Direct Flights From Durban To Johannesburg – DUR To JNB

Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg offer a straightforward & efficient way to travel between these two bustling South African cities. Ideal for both business trips & self indulgent vacations, these flights provide a convenient & time-saving option.

It ensures flexibility & ease of planning. By eliminating the need for layovers and connecting flights, these non-stop flights make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re travelling for work, visiting family, or exploring new places, opting for a direct flight ensures you reach your destination quickly & comfortably.

It allows you to focus on what truly matters during your trip. Say goodbye to unnecessary stops & delays, and embrace the simplicity of direct travel from DUR to Johannesburg.

How Many Hours From Durban To Johannesburg?

The flight time for direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg varies depending on the airline and the specific route taken. On average, a direct flight between Durban’s King Shaka International Airport (DUR) and Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Flight Time
  • This flight covers a distance of approximately 500 kilometres in a straight line.
  • The actual flight path may be longer due to air traffic & other operational factors.
  • Durban to Johannesburg flight time can be influenced by several factors. The factors include wind speed & direction, weather conditions, & the specific flight route chosen by the airline.
  • Indirect or connecting flights, which may have layovers in other cities, can significantly increase the total travel time.
  • It’s always best to check with the respective airlines for the most accurate & up-to-date information regarding flight schedules & duration.

Airlines Providing Direct Flights From Durban To Johannesburg

Get every detail on the airlines with direct flights from Durban (DUR) to Johannesburg (JHB) seamlessly. Experience convenient travel with reliable carriers, bridging the gap between Durban’s coastal allure and Johannesburg’s dynamic urban energy. Discover effortless journeys, tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth transition between these two vibrant South African cities.

AirlinesAvailable Week DaysDaily Frequency of FlightsDeparture Terminal
SafairFull Week17-19——–
Qatar AirwaysSun, Mon, Wed, Fri1Terminal A
South African AirwaysFull Week2-1Terminal B
Turkish AirlinesMon, Tues, Sat1Terminal A
AirlinkFull Week1-2Terminal B
Cemair Full Week2-4———
Global AviationFull Week2-3———


This airline is a leading low-cost carrier rooted in South Africa’s aviation industry. It proudly facilitates essential direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

  • Boasting a reputation for reliability and affordability, Safair’s flights offer a lifeline for budget-conscious travelers & families alike.
  • Its commitment to providing a seamless travel experience ensures passengers a stress-free journey. It is an excellent choice for individuals seeking practical and economical travel solutions.
  • The airline’s dedication to maintaining high operational standards guarantees a hassle-free flight.
  • It becomes accessible & convenient for diverse groups of passengers, including students, professionals, and tourists.

Qatar Airways

It acts as a prestigious bridge with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. Through its state-of-the-art fleet and award-winning services, Qatar Airways transforms the mundane act of travelling into an opulent experience.

  • The airline’s commitment to luxury extends to every aspect of the journey, from the elegantly designed cabins to the exquisite culinary offerings.
  • Its extensive route network ensures passengers not only a swift connection between these South African cities. But it also opens the door to a world of international destinations.
  • Travelers opting for this airline can expect nothing short of perfection. Making their journey between Durban and Johannesburg a memorable part of their travel adventure.

South African Airways

South African Airways, the flagship carrier of the nation, takes pride in uniting both locations with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. With a rich heritage of service excellence, SAA offers passengers a travel experience steeped in professionalism and hospitality.

  • Its commitment to ensure a comfortable and safe journey is evident in its meticulous attention to detail. It becomes a testament to South African hospitality.
  • SAA’s extensive route map allows travelers to explore not only these two cities but also other captivating destinations within South Africa. Making it the airline of choice for discerning travelers who value reliability and quality service.

Turkish Airlines

This one is a global aviation powerhouse, transcends geographical boundaries with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. Embracing passengers with Turkish warmth, the airline offers a harmonious blend of cultural richness & modern amenities.

  • Travelers embarking on these flights enjoy an immersive experience marked by diverse culinary delights, world-class entertainment, & unparalleled comfort.
  • Its commitment to customer satisfaction extends to its seamless connections. It ensures travelers can explore the beauty of Turkey & beyond while travelling between these two South African cities.
  • It elevates the journey into a cultural odyssey, making every mile of the trip an opportunity for discovery and enrichment.


