Can You Bring Knitting Needles On A Plane?

Can You Bring Knitting Needles On A Plane?

Well, you surely need time before your trip to keep all the necessary items, as planned. But, it is advised to be cautious of what to keep in your baggage.

Any failure to follow a direction from the airline or another authority could cause major problems at airport security. You might be concerned about the question that whether you can bring knitting needles on a plane while still keeping all of your other essentials.

So, if it’s a long journey, you might want to keep yourself busy or engaged in something you love doing i.e., knitting. If you want to know whether knitting needles are permitted on planes by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) or not, read our helpful guide.

This is required because of the strict TSA security measures taken at the airports within the USA. Especially, when you take sharp items like knitting needles, scissors, razors, knives etc., you need to be extra careful.

TSA Knitting Needles Rules For Bringing It On A Plane?

Well, the TSA does not stop you from taking knitting needles on a plane. Be it your carry-on or checked luggage, you can easily bring the needles on any or both of these.

These needles can be made of aluminium, wood, metal, bamboo, and plastic material. You may also carry crochet hooks, sewing needles, double-pointed knitting needles, knitting stitch holders, knitting hooks, sewing kits, and sewing scissors. But, as may already know, scissors can be kept in your carry-on bag only when their blades are not greater than 4 inches. 

TSA Knitting Needles Rules For Bringing It On A Plane

Please also be mindful that if you have knitting accessories such as circular thread cutters or any other ones containing a blade then you are required to place the same in your checked luggage.

Nevertheless, it is advised to check the same with your airline as the rules might differ. All the airlines have defined their own rules or instructions for taking knitting needles on their flights. Still, if something is found to be doubtful at the TSA security checkpoint, the officers might have to confiscate your items. 

Are Knitting Needles Allow To Carry In Luggage?

Knitting Needles in Carry-on BagsAllowed
Knitting Needles in Checked BagsAllowed

Can You Take Knitting Needles On A Plane In A Carry-On?

Knitting needles can be brought into your carry-on bag without any restrictions, unlike scissors and razors, as the latter are subject to TSA regulations. There is no restriction on how many units you can keep. So, you are free to take as many knitting needles as you choose.

You can also take crochet hooks and/or sewing needles in unlimited quantities, along with these needles. However, it should be mentioned that TSA officers have the final word on whether or not a particular item can pass through the screening checkpoint.

Can I Bring Knitting Needles On A Plane In Checked Luggage?

Knitting needles are permitted to be carried in checked luggage without restriction by the TSA. You must take care to pack them safely and securely, though. You might cover them with a hard piece of cloth, sheath, or any other form of protective material so that the baggage handlers don’t get injured if by chance your bag opens during transfers.

That’s good for your own security as well, as you never know when you’ll be rushing to open your bags. You might need to take something out right after reaching the destination airport.

Knitting Needles Rules By Airlines In The USA

You will be happy to know that almost all the major airlines operating in the USA such as United, Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, American, and Frontier allow passengers to bring knitting needles on board and do their knitting work.

Needles Rules By Airlines In The USA

So, don’t worry. But, make sure to contact the customer support team of your airline to check about these rules or any further instructions involved.

Rules By Airlines Outside The USA

Here are the rules by some of the European Airlines:

Air France- This airline has strictly prohibited passengers from taking knitting needles in their hand luggage. So, it is better to pack them in checked baggage while flying by Air France.

Lufthansa Airlines- According to Lufthansa, it’s better if the passengers place knitting needles in their checked bags, as they don’t decide on letting them take needles on the plane. It is in the hands of security officers at the airport whether they allow passengers to take the needles in their hand luggage. This is so because these items might be counted as weapons or dangerous items from the security point of view. So, there is a risk of confiscation at the airport. 

Iberia Airlines- Well, Iberia also has the same view as Lufthansa. It’s in the hands of security officers deployed at the airport whether they permit passengers to take the knitting needles onboard or not. So, why take risks? It’s better to keep them in checked luggage only.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines- Knitting needles are explicitly forbidden on this airline, and therefore, passengers cannot keep them in their carry-on. So, it is preferable to place them in checked luggage or regret them later and face consequences at the security checkpoint at the airport.

Can You Knit On A Plane?

Knitting On A Plane

Of course, you can knit without any trouble! Once you settle yourself on the plane, have something to eat, as you might be hungry, and you can go with it suitably. However, beware, three points in time when you must not do this:

  • If the plane is taking off
  • If the plane is landing
  • If there is some heavy disturbance or shaking movement on the plane

You will definitely find a lot of people enjoying their favorite movies in the entertainment system, putting on their headphones, or reading books. And there you will be proceeding with what you like to do. But yes, we suggest you to bring small knitting projects for comfort and ease. Once you are done with it, you can easily pack it back into the bag.

Also, do take care that you don’t elbow the passenger sitting next to you or do not disturb them in any way. Otherwise, it could be annoying for them. And, you will surely not want to get into a heated argument or something as such on your air travel.

Can You Bring Sewing Needles On A Plane?

The TSA does not forbid you from traveling with sewing needles. You may simply bring the needles in unlimited quantities in either your carry-on bag or your checked bag or even both. So, if not knitting, go with your sewing job while being on a long flight.

But don’t forget to pack them properly in the checked baggage. Else, you might end up putting your hand over sharp items later, leading to an injury. And, we know, that will not be a good start to your long-awaited travel journey… right?

Bring Sewing Needles On A Plane

Are Sewing Needles Allow To Carry In Luggage?

Sewing Needles in Carry-on BagsAllowed
Sewing Needles in Checked BagsAllowed

Concluding Lines

There is no hassle in keeping knitting needles in your carry-on or checked baggage if you are traveling domestically within the USA. But, as always, the final decision of taking them through the security checkpoint depends on the TSA officers. Also, if you are traveling internationally, you must confirm the rules set by the specific airline in advance. We hope you pack your bags keeping all the important instructions in mind and travel safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are knitting needles allowed on airplanes?

Yes, you can bring knitting needles on a plane.

Can you bring a wooden stick on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a wooden stick on a plane.

Can I take metal knitting needles on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring metal knitting needles on a plane.

Can you bring wooden knitting needles on a plane?

Yes, passengers are permitted to take wooden knitting needles on a plane. 

Can you take knitting needles in hand luggage on a plane?

Yes, you are permitted to take knitting needles in hand luggage on a plane.


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  • I'm taking my kids on their first flight, and I was wondering if I can bring their plastic knitting needles in their carry-on bags. Has anyone had experience with this?
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  • I'm planning to bring my knitting project on my upcoming flight. Can anyone confirm if knitting needles are allowed in carry-on luggage? I don't want to run into any issues with security.

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