Direct Flights From Vancouver To Toronto – YVR To YYZ

Passengers can hail a ride from the Urban city of Vancouver to the city famous for its nightlife, Toronto. Passengers can opt for direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto, among the many ways to cover the distance between the two cities of Canada.

The structured details help passengers locate the airline they can pick a flight with. This article mainly highlights the YVR to YYZ flights that are available and run by the airlines and are direct. You have reached the correct page if you travel for work or pleasure and look for flight details between the two cities.

Airlines Flying Direct Flights From Vancouver To Toronto

Generally, Advice is that you must always contact the airline and check the flight status from Vancouver to Toronto. The airlines have the right to bring any changes in their scheduling and routes governed by technical faults, weather conditions, or their own. So when you contact them, you will always know the current schedules. The airlines that provide tickets from Vancouver to Toronto are listed here.

Westjet Airlines

Westjet is another Canadian airline that runs flights from Vancouver to Toronto cheaply. In a single day, you will find up to five flights running for the route from Vancouver to Toronto. It is the second in position when performing operations in Canada, and you will find them operating most flights for this route.

Porter Airlines

A Canadian Airline, Porter Airlines, runs flights from Vancouver to Toronto cheaply. Your flight with Porter will take around 4 hours and 35 minutes to reach Toronto City. Porter Airlines is running up to four shifts daily to meet the needs of flyers who wish to fly on direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto.

Airlines NameDaily FlightsTime DurationOne Side Ticket Fee (Estimate)Round Trip Ticket Fee (Estimate)
Porter Airlines44 Hours 35 minutes$97- $185$202- $284
Westjet54 Hrs 35 mins 4 Hrs 34 mins 4 Hrs 37 mins$185- $425$296- $403
Air Canada114 hrs 25 mins, 4 hrs 20 mins, 4 hrs 35 mins, 4 hrs 36 mins, 4 hrs 26 mins, 4 hrs 40 mins$203- $ 470$315- $420
Flair Airlines14 Hours 35 minutes$138$202 -$279

Air Canada

Air Canada is a Canadian Airline that runs the most Vancouver to Toronto flights daily. This airline runs the most flights with different total time takes, meaning some flights take 4 hours and 25 minutes, 4 hours and 20 minutes, 4 hours and 35 minutes, 4 hours and 36 minutes, 4 hours and 26 minutes & 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines offers flyers with charter and passenger services for direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto. Flair is known to be low-cost, which means it is a very affordable and budgeted airline. Flair flies a single flight for the route that is late at night and takes about 4 hours 35 minutes, and you each early morning in Toronto with it.

Details About Flights To Toronto From Vancouver

Are you looking for the best time to fly between Canada’s two cities or the best medium, aka airline? Then, read to know more. There are a lot of airlines that are flying on the YVR TO YYZ flight route. However, only a few airlines offer cheaper flight options, and a few offer the shortest flight times. These details alone are enough to change or make plans, so check the table here to access the essential information quickly.

Airlines Offering Direct Tickets From Vancouver To TorontoPorter Airlines, Westjet, Air Canada, Flair Airlines
Avg Vancouver To Toronto Flight Time4 hours and 34 minutes
Cheapest Flying MonthJanuary
Cheapest flights from Vancouver to Toronto Cost$86
Total Number Of YVR TO YYZ Flights Weekly181

Affordable Flying Time Vancouver to Toronto (Month)

The cheapest flights from Vancouver to Toronto run in January. The price may end up at a low of $86 during this time of the year. In the following months, from February to April, the prices are also low but slightly higher, under the bracket of USD 200. The expensive months are December and August when the prices spike to USD 400. With this reference book, now your cheap flights to Toronto from Vancouver and get the most out of the deals.

Cheapest Day Of The Week To Book flights To YYZ From YVR

Direct flights from Vancouver to YYZ cost you less if you fly on a Wednesday. Ticket prices become costly if flown on a Sunday. The day you board your flight makes all the difference in the ticket prices, so choose wisely. When returning to Vancouver City, try booking a flight for Friday. Avoid any booking on Thursdays if your motive is to find better deals. Remember that these details can change at any given notice, so it is best to stay updated.

Number Of Daily Direct Flights From YVR To Toronto

On average, 22 to 29 nonstop/direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto fly daily. The average flight time is four hours 32 minutes, which these flights cover. Some additional information is that the primary flights leave around two times; one is at 1:00 pm departure time, and the other flights leave/depart in the morning. According to the data, 181 flights to Toronto from Vancouver are weekly. Most flights fly on Wednesday, and few flights leave on Tuesday.

