Can You Bring Magnets On A Plane: Explore TSA Magnets Rules

Can You Bring Magnets On A Plane: Explore TSA Magnets Rules

If you are searching for answers to the question, “Can I bring magnets on a plane?” you are on the right page. Numerous items, including showpieces, children’s toys, or souvenirs, are magnet items, and flyers often carry them on their flights. Though the airlines allow you to bring small and safe magnets on the airplane, you cannot get stronger magnets as they might hamper the aircraft’s navigation. There might be numerous reasons a traveler might bring magnets on a plane.

Can You Bring Magnets On A Plane: Key Information

Essential details to run through your mind when you bring or travel with anything with magnets on an airplane are available here. TSA allows travelers to bring magnetic items in their luggage as carry-on and checked baggage. However, there are a few exceptions to this. To learn more, read the rules laid out by TSA related to bringing magnets on a plane here:

  • You can carry Magnetic toys on flights or planes.
  • You can also bring souvenir magnets & consumer magnets on board your flight.
  • You can not carry Industrial and robust magnets that can hamper the plane’s navigation system.
  • The critical rule is that all your magnets must not exceed a magnetic field of more than 5.2 gauss at 15 feet/4.5m from the package item.
  • If this magnetic field value exceeds this, then your package of magnets will not be allowed to board the flight.

Insightful Tidbits On How To Bring Magnets On A Plane?

Some gaming devices also have magnets, like PS4, so you can check whether you can bring a gaming device like a PS4 on a flight per the TSA guidelines. Passengers who want to prepare in advance & wish to avoid getting stuck at the TSA screening counter. Here is some helpful information to guide you in learning about magnets that you can bring on the plane and how to check whether you can carry magnets on the flight:

  •  It is more convenient to check beforehand whether the magnet is acceptable on a flight.
  • Passengers can check with the help of a milligauss reader, as this is the same way TSA checks whether a magnet can fly on an aircraft or not.
  • Those who do not have access to a milligauss can use a magnetic compass.
  • Check that the device you want to carry shows more than a 2-degree deflection. If it does, it is best to leave the item at home.
  • If you still wish to carry a magnet of a higher power, the best way is to bring it into a container by shielding its magnetic field.  The container holding the magnet must be permeable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I travel with magnets on a plane in checked baggage?

Yes! You can travel with magnets that are low in magnetic field in the checked baggage compartment.

Can you bring a magnet on a plane?

Yes! You can bring a magnet on a plane with a lower magnetic field.

Can I carry magnets on a plane in my carry-on?

Yes! you can carry Magnets in the carry-on luggage on the plane.

Do magnets get detected through the TSA screening?

Yes! Magnets go through the TSA screening without alarming the system, as many daily items have magnets. So, the TSA screening device is immune to low-level magnet detection.

Are fridge magnets safe to bring on a flight?

Yes! You can carry fridge magnets on a flight as the magnetic field of these magnets is very weak.


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