Direct Flights From Johannesburg To Durban – JNB To DUR

Durban, a coastal gem nestled along South Africa’s stunning eastern shores, attracts travelers with its golden beaches & vibrant culture. Experience the joy of swift & effortless travel as we introduce you to direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

Your adventure begins the moment you step on the plane. Imagine the convenience of boarding in Johannesburg and landing in Durban, without the stress of changing flights. Whether you’re a business traveller on a tight schedule or a leisure seeker eager to explore.

These non-stop flights promise you more time to enjoy the experiences that matter most. Embrace the freedom of efficient travel, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your destination. Prepare to embark on a seamless voyage connecting two incredible cities, making your journey as memorable as your destination.

Airlines Providing Direct Flights From Johannesburg To Durban

Know about the airlines connecting direct flights from Johannesburg (JNB) to Durban (DUR) seamlessly. These carriers, including Safair, Qatar Airways, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, Airlink, Cemair, and Global Aviation. They offer a diverse range of travel options tailored to your needs.

From Safair’s budget-friendly services to Qatar Airways’ luxurious experience, and Airlink’s regional connectivity. Each airline ensures a convenient & enjoyable journey. Whether you prioritize affordability, luxury, or personalized service, these airlines redefine travel between these vibrant South African cities.

AirlinesDaily Frequency of FlightsDeparture Terminal
Qatar Airways1Terminal A
South African Airways2-1Terminal B
Turkish Airlines1Terminal A
Airlink1-2Terminal B
Global Aviation2-3———

Safair Airlines

Safair stands out as a beacon of affordability & reliability in the realm of air travel. It proudly offers budget-friendly yet dependable direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

  • This airline not only caters to the budget-conscious traveller but also assures a seamless & comfortable journey.
  • Its commitment to passenger satisfaction shines through in their punctuality, efficient services, & dedication to making the travel experience effortless.
  • With them, travelers can enjoy the convenience of direct flights without the financial strain.
  • It ensures that their journey between these two bustling cities is both convenient and pocket-friendly.

Qatar Airways

Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury & seamless connectivity with Qatar Airways, the epitome of opulence in the aviation industry.

  • Catering to discerning travelers, it extends its globally renowned service excellence to the route with direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban.
  • Passengers can anticipate a journey marked by indulgent amenities, impeccable service, & a travel experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Its direct flights redefine the very essence of air travel. Ensuring that your transition between these vibrant South African cities is not just a journey but a delightful experience.

South African Airways

It is the pride of the nation, standing tall as the epitome of reliability & consistency in domestic air travel.

  • As the national carrier, SAA upholds the highest standards of safety, comfort, & customer service, ensuring a stress-free journey with direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban.
  • With their non-stop flights, travelers can embark on a voyage under the wings of experience & trust, arriving in Durban refreshed & ready to explore.
  • Its commitment to excellence makes them the trusted choice for those seeking a seamless travel experience within South Africa.

Turkish Airlines

Indulge in the perfect blend of international flair and unmatched comfort with Turkish Airlines, a global aviation leader.

  • Bringing a touch of Turkish hospitality to the direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban route, it offers flights that redefine the standards of elegance in air travel.
  • Passengers can expect a journey marked by luxurious amenities, exquisite cuisine, & a seamless transition between these two South African cities.
  • With them, the travel experience transcends the ordinary, ensuring that your flight becomes an integral part of your overall travel adventure.

Airlink Airlines

It is the regional champion of air travel, excels in providing seamless connectivity with a distinctive personal touch.

  • Tailoring its services to meet the unique needs of regional travelers, its direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban guarantee convenience & efficiency.
  • The airline’s commitment to delivering exceptional service shines through, making every journey a testament to their dedication.
  • With Airlink, passengers can expect a travel experience where comfort meets personalized attention. Transforming the simple act of travelling into a memorable adventure.


This one invites travelers to indulge in the epitome of boutique air travel. It offers an exclusive & intimate experience on the direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

  • With a focus on personalized service, its non-stop flights promise not just a journey but a bespoke travel encounter.
  • You can bask in the luxury of extra legroom, personalized attention from the crew, & a tranquil atmosphere that makes flying a truly pleasurable experience.
  • Cemair’s flights are more than a means of transportation; they are a gateway to a world where every traveller is treated as a valued guest. It ensures that your journey is as memorable as your destination.

Global Aviation

Global Aviation presents a realm of infinite possibilities, offering charter flights that redefine the very essence of flexibility & personalized travel solutions.

  • For those seeking a bespoke travel experience between direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban, its charter flights are the epitome of tailor-made journeys.
  • Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure, or any other purpose, it ensures that your flight aligns perfectly with your schedule and preferences.
  • Experience the unmatched convenience of charter flights. Where the sky becomes your domain, and every aspect of your travel is meticulously tailored to create a seamless & effortless journey between these two dynamic cities.

Other Airlines Offering Joburg To Durban Flights

Get to learn about other airlines that bridge the gap with the direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. Beyond the familiar names, a diverse array of carriers like British Airways, Kulula, Mango Airlines, and Emirates redefine travel experiences.