Airlines With Cheapest Flights From Vancouver To Toronto 

Five airlines offer cheap flights to Toronto from Vancouver without layovers or stops. In the increasing fare order, these airlines are Porter Airlines, Westjet, Air Canada, and Flair Airlines. The cheapest one-way ride ticket is by Porter Airlines for USD 86. The second cheapest airline on the list is Westjet, whose fare is less than USD 95. Prices go up a bit for a round trip with Porter Airlines for USD 165; with WestJet, ticket prices go up to USD 194.

Tickets From Vancouver To Toronto (Available Classes)

Read more if you are wondering which class is available on the direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto. For flyers, the seating options are available in four classes. Those who love flying in privacy have First and Business class options. Those who wish to travel on a budget have options like Economy class and Premium Economy class. So now you can choose the flight and seat of your liking and embark on flights to Toronto from YVR.

Flying Direct To Other Destination From Vancouver

Your options regarding air travel are not limited, especially if you are in Vancouver, Canada. If you are under the impression that you will only find YVR TO YYZ flights, then you are mistaken. Here is some information to widen your knowledge of the availability of air rides/fares to other places where you can catch a direct flights from Vancouver.

  • Tokyo Narita: Vancouver flights directly connect flyers to several destinations in Japan, including Tokyo Narita. Air Canada and Japan Airlines are flying direct flights to these destinations.
  • Los Angeles: Many airlines offer direct flights to Los Angeles and also provide convenient connections. So don’t wait; book your joy ride soon.
  • Sydney: Hop on a direct connection to Australia, including flights to Sydney, and encounter the famous wildlife in the country.
  • Europe: Air France and Air Canada run direct flights from Vancouver to Europe. So embrace yourself before going to Europe’s most culturally rich destination.
  • Seoul Incheon: Korean Air operates direct flights between Vancouver and Seoul Incheon. So, take a break from your K-pop fantasies and visit the land of K-pop idols.

Tidbits to Find Cheapest Flight Deals From Vancouver To Toronto

Here are some exciting facts to help someone find flights to Toronto from Vancouver. Use these and give yourself a kickstart advantage to find the perfect flight time/price.

  • If you are not in a hurry to fly or are bound to a specific schedule, wait. When cheaper deals run, they can happen randomly so you can book and fly.
  • Be smarter and keep switching browsers when searching for direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto. This technique will shield you from unwanted ads and getting influenced results.
  • If you can avail yourself of any discount, go for it for family, student, or any kind of points. Whatever earns you a free/minimal-cost ride, try everything.
  • If you have a membership with any airline or own a card with exclusive air travel benefits, use it to grab tickets from Vancouver to Toronto.
  • Always check that you are searching for the right currency when checking flights. Match your currency with the location where you will hop on the plane.
  • If time is not an issue and you can travel for long hours, then look for a connecting flight as the prices are much lower.
  • Try local and budget airlines if you prefer to fly the cheapest flights from Vancouver to Toronto.
  • There are calculators on almost all travel websites; use them wisely to determine your flight details. If you go ahead, then and there, great. If not, then see if you have a choice to set up an alert service.
  • Air travel is a business, so find what is best for you and stop getting results that are influenced, aka targeted. You must be aware, go to the browser settings you are on, and click on clear cache.

Readers May Ask!

How many hours flight from Vancouver to Toronto take when flying with Porter Airlines?

All the Porter Airlines direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto take about 4 hours and 35 minutes.

How long flight from Vancouver to Toronto Is?

On average, the flight time from Vancouver to Toronto is 4 hours and 25 minutes.

What is the earliest Vancouver to Toronto flight time? 

If we talk about early flights, they fly from Vancouver around 12.50 am.

Which airline is offering the cheapest flights from YVR to YYZ?

Porter Airlines is flying cheap flights to Toronto from Vancouver for a fee of USD 86.

How many days before must I book a Vancouver to Toronto flight time for cheaper reservations?

Typically, Advice is that any reservations you want to make must have a gap of 40 days or more if you’re going to land pocket-friendly air travel deals.

Is there a direct flight from Vancouver to any other destination?

Yes! Europe, Los Angeles, Sydney, Seoul Incheon, Tokyo Narita, and many more destinations are available by air from Vancouver on a direct flight.

What is the Cheapest month for Vancouver to Toronto flight time?

January is the cheapest month to get affordable tickets from Vancouver to Toronto.

What is the shortest flight time from Vancouver to Toronto, and with which airline?

Air Canada operates a 4-hour and 20-minute Vancouver to Toronto flight time, which is the shortest for this route.

Apart from air travel, what other travel options exist for arriving in Toronto from Vancouver?

You can drive, take a bus, or travel by train from Vancouver to Toronto.

How long is the flight from Vancouver to Toronto?

Direct flights from Vancouver to Toronto cover 2078 miles of distance.

What travel option is the most budgeted for traveling to Toronto from Vancouver?

Vancouver to Toronto flights are the most affordable ride that you can find for this distance.

Is there a time difference between Vancouver and Toronto?

Yes! Vancouver is 3 hours behind from Toronto.


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