Can You Bring Nail Glue On A Plane? TSA Adhesive Rules

Can You Bring Nail Glue On A Plane? TSA Adhesive Rules

Keeping your style well-maintained and even all the more enhanced while on travel is a must. Isn’t it? Especially, when you are too inclined to fashion and beauty, you must be planning to pack all your cosmetics in your bags.

Hence, nail glue must be one of these items as you will need to use it to wear artificial nails. Then you must also be bringing nail polish in your bag for sure.

Well, now we know, you are definitely concerned about this query, can you bring nail glue on a plane, as you must be familiar with the strict measures taken by the TSA? So, we have designed this simple guide to address all such related questions packed in your mind right now.

Take a look and discover whether the TSA allows nail glues on planes or not.

Yes or No: Can You Bring Nail Glue on a Plane?

Since the TSA undertakes to maintain the safety and security of passengers, it has defined a list of items prohibited on planes, owing to their dangerous propensities. Apparently, nail glue is one of them.

Nail glues are highly flammable in nature, and therefore, you are not allowed to bring them on flights, as per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Be it about a carry-on bag or checked luggage, nail glues are strictly prohibited and cannot be packed in any of them.

However, if you wish to bring other types of glues or adhesives, you must know the following:

  1. Certain glues that are non-flammable can be packed in the cabin and checked bags.
  1. The FAA advises that you must check the label of the glue or in fact, you can take a look at the Material Safety Data Sheet i.e., the MSDS of the manufacturer. If you find its flash point is less than or up to 140° F (60° C), it means the product is flammable and cannot be taken on planes.
  1. Non-flammable liquid glue needs to be taken as per the TSA liquid limit defined for carry-ons. More quantities can be taken in checked bags.
  1. Non-flammable glue sticks are allowed in unlimited quantities, reasonably though, in carry-ons and checked bags.

Well, these are some important points about non-flammable glues such as school glues and glue sticks. You must have understood why nail glues are specifically not permitted because they can easily catch fire.

Similarly, other items related to your nails such as nail clippers in your bags also need to be taken in adherence to the TSA rules, as they are sharp in nature.

Does Glue Count as a Liquid?

Absolutely Yes!

As the TSA has mentioned that anything that can be spread, pumped, squeezed, smeared, etc., is considered a liquid item. Hence, you need to follow the 3-1-1 rule for liquids in the case of carry-on bags.

So, you can carry small bottles or containers of non-flammable liquid glue. The total capacity of bottles must not be more than 3.4 ounces, which means 100 ml. They must fit in a clear, quart-size bag secured with a zip. You can place this bag in your carry-on bag or hand luggage.

Can I Bring Nail Glue on a Plane in My Cabin Bag?

Owing to its tendency to catch fire, nail glue is not allowed to be packed in a cabin bag, as per the FAA. It is prohibited on flights, keeping in mind the safety of passengers.

Nevertheless, if you want to bring non-flammable liquid glue such as school glue, you need to comply with the TSA liquid limit or the 3-1-1 rule for liquids.

So, pack glue in containers whose total capacity or volume is not more than 3.4 ounces. They must go in a transparent, quart-size bag, which can then be packed in your cabin bag.

Make sure to pack items in this bag in a systematic manner. If any of the items obstruct the view during X-ray screening, the TSA officer may ask you to take an item out for a separate screening.

As you may be aware, the TSA officer may also conduct additional verification of a specific item. The same be confiscated if anything seems to be suspicious or seems to be a security threat.

You can also bring non-flammable glue sticks in a cabin bag without any restrictions or quantity limitations. Although you cannot carry nail glue in your cabin bag, you can definitely pack other cosmetics such as liquid foundation.

Can I Take Nail Glue on a Plane in Checked Luggage?

As nail glue is highly flammable in nature, it is strictly not permitted to be packed in your checked luggage.

But, you can bring other glues or adhesives that are not flammable, and hence, do not have any risk of catching fire. Whether it’s about non-flammable liquid glues or glue sticks, you can pack them in unlimited quantities in this bag. However, it is beneficial to maintain a reasonable limit.

Concluding Words

So, with this, we come to the end of this detailed guide on whether can you take nail glue on a plane. As specified by the FAA, you are not allowed to bring nail glue in your carry-on and checked bags, as they are highly flammable. There is a big risk of catching fire, and hence, it poses a threat to the lives of passengers and crew on board.

You can certainly bring non-flammable glues and adhesives. Make sure to check the product label or the manufacturer’s MSDS to find out whether they are flammable or not. The non-flammable ones need to be packed in carry-ons, as per the TSA liquid limit, if they are in liquid form. But, glue sticks can go in more quantities in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions on can you bring nail glue on a plane?

Can I take nail glue in hand luggage?

No, nail glue is not allowed in your hand luggage as it is highly flammable, and hence, can catch fire. This is an instruction issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Can you take super glue on an airplane?

As mentioned on the official website of the FAA, some types of super glues are non-flammable, and hence, you can pack them in your baggage. Still, you are advised to check the label of the product or the manufacturer’s MSDS to find out whether it is flammable or not.

Can you bring glue sticks on a plane?

Non-flammable glue sticks are allowed on a plane. You can pack them in your hand luggage and/or checked baggage.


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