Can You Bring a Flashlight on a Plane? Throwing Light on TSA Rules

Can You Bring a Flashlight on a Plane? Throwing Light on TSA Rules

Flashlights are one of the major items carried by people on travel. Such tools are especially a must-have for adventure travelers. If you are also planning to pack some in your bags, you might be wondering if you would be able to take them easily through the TSA security checkpoint.

Can You Bring a Flashlight on a Plane Without Any Hassle?

So, dear travelers, stay relieved and tension-free, as you are allowed to take flashlights in your carry-on and checked bags.

But, as you may already know, there are certain guidelines associated with bringing the allowed items on planes, you must go through this detailed guide to discover everything important about the subject.

Let’s proceed!

TSA Flashlight Regulations

You can pack a regular flashlight in your cabin baggage. But, it is more or less considered a tool. Therefore, you must follow the size limit i.e., up to 7 inches. If your flashlight is more than 7 inches, it will not be permitted in your cabin baggage.

It is always beneficial to pack a flashlight exceeding the 7 inches size limit in your checked baggage. Otherwise, you will have to go without your favorite item, as it will be confiscated by the TSA.


Now the problem occurs with tactical flashlights, as some of them appear as weapons. It is not at all sure that you will be able to take them in your carry-on bag through the security checkpoint. This is because many travelers had to leave their tactical flashlights with the TSA as they carried them in hand luggage. So, be careful and pack them in checked luggage.

Another major aspect is the batteries that have a major role to play. The TSA has defined separate guidelines for taking batteries on planes. It is noteworthy that you can pack a rechargeable flashlight with non-removable lithium batteries in your checked luggage. You can also pack a torch that already has a lithium battery inside.

However, any extra lithium batteries that are not installed in your flashlight must be taken in a carry-on bag. Also, a maximum of 100-watt hours per battery is allowed.

Well, it is also recommended to confirm with your airline if they have defined specific rules related to flashlights and batteries.

Can I Bring a Flashlight on a Plane in Cabin Baggage?

Yes, regular or pocket-size flashlights are allowed in cabin baggage. It’s just that you need to take care of the size limit. If the size is up to 7 inches, it is good to go in your cabin baggage or carry-on. Large flashlights need to be taken in your checked baggage.

Apart from this, you must be aware of the fact that the TSA may not let you go if you have tactical flashlights, boulder flashlights, flashlight stun gun, and the like. Generally, these are included in the list of prohibited items if you wish to pack them in carry-ons.

There is a significant reason that some flashlights may be designed for more than one uses like self-defense etc. They appear as weapons and may be used as tools to harm other passengers or crew on board. Therefore, they must not be packed in a carry-on but can go in your checked luggage.

Can I Take A Flashlight with Batteries on a Plane?

You can take a flashlight with batteries. Rechargeable flashlights with non-removable lithium batteries are allowed in checked baggage. A torch with a lithium battery inside can also be packed.

However, you must bring any spare lithium batteries that are not already in your flashlight in a carry-on bag, and not in a checked bag. Additionally, each battery may only have a capacity of up to 100 watt-hours.

Can I Take A Flashlight with Batteries on a Plane

It’s also a good idea to ask your airline if they have any specific policies about flashlights and batteries, as proceeding without incomplete information could result in the confiscation of your favorite item.

Can You Take a Flashlight on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Absolutely! You are permitted to travel with flashlights packed in your checked baggage. While there is a size limit in the case of carry-ons, as already discussed, large flashlights can be easily packed in your checked luggage.

Also, tactical flashlights, flashlight stun guns, boulder flashlights, etc., must go in checked luggage. But, make sure to pack extra or spare lithium batteries in your cabin baggage only.

At the same time, it is crucial to pay attention to the way you pack flashlights in this baggage. Place them in a small bag or hard cardboard material so as to prevent any damage. You never know if your bags are managed by careless handlers during transfers and you may not find them intact after reaching your destination.


We believe to have suitably helped you with your query, are flashlights allowed on planes? So, yes, they are definitely allowed in your carry-on and checked baggage. Just keep in mind the 7 inches size limit in the case of carry-ons, otherwise, flashlights should be packed in checked luggage.

Unlike regular flashlights, other ones appearing as weapons or that could be used to harm people on board should not be taken in carry-ons. They are better to be packed in checked luggage. Also, keep in mind the points related to batteries. We hope you have a bright journey ahead!

Can You Bring a Flashlight On A Plane (FAQs)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions on Can You Bring a Flashlight on a Plane? You must read the same for better travel planning. 

Is flashlight in carry on allowed on planes?

Yes, as per the TSA flashlight rules, you can pack them in your carry-on bag. But, keep in mind the size limit, which is 7 inches. If the size is more than the defined limit, you may pack it in your checked luggage.

Are flashlights allowed in check in baggage?

Absolutely! They are allowed in checked baggage. But, you must pack them properly so as to avoid any damage, as sometimes, the luggage is managed by careless handlers.

Are lithium flashlight batteries allowed on planes?

Yes, flashlights with lithium batteries can be taken in your cabin and checked baggage. You are allowed to pack a rechargeable flashlight with lithium batteries that are not removable in your checked luggage. Any extra lithium batteries, though, that aren’t already in your flashlight, need to go in a carry-on bag. There is also a limit of 100 watt hours per battery.

Is a tactical flashlight considered a weapon?

Well, a tactical flashlight may not be considered a weapon, but it may appear like a weapon. It can be used on board to cause harm to passengers or crew. Thus, unlike regular flashlights, it is not allowed in a carry-on bag. It is better to pack it in your checked baggage to avoid confiscation at the TSA security checkpoint.


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