Can You Bring AirPods On A Plane? : Everything You Need to Know

Can You Bring AirPods On A Plane? : Everything You Need to Know

Aren’t we used to the high-tech gadgets and electronic devices in the modern scenario? Not only have they added ease to our lives, but have also provided us with a means of enjoyment and entertainment.

Moreover, with portable, wireless, or Bluetooth-enabled devices becoming a part of our lives, we tend to carry them along, wherever we go. No matter what, be it enjoying an air journey, it’s simple to pass the time while putting on our most treasured AirPods or AirPods Pro.

So, are you also the one packing bags with such essential items? If yes, you must be finding an answer to the question – can you bring and wear AirPods on a plane, right?

To ensure a smooth journey, it is helpful to be aware of the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) rules for AirPods or headphones. Travelers who violate these restrictions will have their items seized at the security checkpoint. Of course, there could also be penalties or punishments.

So read it over to gain insight into using AirPods on plane.

Can You Use & Bring AirPods On A Plane? : FAA & TSA Rules

There are no restrictions on bringing AirPods or Bluetooth devices, or other portable electronic devices (PEDs) through airport security, at least not in the eyes of the TSA. You can also place them in your carry-on or checked baggage.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits passengers to use AirPods or wireless headphones on flights. It’s just that your cell phone needs to be in airplane mode and cellular data cannot be used on planes.

Can You Use & Bring AirPods On A Plane? : FAA & TSA Rules

Almost all the major airlines in the USA allow you to use AirPods.

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Allegiant
  • American Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

Just be aware that while you carry such items, the TSA agents may ask you to remove your AirPods for X-ray screening and for a clear picture in the scanner.

You must bear in mind that the product should not appear as if it has been tampered with. Otherwise, it may create doubt in the mind of a TSA agent that it is to be used to transport illegal substances or something that endangers other people. Well, TSA officers always have the final say on whether to let you pass through the security checkpoint.

Do AirPods Work On A Plane?

Of course, AirPods function flawlessly on a flight. Well, this is a common concern for most travelers. They are perplexed about whether their AirPods will work on the flight or not, as the cell phones remain in airplane mode.

But, there is nothing as such related to the non-functioning of AirPods, as they need to be connected with Bluetooth. So, as long as Bluetooth is permitted to be used on a flight, you can use AirPods without any hassle.

Even if you are using headphones with cords on a plane, you can find headphone jacks located near your seat. Connect your device and enjoy your favorite music or movies in the entertainment system.

Can You Use Air-Pods On A Plane Without WIFI?

Absolutely yes! You don’t need to use WIFI to start listening to anything on your AirPods. These devices function as and when they are connected to your iPhone or other Apple devices through Bluetooth.

Can You Use Air-Pods On A Plane Without WIFI?

Therefore, no matter whether WIFI is available on your flight or not, you just need to keep your phone in airplane mode, as per the mandatory instructions, and switch on the Bluetooth to connect your AirPods.

How Can I Use My AirPods On A Plane?

It’s as simple as using a Bluetooth-enabled device. You must activate your phone’s airplane or flight mode, as per instructions issued by all the airlines. Then turn on Bluetooth in the settings of your phone or any other related device you may be using.

Once this is done, you need to open the case containing your AirPods and keep it along with your device. Now keep taking further actions as per points displayed on your device, and finally click done. Your AirPods will be connected to Bluetooth on your device, and you are ready to use them.

Please keep in mind that passengers are recommended not to use Bluetooth when their airline is taking off or landing at the destination airport. Even when there is some turbulence or strong disturbance on the flight, you must stay cautious and not use Bluetooth. This is due to safety reasons, as using Bluetooth in such situations could impact the radio frequencies required during the operation of a flight.

Do AirPods Work With In-Flight Entertainment?

Well, it depends on the airline you are traveling with. The in-flight entertainment systems of most airlines do not have the capability to support Bluetooth. With emerging trends and modern-day requirements, many airlines are now coming up with such solutions for passengers.

However, many airlines have their own mobile apps. You can download the app of your airline and find access to its entertainment library. Once this is done, you can easily enjoy music and other media by connecting AirPods to your phone.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, there are no restrictions on taking or bring or using AirPods on a plane. But, you must also confirm with your airline if there are any further particular instructions for using PEDs on their flights. So, make your way to an interesting journey while listening to energetic music. Travel safely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AirPods on a plane?

Yes, you can use AirPods on a plane.

Can you use noise-canceling headphones on a plane?

Yes, you can use noise-canceling headphones on a plane.

Can you use Bluetooth without WIFI on a plane?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth without WIFI on a plane.

Can I use my AirPods in airplane mode?

Yes, you can use your AirPods by turning on airplane mode and Bluetooth on your iPhone or other related devices.

Is it ok to use Bluetooth on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to use Bluetooth on a plane.

Can I put headphones in my checked luggage?

Yes, you are allowed to place headphones in your checked luggage. 


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  • Has anyone ever been asked to remove their AirPods during the security check? I'm worried about losing them in the chaos.
  • Orson Brady
  • I've taken my AirPods on flights multiple times without any issues. Just make sure to keep them in their charging case and place it in your carry-on bag. Enjoy your flight!

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