Can You Bring A Stroller On A Plane? (Flying With a Stroller)

Can You Bring A Stroller On A Plane? (Flying With a Stroller)

Are you wondering about can you bring a stroller on a plane? When it comes to travelling with a stroller, it’s essential to understand the guidelines and regulations imposed by airlines. By knowing what is allowed and what restrictions may apply, you can plan your trip accordingly.

Apart from strollers, the rule applies for other kid things like playdoh on a plane. Travelling with a stroller can provide convenience and comfort for parents or caregivers.

Ensuring easy mobility at airports and destinations. It’s important to note that different airlines may have varying policies regarding stroller dimensions, storage, & usage during the flight.

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines set by your chosen airline will help you prepare & make decisions.

Whether you plan to check the stroller as baggage or use it until boarding. Being aware of the airline’s rules will contribute to a smoother travel experience for both you and your child.

TSA Regulations: Can I Bring A Stroller On A Plane?

Get a brief overview of TSA regulations for strollers on a plane. Understanding these guidelines is essential for a smooth travel experience which concludes with items like candy on a plane for your kids. Familiarize yourself with the rules to ensure compliance and convenience when bringing a stroller on your next flight.

Can I Bring A Stroller On A Plane

Carry-On Stroller Regulations

When it comes to bringing a stroller as a carry-on item, the TSA has specific guidelines to ensure safety and convenience for all passengers.

  • Strollers will need to go through the security screening process at the airport.
  • Remove any personal belongings, toys, or accessories from the stroller before placing it on the X-ray belt.
  • You may be required to collapse the stroller and place it in a separate bin for screening.
  • The stroller should fit within the airline’s approved carry-on dimensions, which can vary between carriers.
  • It’s important to check with your specific airline regarding their size and weight restrictions for carry-on items.
  • In most cases, airlines allow strollers to be stored in the overhead bin during the flight.
  • If space is limited, the flight attendants may request that you gate-check the stroller.

Checked Baggage Stroller Regulations

If you prefer to check your stroller as baggage, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process.

  • Contact your airline in advance to inquire about their policies regarding checking strollers as baggage.
  • Each airline may have different regulations, such as size limitations or additional fees.
  • Remove any detachable accessories, such as cup holders or toys, and pack them separately to prevent damage.
  • Consider using a protective bag or cover to safeguard the stroller from potential scratches or dirt during transit.
  • It is recommended to label your stroller with your name and contact information.
  • This will help airline staff identify the stroller and contact you if needed.

TSA Approved Strollers

The TSA does not have a specific list of TSA-approved strollers. Instead, TSA focuses on security screening procedures rather than endorsing or approving specific stroller brands or models. However, there are some general features and considerations to keep in mind when selecting a stroller for air travel:

  • Opt for a stroller that is lightweight and compact when folded.
  • This makes it easier to carry and manoeuvre through airport security checkpoints and tight spaces.
  • Choose a stroller with a simple and quick folding mechanism.
  • This allows you to collapse the stroller efficiently during the security screening process.
  • Consider strollers with detachable accessories such as cup holders, trays, or sun canopies.
  • This makes it easier to remove them for security screening or when stowing the stroller in the overhead bin.
  • Select a stroller that is built to withstand the rigours of travel.
  • Look for sturdy construction, quality materials, and reliable wheels to ensure durability.
  • While TSA sets general guidelines, each airline may have its own regulations or restrictions on stroller size, weight, and storage options.
  • Always check with your airline for their specific requirements and recommendations.
  • If you are bringing something liquid like drinks on a plane, please refer to the TSA liquid rule.

Stroller Size Allowed On Plane

When it comes to strollers, the stroller size allowed on plane can vary depending on the airline and their specific policies. Generally, most airlines accept strollers as either carry-on items or checked baggage, but there are size restrictions to consider.

  • For carry-on strollers, the dimensions allowed typically adhere to the airline’s carry-on size limits. 
  • These limits can vary, so it’s crucial to check with your specific airline beforehand.
  • Strollers that fold compactly and fit within the overhead bin, under the seat in front of you is usually acceptable.
  • In terms of checked baggage strollers, the size limitations may also vary among airlines.
  • Some airlines may require oversized strollers to be checked as special items, while others may have specific weight and size limits.
  • When measuring stroller size, pay attention to the dimensions of the stroller when fully assembled. Including the length, width, and height.
  • Consider any detachable accessories, such as cup holders or sun canopies, as these may impact the overall size.
  • To ensure compliance with size restrictions, choose a stroller that is designed to be travel-friendly, lightweight, & easily foldable.
  • Many manufacturers offer strollers specifically designed for travel. It tends to have compact dimensions and can fit within airline size limits.
  • Ultimately, it’s essential to check with your specific airline for their most up-to-date size regulations and requirements regarding strollers on a plane.
  • By being aware of the size limitations. You can choose an appropriate stroller and avoid any potential issues during your travels.

Can We Take Stroller In International Flight?

You can take a stroller on an international flight. Strollers are often allowed as either carry-on items or checked baggage, depending on the airline’s policies.

  • It’s crucial to check the regulations of your departure and destination countries, as well as any transit airports. It ensures compliance with their specific requirements.
  • Some countries may have restrictions on the size or type of strollers allowed, or they may require certain documentation or permits.
  • Review the guidelines by authorities to understand any specific procedures or restrictions when travelling internationally with a stroller.
  • By being well-informed and prepared. You can ensure a smoother journey and enjoy the convenience of having a stroller for your child during your international travels.

Do You Need Stroller Bag For Airplane?