Direct Flights

From Mango Airlines’ budget-friendly comfort to Emirates luxurious global connectivity etc, these airlines offer unique options for every traveller. Explore these choices to find the perfect balance between convenience, affordability, and luxury in your journey between these dynamic cities.

Other AirlinesDeparture Terminal
British AirwaysTerminal B
Mango AirlinesTerminal 1
Emirates AirlinesTerminal B

British Airways

Experience the epitome of British sophistication with British Airways’ direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. Known for their punctuality and excellent service, this airline offers a seamless travel experience. Passengers can expect a blend of classic charm & modern amenities, making their journey between these cities a delightful and comfortable affair.


For travelers seeking a fun-filled and budget-friendly journey, Kulula Airlines provides direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. With their vibrant livery and cheerful crew, this one injects a sense of humour into air travel. Despite the low fares, passengers can still expect reliable service & a smooth flight, making it an ideal choice for those wanting a lighthearted travel experience.

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines provides travelers with an affordable yet comfortable flying experience with direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. Known for its modern fleet & excellent in-flight service, it offers a range of amenities without the premium price tag. Passengers can relax and enjoy their journey, appreciating the balance between cost-effectiveness and quality service that it consistently delivers.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates airlines, offers an unmatched travel experience with direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. Passengers can expect luxurious amenities, personalized service, and a seamless journey. Beyond the extravagance, its extensive global network ensures passengers enjoy convenient connections worldwide. Making it an excellent choice for those who seek a touch of elegance & global connectivity in their travel between these vibrant South African cities.

Non-Stop Flights From Johannesburg To Other Locations

Apart from direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban, here are non-stop flight routes from Johannesburg to other popular destinations:

RoutesAirlines Available
Johannesburg to LondonLufthansa, Air France, British, South African,Virgin Atlantic.
Johannesburg to DubaiEthiopian, Kenya, South African, Emirates.
Johannesburg to SydneyQantas, Cathay Pacific, Singapore, Qatar, South African.
Johannesburg to MumbaiEthiopian, RwandAir, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Turkish, KLM, Lufthansa, etc.
Johannesburg to New York CitySpirit, United, American, Etihad, Qatar.
Non-stop flights
  • Johannesburg to London:- Experience seamless travel between Johannesburg and London. Several airlines offer direct flights, allowing passengers to enjoy the vibrant culture of Johannesburg and the rich heritage of London without layovers.
  • Johannesburg to Dubai:- Explore the bustling city of Dubai by taking a non-stop flight from Johannesburg. Airlines like Emirates operate direct flights connecting O.R. Tambo International Airport to Dubai International Airport. It offers travelers a convenient way to discover the opulence and modernity of Dubai.
  • Johannesburg to Sydney:- Embark on a long-haul journey from Johannesburg to Sydney, Australia. Qantas and other carriers operate non-stop flights, allowing travelers to enjoy the scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, and unique culture of Australia’s largest city.
  • Johannesburg to Mumbai:- Besides, direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban, experience the vibrant colours and rich history of India by flying non-stop from Johannesburg to Mumbai. Airlines like Air India and South African Airways operate direct flights, providing a direct link between Johannesburg and India’s bustling financial and entertainment hub.
  • Johannesburg to New York City:- Travelers can enjoy the iconic skyline of New York City by taking a non-stop flight from Johannesburg to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Airlines like Delta Air Lines and South African Airways operate direct flights, making it convenient for passengers to explore the cultural melting pot of the United States.

How Much Is A Flight From Johannesburg To Durban?

The cost of direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban is based on several things that includes the airline, the time of booking, class of service, & availability. On average, a one-way ticket for this route can start from around $36, offering budget-friendly options for travelers seeking economical choices.

For those planning a roundtrip journey, prices generally start from approximately $68, allowing passengers to save more by booking a ticket for return flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

Note that these prices serve as a general guideline & can fluctuate based on demand, time of booking, & the specific airline’s pricing strategy. Compare prices across different airlines, use flight comparison websites, and book tickets well in advance to secure the best deals and ensure a cost-effective journey from Johannesburg to Durban.

How Long Is A Flight From Johannesburg To Durban?

The flight duration of direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban typically depends on various factors. It includes the airline, route, & weather conditions. On average, non-stop flights between JNB & DUR take around 1 hour & 15 minutes. This duration may vary slightly based on the specific flight schedule and other operational considerations.

In terms of distance, the aerial distance between Johannesburg & Durban is approximately 520 kilometres in a straight line. This distance, often referred to as the great-circle distance, represents the shortest route between the two cities.

However, actual flight paths might deviate slightly due to air traffic & weather patterns. Travelers can enjoy a quick and convenient journey. Making it an attractive option for both business & leisure travelers looking to commute between these two major South African cities.

