Can You Bring a Razor on a Plane?

Can You Bring a Razor on a Plane?

A carefully planned trip could never go wrong. Although uncertainties are always there, we must try to be vigilant while preparing for an air trip. Packing is one such tricky task, as you need to be mindful of placing all the necessary items and avoiding the prohibited ones in your bag. 

So, there are rules for everything that you keep in your carry-on or checked baggage. This article provides you with an insight into all aspects related to – 

Can you Bring/Take a Razor on a Plane? 

Any oversight or failure to follow a directive given by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) or another authority may result in significant trouble. You may be stressed by a number of questions by TSA officers at the security checkpoint. 

TSA considers the need of passengers to carry daily essential items in their luggage. However, certain rules have been defined in order to avoid any risk or danger to other passengers, as razors are sharp objects and can be used as a weapon. 

You are allowed to take the following types of razors:

  • Electric Razor.
  • Safety Razor.
  • Straight Razor.
  • Disposable Razor.
  • Razor with Cartridges.

Can you Bring an Electric Razor on a Plane?

As per TSA electric razor rules, you can keep electric razors in your carry-on and checked baggage without any limitations. 

Nevertheless, you must also check the type of battery used in this razor. If it uses a lithium metal or lithium ion battery, you can keep it only in your carry-on bag. Razors using alkaline batteries are allowed in both types of bags.

You may have to carry a beard trimmer, which is related to the electric razor category. So, you may keep it in both types of bags. If your beard trimmer is in the form of a hair clipper, its size must not exceed 4 inches, in case of a carry-on bag. 

Can you Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

As per TSA safety razor rules, these razors have blades attached with them, which are so simple to remove. Hence, they are acceptable to pack in your carry-on bag without blades.

  • You can place blades separately in the checked luggage. 

Can you Bring Disposable Razors on a Plane?

As per TSA disposable razor rules, there are no restrictions on carrying disposable razors on a plane. You can place them in your carry-on as well as the checked baggage.

There are two types of disposable razors:-

  • One type is where the razor is completely disposable.
  • The other is where you need to replace them using cartridges.

So, these are accepted to be taken in carry-on bags with blades and replacement cartridges.

Can you Bring a Straight Razor?

The blade in a straight razor gets folded into its handle. These are also known as cut-throat razors or open razors. 

Straight razors are not permitted to be taken in your carry-on bag. You need to pack these razors in your checked baggage only.

Can you Bring Eyebrow Razors?

If your eyebrow razors are just like electric razors or even hair clippers, you may keep them in both types of bags. Nonetheless, if they contain an open blade, you are allowed to keep them in your checked baggage only. 

If they use lithium batteries then they cannot be taken in the checked baggage. They need to be taken only in the carry-on bag.

How to Pack Razors in Checked-Baggage?

As razors are sharp items like knives, scissors etc. So, the TSA advises passengers to keep them carefully in the checked baggage. They must be sheathed properly or wrapped with hard protective material to eliminate chances of injury to officers, assigned with the task to handle and inspect the baggage of passengers.

In addition, this is also beneficial for your own safety, as you may unintentionally put your hand over razors or blades, while opening your bags later. 


It is natural to miss out on some points while packing bags for travel. But, keeping a check on the items kept in your carry-on and checked luggage will save you from panicky situations. Otherwise, carrying a prohibited item may lead you to pay penalties imposed by the TSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you bring a shaving razor on a plane?

Ans. Yes, you can bring a shaving razor on a plane.

Q2. Can you bring razor in carry-on?

Ans. Yes, you can bring a razor in a carry-on bag. 

Q3. Can I bring a women’s razor in a carry-on?

Ans. Yes, you can bring a women’s razor in a carry-on. 

Q4. Can you bring razors with cartridges in carry-on?

Ans. Yes, you can bring razors with cartridges in your carry-on bag.


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  • What about safety razors with removable blades? Are they allowed in carry-on or should I leave them at home?
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  • I've heard a lot about electric razors and not in favour. Are battery-operated electric razors allowed in carry-on bags?

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