Do You Need Stroller Bag For Airplane

While it’s not mandatory to have a stroller bag for airplane travel, it is highly recommended. A stroller bag provides several benefits and protections for your stroller:

  • Protection: A sturdy stroller bag helps safeguard your stroller from scratches, dirt, and damage that can occur during handling and transport.
  • Convenience: Using a stroller bag makes it easier to transport your stroller through airports, especially if it has wheels or carrying handles.
  • Storage: A stroller bag can serve as an additional storage space. Allowing you to pack essential items like diapers, blankets, or toys alongside the stroller.
  • Hygiene: Bagging your stroller can help keep it clean and prevent contact with germs & contaminants in airports & during the loading and unloading process.
  • Longevity: Investing in a stroller bag can extend the lifespan of your stroller by protecting it from wear and tear.

How To Pack Stroller?

When packing a stroller for travel, consider the following steps to ensure it is properly protected and ready for transport:

  • Give the stroller a thorough cleaning before packing it.
  • Remove any debris, wipe down the surfaces, and ensure it is dry to prevent any potential damage during storage.
  • If your stroller is collapsible or has detachable parts, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble it.
  • This will help reduce its size and make it easier to pack.
  • If your stroller has adjustable handles, wheels, or other movable parts, secure them in place to prevent any potential damage during transit.
  • If you have a stroller bag or cover, place the stroller inside to protect it from scratches, dirt, and damage.
  • Ensure that the bag or cover is securely fastened.
  • If your stroller has any delicate or fragile components.
  • Such as a canopy or tray, consider wrapping them in bubble wrap or soft padding for added protection.
  • Pack any accessories, such as an umbrella on a plane, sunshades, or cup holders, separately in a small bag or within the stroller bag if there’s enough space.
  • Attach a luggage tag or label with your contact information to the stroller.
  • This will help identify it in case of loss or mix-up during travel.
  • Depending on the size of your stroller, you can either pack it in a suitcase or check it as baggage at the airport.
  • Ensure it meets the size and weight requirements set by your airline.

Can You Take A Stroller Wagon On A Plane?

Can You Take A Stroller Wagon On A Plane

Stroller wagons, also known as convertible strollers or hybrid strollers, are a combination of a stroller and a wagon. The regulations regarding the acceptance of stroller wagons on planes can vary among different airlines and countries. Consult with the specific airline you plan to fly with.

  • Collapsible strollers that meet the size & weight restrictions imposed by the airline can be checked at the gate.
  • Larger stroller wagons may need to be checked as luggage.
  • It is recommended to contact the airline in advance to inquire about their specific policies regarding stroller wagons. Ensuring a smooth travel experience while adhering to the guidelines.

How to Travel with a Stroller?

When travelling with a stroller you might think how to travel with a stroller? There are a few key considerations to ensure a smooth experience.

  • If allowed as a carry-on, ensure the stroller meets size and weight restrictions.
  • Remove any detachable parts and fold the stroller before boarding.
  • If the stroller is too large, check it at the gate or the check-in counter, using protective covers or tags provided by the airline.
  • It’s also advisable to secure any accessories separately.
  • For international travel, review customs regulations of your destination.
  • Following these guidelines will help you navigate the process of travelling with a stroller confidently.


In conclusion for the question, can you bring stroller on a plane, well, you can bring a stroller on a plane. Either as a carry-on item or checked luggage, depending on its size and collapsibility. Most airlines allow collapsible strollers that meet their size and weight restrictions to be brought into the cabin.

Non-collapsible strollers typically need to be checked as luggage. It’s important to check with your specific airline for their policies and any applicable fees.

International flights may have additional regulations, so it’s advisable to review both airline policies and customs regulations of your destination country.

FAQs Regarding Can You Bring Stroller On A Plane?

Welcome to our FAQ guide on your question, can I take a stroller on a plane? Here, we provide answers to common questions regarding stroller transportation. Including carry-on allowances, size and weight restrictions, checking procedures, fees, & international considerations. Read on to find the information you need for a hassle-free travel experience with your stroller.

Can you bring a stroller on a plane?

Most airlines allow passengers to bring strollers either as carry-on items or checked baggage.

Can I bring a stroller on a plane as a carry-on item?

Generally, collapsible strollers that meet the size and weight restrictions imposed by the airline can be brought as carry-on items.

What stroller size allowed on a plane as a carry-on item?

Size and weight restrictions vary among airlines, but most airlines require strollers to fit within the overhead bin or under the seat. Typically, the weight limit ranges from 20 to 50 pounds.

Can I take a stroller on a plane which is non-collapsible?

Non-collapsible strollers are generally not allowed in the cabin and will need to be checked as luggage. However, it’s advisable to check with the airline as some may have exceptions for larger strollers.

How do I check my stroller as luggage?

If your stroller is too large for the cabin, you can check it as luggage at the gate or the check-in counter. Airlines usually provide special tags or covers to identify and protect the stroller during the flight.

Is there a fee to check a stroller?

Some airlines may charge a fee for checking strollers, while others may include it as part of your baggage allowance. Check with the airline’s specific policy to determine if any fees apply.

What should I do to prepare my stroller for the flight?

It’s recommended to remove any detachable parts or accessories, such as cup holders or toys, and secure them separately. Folding the stroller and locking it in place can help prevent damage during handling.

Can you take a stroller on a plane with a car seat?

In addition to a stroller, most airlines allow passengers to bring a car seat on the plane. Car seats are generally used for infants and young children and can be either checked or used as a seat for the child during the flight.

Can I use my stroller in the airport before boarding the plane?

Yes, you can use your stroller in the airport until you reach the gate. At that point, if it is a non-collapsible stroller, you will need to check it with the airline staff. Collapsible strollers can usually be gate-checked.

Are there any restrictions on bringing a stroller on international flights?

International flights generally follow similar guidelines for strollers. Check with the specific airline and also review the customs regulations of your destination country to ensure compliance with any additional requirements.


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