Direct Flights From Chicago To Maui

If you love the divine beauty of the Maui Islands and want to fly from Chicago there, then this information is explicitly for you. Precise information on Direct Flights From Chicago To Maui is available here. The guidance and knowledge here is a tool to determine the best travel time/journey from ORD to Maui.

The journey might be long from Chicago, so you have specific travel flight options like direct, one-stop, or two-stop travel options available. Here, the content focuses on the airlines offering flights to Maui from Chicago. The primary motive here is to give you a window of details to help you decide how to and who to fly with.

At Which Airport Are Chicago To Maui Flights Landing?

The flights operating on Chi to Maui routes use Kahului Aiport to land in Hawaii. Kahului Airport’s airport code is OGG, the main airport of Maui Island, the second largest island of Hawaii. The airport is functional and has offered all public airport operations since 1952. Remember that the direct flights from Chicago to Maui land at OGG airport, operated by United Airlines only. United operations are limited to this route, but if you are in Chicago, you can also catch a direct flight from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale.

Details About Airline Flying Chicago To Maui Flights

Only United Airlines is flying direct flights from Ord to Maui destination. United’s operation as an airline makes it stand at third place at Kahului Airport. United covers two shifts, meaning two flights from Chicago daily for the following route. Unites also offers a journey time of 7 hours 50 mins for one of the two direct flights and for the other the time is 9 hours 30 mins.

Airline Name (United Airlines)Route Fee (Estimated )Flight Time From Chicago To Maui
One way Route$8189 hours 30 mins
With One Stop$21313 hours 9 mins

Since United is flying direct flights from Chicago to Maui, the distance to be covered is a lot, so the flight price ranges from $818 one way. This shorter distance covered by the airline makes the direct flight option costly. United offers layover routes with one-stop for cheaper flights. With these stops, the flight price significantly drops to $231 one way, and the travel time also increases.

Attributes Contributing To Finding Cheap Flights To Maui From Chicago

When discussing a budget-hugging air ride, many attributes work together to make the list. What makes a flight cheap may depend on flight time, distance, the number of layovers, or the nonstop route. These factors influence the pricing an airline puts on its services. Here are the factors that offer a cheaper price for direct flights from Chicago to Maui.

Set Your Reminder For The Best Time Of The Year

Generally, the difference in planning for a budgeted trip comes from making the plans during the affordable months. Who likes saving money if you have a different priority? Then, look for the best days of the week and month to review your flights. Mark your calendar for May And April to save the best flight time from Chicago to Maui and to get the best deals.

Know How Far In Advance To Book A Flight Date

The advice in the air travel market about how far you must book direct flights from Chicago to Maui is here. An estimated period of 40 days is the best gap calculated to find the best deals that can be cheaper and direct based on your pocket. This critical detail means that the deals available for Ord to Maui end in the given time, and though you can book a reservation, it will be costlier.

Set your Clock to Alert You When The Price Drops

Make the most of your smart devices by setting up a clock/notification or a reminder to alert you. Some websites have notification features that send an alert whenever there is a price drop or when it catches a deal once in a lifetime and sends it your way. So set your alerts for cheap flights to Maui from Chicago and wait patiently. Grab the deals when a notification hits you and make the most of your plans.

Always Compare And Search Flights In Incognito Mode

Many comparison tools on the internet are constantly operating to give the desired filtered flight results. So, to play it smartly, always try to search your ORD to Maui destination flights in incognito mode, as it ensures that the browser is not saving your search history. Otherwise, what happens is that every time you search or open a page, you see the price increase and get a lot of ads related to your journey and stay options.

Flight Information For Direct Flights From Chicago To Maui

Here, check the critical details, such as the best month or the price to book flights to Maui from Chicago. Also, the airline that features flights for the route is essential as these details will give you a clear picture of your itinerary. Refer to the table below for the information you need to plan the ORD to Maui itinerary.

Flight Related Information (Ord To Maui)Relevant Details
Cheapest Month To FlyMay & April
Cheapest Flight Amount $166
Airline That Flies Direct FlightUnited Airlines
how long is a flight from Chicago to Maui9 hours 7 mins (average)
Number Of Flights Daily2
Best Time To Book 40 Days before the flight leaves

Details About Direct Flights Running From Chicago (ORD)

Apart from catching a direct flight to Maui from Chicago, there are other places you can visit from Chicago. So, devour yourself on the nonstop journey that will take you to your destination from Chi. Here is the list of places to check direct flights for and make a reservation for you or your family.

  • Lisbon: Many airlines offer direct flights from ORD To Lisban. Here, you can enjoy the coastal view and enrich yourself with the cultural beauty of Portugal.
  • Kansas City: Enjoy a seamless ride that rightfully takes you to Kansas City. United Airlines is offering direct route flights from Chicago to Kansas City.
  • Caribbean: Relax on the breathtaking beaches that the Caribbean has to offer. Airlines like Delta, Spirit, Frontier, and United offer direct flights from Chicago to the Caribbean.
  • Barcelona: Many things are tourist attractions when you visit Barcelona, like the festivals, architecture, food, art and more. United is flying direct flights to Barcelona from Chicago.
  • Dubai: Want to explore the richness of Dubai and experience its culture, then book a direct flight from ORD to DXB and make your dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Direct ORD To Maui Flights

As a flyer, we are always keen to learn and find as much information as possible to ensure the best time for traveling. Here is what readers mostly search online when looking for direct flights from Chicago to Maui.

How long is a flight from Chicago to Maui Islands in Hawaii?

On average, the flight time from Chicago to Maui is 9 hours and 7 minutes.

Are there direct flights from ORD to Maui routes?

Yes! There are direct flights; you will find information about the airlines and their Chicago to Maui flights operating/running on this page.

Which airline is flying direct flights from Chicago to Maui?

United Airlines is the only one that operates directly from Chicago to Maui flights.

How many flights are there weekly, flying Chicago to Maui flights?

As of February 2024, two weekly flights fly directly from Ord to Maui.

What time of the year will I find the cheapest flight from Chi to Maui destination?

May and April are the best months to catch and find pocket-friendly ride flights to Maui from Chicago.

What is the best time to book & find cheap flights to Maui from Chicago?

When booking direct flights to Maui From Chicago, keep as much as 40 days’ distance/gap between your flight’s booking date and departure date.

Which airport will my flight land at for the Maui Island destination?

The Kahulu airport (OGG) is where the flights to Maui from Chicago land.

Does a direct flight to ord to maui cost more than one with one or more layovers?

Yes! The price of direct flights from Chicago to Maui is much higher than those flying with layovers.

What is the duration of the flight time of the one-stop flight offered by United Airlines?

The flight time from Chicago to Maui with United’s one-stop flight will take 13 hours and 9 minutes.

What in-flight service will I find on United flights from Ord to Maui?

United offers an array of services like Wi-Fi, meals on board, mobility service, pet travel, baggage service, and much more.

Is it possible for me to fly directly to Maui?

Yes! You can find direct flights operating daily to Maui Islands or Hawaii, depending on the destination.

Does United offer flights other than direct flights from Ord to Maui option?

Yes! When flying with United Airlines, you get direct, one-stop, and two-stop flight options.


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