Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane?

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane?

Traveling by plane can be a stressful experience. This happens especially when it comes to acknowledging the fact that any omission or disregard for a directive issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or your airline could result in a lot of trouble at airport security.

One common question that travelers often ask is are you allowed to bring tweezers on a plane? Tweezers are handy and being a personal care item, they are sure to be found in your beauty kit. But they may be considered sharp objects such as scissors, knives, and razors by the TSA.

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane? What Does the TSA Say?

While packing your bags with all the necessary items, you might be concerned about whether to include or exclude tweezers from your personal care kit that is prepared for travel. Well, we have got an answer to this important question.

The TSA has stated on its website that tweezers are allowed to be taken in your carry-on bag and checked luggage. However, mostly, there are certain instructions associated with something that the TSA permits to go through the security checkpoint.

TSA Guidelines You Must Read Now

Although tweezers are permitted through the TSA Security checkpoint, you must keep in mind the size factor. If your tweezers are 7 inches or less, which is usually the TSA standard for all instruments, they can go in your carry-on bag. Tools with a length or width of more than 7 inches must be packed in checked baggage. Well, tweezers are often small.

The TSA also advises passengers to cover or tightly wrap sharp objects with sturdy material in their checked baggage in order to protect baggage handlers from any type of harm.

Are Tweezers Allowed on Carry-on?

There are no conditions for taking tweezers in your carry-on bag, unlike TSA rules for scissors or TSA rules for razors. There is no limit on the number of units that you wish to carry. So, you may keep as many tweezers as you want.

But, as a general TSA rule goes for all the tools, if the size of your tweezers is 7 inches or smaller, it is good to go in the carry-on bag. Tools whose size or length is greater than 7 inches must be placed in checked luggage. Nonetheless, tweezers are usually small.

It may also be noted that TSA supervisors have the final say in whether an item can pass through the screening checkpoint or not. Well, if you have any more concerns regarding can you bring tweezers in hand luggage, you can connect with the TSA team through their Twitter handle @AskTSA and get a response.

Can I Bring Tweezers on a Plane in Checked Luggage?

TSA has no limits on tweezers being included in your checked baggage. However, you must be careful to pack them securely and properly. You might wrap them with some sort of covering, like a piece of cloth or a sheath, or any other protective material. Well, that’s also good for your own safety, as your hand might go over them in haste when you open your bags later.

Can I Take Eyebrow Tweezers on a Plane?

Eyebrow Tweezers

Yes, you may choose to pack your eyebrow tweezers in a carry-on or checked baggage or in fact, both, as required. But please bear in mind that they must be less than 7 inches if kept in hand luggage. Otherwise, they are good to go in checked luggage.

What Types of Tweezers Can You Bring On Flights?

Well, you are free to carry any type of tweezer on your flight, as TSA has not defined any such rule on taking some selected types only. So, be it a classic slant tweezer, mini slant tweezer, pointed slant tweezer, wide grip tweezer, arched claw tweezer, micro mini tweezer, round tip tweezer, flat tip tweezer, ingrown hair tweezer, point tip tweezer, or slant tip tweezer, you are good to go with all of these.

Can You Bring Nail Clippers on a Plane?

Absolutely! Nail clippers are allowed in your hand luggage and checked baggage. You can keep up with your personal grooming even when on a tour if you have your go-to pair of nail clippers.

But you must always be prepared for additional inspection by a TSA officer, as they may ask you to take out an item for individual screening on finding some doubt. As a result, the officer’s decision on whether or not a certain item can pass through the screening checkpoint will be final.


Hopefully, you must have got a clear picture about one of the common queries raised by travelers Can you bring tweezers on a plane, right? Usually, there are limitations on certain items that are sharp in nature and can be used as weapons to harm others. So, TSA conducts strict screening for the same.

Interestingly, there is nothing as such in the case of tweezers unless the length exceeds 7 inches in rare scenarios. So, don’t worry! But yes, don’t forget to place them safely in your bags. Have a nice trip ahead!

FAQs On Can You Bring Tweezers On A Plane?

Well, here are some quick queries on the go. Don’t forget to take a look and clear all your concerns regarding Can you bring tweezers on a plane.

Can you take tweezers on a plane?

Yes, you can take tweezers on a plane and pack them in your carry-on and/or checked bag. It’s beneficial to pack them properly to avoid any inconvenience.

Are tweezers allowed in hand luggage?

Yes, tweezers are allowed in hand luggage. But make sure that their size doesn’t exceed 7 inches when kept in this bag.

Are nail clippers allowed on planes?

You can surely carry nail clippers in your hand luggage and/or checked baggage. But, as it goes, the TSA officer may conduct additional screening of your item to clear their doubt, if any. The item may be confiscated if anything is found suspicious.

Can you bring tweezers on a plane carry on?

Tweezers are indeed permitted in hand baggage. However, when keeping them in this bag, make sure their size is not more than 7 inches. Else, you can keep them in checked baggage.

Will tweezers set off airport security?

Tweezers are allowed to be taken through airport security. You are suggested to keep them well-organized in a separate pouch in your hand luggage and/or checked baggage. If any of your items triggers an alarm at the checkpoint, it will probably be verified additionally.

Can you bring tweezers and nail scissors on a plane?

Yes, tweezers less than 7 inches are good to go in carry-ons. There is no size limitation in case of checked baggage. You may pack scissors in your carry-on bag as long as their blades are no longer than 4 inches. If not, they must be placed in checked luggage due to their length.

Where do I pack my tweezers when flying?

You may pack tweezers whether in hand luggage or checked baggage, or both, as it is required. But always keep them in checked luggage if their size is more than 7 inches.

Do tweezers have to go in a clear bag?

There are no such restrictions. But, you must keep them separately in a small bag in your carry-on so that they can be easily taken out, if required for additional screening.

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