Can You Bring Candy On A Plane?

Can You Bring Candy On A Plane?

Is packing bags for air travel dilemmatic for you? Don’t worry, you just need to be conversant with the rules by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for carrying certain items on a plane.

Well, we know that a negative experience can result from leaving any one thing out while packing bags, or from failing to follow a rule set forth by TSA, or any other authority. Everything will be all right as long as you adhere to the official travel restrictions.

If you are thinking about keeping candies in your bags, this article is for you. You may be fond of having candies, chocolates, or other food items, and therefore wish to pack them to have on a long flight. You might also be carrying a significant amount of such items to give to your family members, relatives, or friends if you are visiting them.

Or tell us, is it the opposite? You received candies from your relatives, or you bought them on your leisure or business trip, and now taking them while flying back home.

But, not complying with TSA rules could subject you to a hard verification process at a security checkpoint at the airport. For taking various items on flights, there are specified restrictions and regulations. 

Hence, be sure to carefully read all the information in detail.

Can You Take Candy Through Airport Security?

Since candies belong to the solid food category, TSA permits you to take them through the security checkpoints. They are allowed in both carry-on bags as well as checked baggage.

Can You Take Candy Through Airport Security?

But, as you know very well, apart from hard or cotton candies, there could be gel or gummy candies also, which come under the liquids category. Therefore, the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule will be implemented in such a case.  

TSA Airport Security : Bringing Candy On A Plane

Transportation Security Administration regulation on bringing candy on flights within the U.S.A.

Carry-On BaggageAllowed
Checked LuggageAllowed

TSA candy Rules to bring candy on International Flight

Carry-On BaggageAllowed
Checked LuggageAllowed

Can You Take Candy On A Plane In Hand Luggage?

TSA allows passengers to carry candies in carry-on bags without any limit, provided they are in solid form. But, if you have candies filled with jelly, they will be considered gel or liquid items. Hence, as per the TSA rules for liquids, you will be able to keep candies in containers whose volume does not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 ml.

Containers need to be placed in a single quart-sized bag. Else, you need to place them in your checked baggage. Exceeding the defined limit will result in the confiscation of your items or additional actions. So, be extra cautious while packing your bags.

Can You Bring Candy Through TSA In Checked Luggage?

Whether you have candies in solid or liquid form, you can keep them in your checked bags without any restrictions. So, whether you take them for gifting purposes, or bring them back home, you will not face any issues. 

Can You Bring Candy Through TSA In Checked Luggage

Nonetheless, such items, when kept in your bags, might make it difficult for TSA officers to easily conduct X-ray screening. Travelers are advised to organize their bags and keep them free of hodgepodge so as to ease the screening process. This also keeps the queues moving smoothly. 

So, no matter whether you take opened or unopened candies, make it a point to keep the items systematically arranged beforehand. In this way, you will cooperate with the security officers, thereby preventing delays in security checks. Otherwise, you have to separate food items or even powders and take them out from your bag. 

Concluding Lines

We tried to provide you with all the details on whether you can bring candy through the TSA security checkpoint or not. Like children, if you also crave your favorite candies, you can keep them in your carry-on and/or checked bags. But, don’t forget to follow the liquids rule in case the candies contain jelly or gel. For any queries or confusion, you can always connect with TSA online through their Twitter and Facebook handles, AskTSA. Share your concerns in a post, tag them, and get it all addressed easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring candy on a plane?

Yes, you can bring candy on a plane. 

Can I bring gummy candy on a plane?

Yes, you can bring gummy candy on a plane. 

Can I bring unopened candy on a plane?

Yes, you can bring unopened candy on a plane.

Can I bring candy on a plane international flight?

Yes, you can bring candy on an international flight.

How much candy can I bring on a plane?

You can bring unlimited solid candies on a plane. However, follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rules in case of a carry-on, if you have gel or liquid-based candies.

Can you bring open candy on a plane?

Yes, you can bring open candy on a plane.


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