoo bottles or containers are big in size, they must be packed in checked baggage. 

Can You Bring Shampoo in Checked Luggage?

Yes, and there is no size or quantity limit on carrying shampoos in your checked luggage. You can pack as many shampoos as you want, along with maintaining the overall baggage weight, as per the related policy made by the airline you are traveling with.

What is the TSA-Approved Shampoo Size for Plane?

You need to maintain the size of the shampoo container only in a carry-on. The size must not be more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml. TSA imposes no such limitation on carrying shampoo in checked luggage, but you need to place them carefully to avoid leakage.

Such restrictions may also be imposed on other toiletry or personal care items such as hairsprays, nail polish, nail polish removers, scissors, deodorants, razors, and aerosols.

Shampoo Types Allowed on a Plane

Apart from the liquid shampoo, you might also want to bring other types of shampoos on a flight, as given below:

All these shampoos are allowed to be taken, as per TSA rules. However, you must abide by the limits imposed on the quantities of all of these.

Are Duty-Free Liquids Allowed on a Plane?

On international inbound flights, you are permitted to bring duty-free liquids in a carry-on bag. The 3.4 ounces or 100 ml restriction may be exceeded in this case.

There are certain rules, though.

  1. The bag containing the shampoo must be tightly sealed. There must be no evidence of tampering, or the TSA may refuse to let you take them through security.
  2. You are traveling to the US via a connecting flight, and the duty-free shampoo was purchased from a place abroad. Also, the shampoo must have been purchased within 48 hours.
  3. You have to carry the original purchase receipt with you.

How to Pack Shampoo in Checked Luggage?

You must use plastic material to wrap around the shampoo bottles. Their caps or lids must be properly fixed, so as to avoid accidental leakage during baggage transfers. It may also be noted that shampoo bottles also have the chance of exploding due to air pressure. So, it is better not to keep the bottles very empty from the inside.


Keeping these regulations in mind will ease your screening process at the security checkpoint. So, follow the TSA-approved shampoo rules for carry-on and checked bags and make your way to a hassle-free journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size shampoo can you take on a plane?

You can take shampoo in a container with size up to 3.4 ounces or 100 ml in a carry-on. There is no limit on the quantity carried in checked luggage.

Can you take shampoo and conditioner on a plane?

Yes, you can take shampoo and conditioner on a plane. 

Can I take shampoo on a domestic flight?

Yes, you can take shampoo on a domestic flight.


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