Can You Bring Nail Clippers On A Plane?

Can You Bring Nail Clippers On A Plane?

In any event, you need to give yourself enough time before your trip to pack your luggage and other necessary items. Be cautious when keeping things in your baggage, as TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has issued strict guidelines for passengers on carrying only allowed items in bags.

Any failure to follow or disobey a directive issued by TSA, your airline, or any other related authority could lead to serious issues at the airport security checkpoint.

Even though you keep everything you need, you might still wonder if you can bring nail clippers on a plane. We definitely know you could be wishing to take along your manicure kit with personal care products. We do, however, have a response to this crucial query.

To find out if nail clippers may be taken or not, read these helpful instructions. This is due to the strict security measures implemented by TSA agents at US airports.

TSA Nail Clippers Rules

TSA is responsible for maintaining law and order at the airports within the USA, and therefore, passengers need to comply with rules on bringing only the permitted items on a plane. Especially, when passengers carry sharp items like tweezers, scissors, razors, or knives, there is a risk of havoc at the airport or onboard, as some people might bring them intentionally to harm others.

TSA Nail Clippers Rules

As far as nail clippers are concerned, you are allowed to take them in your hand luggage as well as the checked baggage. In fact, TSA does not impose any limitations on keeping them in any of your bags.

Bring Nail Clippers On A Plane : TSA Guidelines

Taking Nail Clippers on Carry-on BagsAllowed
Carrying Nail Clippers on Checked BagsAllowed

Are Nail Clippers Allowed On Planes In Carry-Ons?

Nail clippers can bring into your carry-on bag without any restrictions. Unlike TSA rules for scissors, knives, or razors, there is no restriction on how many units of nail clippers you can keep. So, you are good to go with your favorite set of nail clippers and continue with your personal grooming even while on a tour.

But, you must always be ready for additional checking by TSA officers. So, the officers will have the final word on whether or not a particular item can pass through the screening checkpoint. They may confiscate the nail clippers.

Can You Fly With Nail Clippers In Your Checked Baggage?

As per nail clippers TSA rules, there are no limitations or restrictions on taking nail clippers in your checked luggage. Nevertheless, it is significant to keep their packing style in mind.

Isn’t that good even for your own safety as well? Just imagine, later when you open your baggage, or even if you have to open it before checking in at the airport, you might catch nail clippers in your hands in haste. You could end up injuring yourself.

How to Pack Nail Clippers in Checked Baggage?

Pack Nail Clippers in Checked Baggage

Safe packing of nail clippers is important.

  1. You can keep your nail clippers in a manicure kit. Isn’t it a smart idea?
  2. They could also be accommodated with other personal care items in your toiletries bag. This will even make it easier for you to find them in your bag.
  3. Nail clippers can be sheathed or wrapped with protective material.
  4. Take a separate box or hard case to store nail clippers.

TSA suggests you to follow some great ideas to prevent damage to officers or inspectors assigned with the task of handling your baggage. Such small measures will make it all easy for you to look for your belongings inside the bag and find them instantly, whenever needed.

What Are The Types of Nail Clippers Allowed by TSA?

You can bring any type of nail clipper on your flight since the TSA has not established any restrictions on taking only certain types.

The Types of Nail Clippers Allowed by TSA
  • Lever-type clippers
  • Nipper clippers
  • Battery-operated nail clippers
  • Guillotine clippers
  • Electric clippers
  • scissor nail clippers

For electric clippers or those powered by batteries, you must consider the type of batteries used. TSA does not allow all types of batteries in a carry-on.

Are Nail Clippers Allowed on International Flights?

Well, almost every airline in the USA follows the rules defined by TSA. There could be international airlines running their own set of rules. So, you must confirm with the customer support team of any airline (whether in or outside the USA) about their rules on carrying such sharp items. It is better to stay prepared and plan in advance than to regret it later.

Are Passengers Allowed to Use Nail Clippers On A Plane?

Well, there are no rules on this topic as such. Nevertheless, it is always better to confirm with the crew members while you are on a flight. According to our opinion, this could be irritating or annoying to other passengers, as most people have hygiene issues. So, you can avoid using nail clippers on your flight.

Concluding Words

We want you to travel safely and happily. Therefore, this guide has been prepared to inform you about the usage and bring nail clippers on a plane. Some objects that are sharp by nature and have the potential to hurt others are usually prohibited by TSA. Therefore, a tight security system has been designed for the same. Well, it’s great that there isn’t anything like that with nail clippers.

TSA says passengers are good to go with them in both bags. So, don’t worry! Just do remember to pack them securely in your suitcases. Wish you a happy journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take fingernail clippers on plane?

Yes, you can take fingernail clippers on a plane.

Are nail clippers allowed on International flights?

Yes, nail clippers are allowed to be taken on International flights.

Can I take a manicure kit on a plane?

While some sharp items are good to go in your manicure kit, TSA has imposed restrictions on the size of some items like knives, scissors, tweezers etc.


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