Aircrafts Used For Flights From JHB To DBN

Airlines operating direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban utilize a diverse range of aircraft to cater to different passenger capacities & travel preferences. Some of the commonly used aircraft for this route include:

  • Boeing 737-800:- A popular narrow-body aircraft known for its efficiency and comfortable passenger experience.
  • Boeing 737-400:- An older version of the Boeing 737 series, occasionally used for shorter domestic routes.
  • Airbus A350-900:- A state-of-the-art wide-body aircraft known for its advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort, although it’s often used for longer international routes.
  • Airbus A320:- A widely used narrow-body aircraft offering a balance of efficiency and passenger capacity for regional flights.
  • Airbus A330-300:- A larger wide-body aircraft, occasionally used for high-demand routes, offering enhanced passenger amenities.
  • Embraer 190:- A regional jet known for its fuel efficiency and comfortable cabin design, suitable for shorter domestic routes.
  • Boeing 737-300 (with winglets):- An upgraded version of the Boeing 737-300 series, featuring winglets for improved aerodynamic performance and fuel efficiency.
  • De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q:- A turboprop aircraft with a spacious cabin, often used for regional flights, providing a smooth and reliable travel experience.
  • Airbus A320:- Another mention of this aircraft, emphasising its versatility and suitability for various domestic routes.

Tips To Book Cheap Flights From Johannesburg To Durban

Booking cheap direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban requires some strategic planning and savvy tips. Here are some suggestions to help you secure the best deals:

Cheap Flights
  • Booking your tickets well in advance, preferably a few months before your travel date, can often lead to significant savings.
  • If your travel dates are flexible, use fare comparison websites to find the cheapest days to fly.
  • Utilize fare alert services provided by travel websites. They notify you when flight prices drop, enabling you to book at the most opportune moment.
  • Don’t settle for the first offer you find.
  • Low-cost carriers often offer cheaper fares. While comparing, include budget airlines like FlySafair and Mango Airlines, which frequently operate on the JHB-Durban route.
  • Direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban during off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening, tend to be cheaper due to lower demand.
  • Travelling during school holidays or major events can substantially increase flight prices.
  • Subscribe to airline newsletters and fare alerts. Airlines occasionally send exclusive deals and discounts to their subscribers.
  • Sometimes, flying into or out of nearby airports can be more economical.
  • If you have accumulated travel points or miles through loyalty programs, consider using them to offset the cost of your flight.

Advantages of Flights From JHB To Durban

Direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban offer unmatched advantages: swift travel, optimal time management, superior comfort, & seamless connectivity. Discover the ease and efficiency of air travel between these bustling South African cities.

  • Flights from JHB to Durban offer significant time savings compared to other modes of transportation.
  • Air travel provides a high level of comfort, with spacious seating, climate control, and onboard amenities. Passengers can relax during the flight, making it a convenient and pleasant journey.
  • JHB & Durban airports are well-connected hubs, making it easy for travelers to access various domestic and international destinations.
  • Airlines operate multiple flights daily, offering flexibility in choosing departure times.
  • For business travelers, direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban are essential for efficient business operations.
  • Efficient air connectivity promotes tourism and contributes to the local economy. Visitors can explore the attractions of both cities. Boosting tourism revenue and supporting local businesses.
  • JHB serves as a major international gateway. Flights to Durban facilitate smooth connections for international travelers, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Air travel minimizes travel fatigue, especially on long routes.

Frequently Asked Questions – JNB To DUR Direct Flights

Explore our FAQ section for direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban. Find answers to common queries about flight schedules, ticket prices, airlines, and travel tips. Your essential guide to a seamless journey awaits.

Which airlines operate non-stop flights from JHB to Durban?

Airlines like Safair, British Airways, Mango Airlines, and Kulula offer flight tickets from Johannesburg to Durban.

How frequently do these flights operate?

It operates multiple times daily, ensuring flexibility for travelers in terms of departure times.

Can I book a one-way ticket for this route?

Yes, you can book both one-way and round-trip tickets for direct flights from Johannesburg to Durban, providing flexibility for your travel plans.

Are there budget-friendly options for this route?

Budget airlines like Mango Airlines and Kulula offer competitive fares, providing affordable travel options for passengers.

Can I book tickets online?

Absolutely, most airlines allow online bookings through their official websites or various online travel agencies, making the booking process convenient and accessible.

How long does the direct flight from Johannesburg to Durban take?

It typically takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, providing a quick and efficient way to travel between the two cities.

Are there facilities for passengers with special needs?

Airlines provide assistance and facilities for passengers with special needs. It’s advisable to inform the airline in advance about specific requirements.

Is there in-flight service on these flights?

Most flights from JHB to Durban provide in-flight services, including beverages and snacks, depending on the duration of the flight.

What’s the baggage allowance for these flights?

Baggage allowances vary by airline. It’s essential to check the specific airline’s policy regarding baggage weight and dimensions before your flight.

Can I change my travel dates after booking?

There are tons of airlines that offer flexible booking options, allowing passengers to change travel dates, usually with certain conditions and fees. It’s best to check the airline’s terms and conditions regarding changes and cancellations.

How long does the flights to JHB from DBN take?

Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg typically have a flight duration of around 1 hour, providing a swift and convenient travel option between the two cities.


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