Airlink, a regional airline revered for its punctuality and efficiency, serves as the lifeline between direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

  • Operating with a dedication to precision, its flights are a testament to the airline’s commitment to providing passengers with reliable & timely services.
  • It focuses on seamless connections ensuring that travelers experience smooth transitions. It allows them to concentrate on their upcoming adventures in Durban or Johannesburg.
  • The airline’s attention to detail, combined with its wide array of flight options, caters to the diverse needs of passengers.


It is a domestic airline deeply rooted in South Africa’s aviation landscape, offers a bespoke travel experience for passengers with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

  • Through its personalized approach, it caters to travelers who appreciate individualized attention & flexibility.
  • The airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its attention to passenger needs. Ensuring that every aspect of the journey is tailored to perfection.
  • Its flights epitomize exclusivity, providing a select group of travelers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the convenience of private aviation.
  • By choosing Cemair, passengers embark on a distinctive travel experience, where their comfort & preferences take precedence.

Global Aviation

This airline is a distinguished name in the charter airline industry that redefines luxury & flexibility for passengers travelling with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

  • Specializing in tailored travel solutions, Global Aviation crafts unique flight experiences that cater to the discerning tastes of its clientele.
  • Whether it’s a corporate group seeking efficient travel or a family desiring a private and intimate journey. It ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.
  • Passengers opting for its services enjoy the privilege of dictating their travel itinerary, allowing them to set the pace and style of their journey.
  • The airline’s commitment to customization transforms the act of travelling, where passengers are not merely travelers but esteemed guests.

Other Airlines Offering DBN To JHB Flights

Get to know about more other airlines that provide direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg with a range of reputable airlines. British Airways, Mango Airlines, Kulula Airlines, FlySafair, & Air Namibia provide diverse options for travelers seeking flights between these vibrant South African cities.

Direct Flights

Offering convenience, affordability, and exceptional service, these airlines ensure a smooth journey, connecting you to your destination efficiently. Whether you prioritize comfort, budget-friendly fares, or a unique travel experience, these carriers cater to a variety of passenger preferences.

Other AirlinesTerminal (DUR)Terminal (JNB)
British AirwaysTerminal CTerminal A
Mango AirlinesTerminal BTerminal B
Kulula AirlinesTerminal CTerminal A
FlySafair AirlinesTerminal BTerminal B
Air NamibiaTerminal CTerminal A

British Airways

Being a renowned international carrier, it extends its reach to domestic routes, including direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. With a legacy of quality service & a global reputation for reliability, it ensures a seamless travel experience. Passengers can expect the airline’s trademark professionalism & in-flight comfort during their journey. It is indeed a popular choice for travelers seeking a blend of British elegance & efficient connectivity within South Africa.

Mango Airlines

It is a subsidiary of South African Airways, specialising in providing affordable domestic direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg and other major cities. As a low-cost carrier, Mango Airlines focuses on delivering budget-friendly travel options without compromising on safety or service quality. Travelers looking for economical yet reliable flights often choose this airline for their DUR to JNB route, appreciating the airline’s commitment to accessible travel for all.

Kulula Airlines

Kulula, one of South Africa’s well-known low-cost carriers, offers convenient & affordable direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. With a vibrant and customer-friendly approach, it caters to travelers seeking hassle-free journeys and competitive fares. The airline’s emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and punctuality has made it a favourite choice among passengers looking for straightforward & reliable connections between these two cities.

FlySafair Airlines

This airline is yet another prominent low-cost carrier in South Africa, operating direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. It provides passengers with a pocket-friendly travel option. Known for its punctuality & dedication to offering transparent pricing, it ensures a smooth & cost-effective journey. Travelers appreciate the airline’s commitment to making air travel accessible to a wide range of passengers. It is a good choice for those seeking affordability without compromising on reliability.

Air Namibia

Air Namibia, the national airline of Namibia, serves this route with direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. It offers travelers a unique international perspective on domestic travel. With a focus on Southern African connectivity, it provides passengers with a comfortable & culturally rich journey. The airline’s commitment to passenger satisfaction & its diverse range of services make it an interesting choice for travellers..

How Much Are Flights From DUR To JNB?

Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg can be quite affordable, with one-way fares starting from as low as up to $24. For a round trip, prices can start from $48. However, it’s important to note that these rates are subject to change and may vary based on factors.

Such as the airline, class of service, and booking time. It’s advisable to check with specific airlines and travel platforms for the most current and accurate pricing information. Here the table representation as well, mentioned below:

Type of FlightPrice
Round-TripStarting from $48
One-wayStarting from $24

Aircrafts Used To Fly Durban To Johannesburg

Get insights on the aircraft used for direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. From the renowned Boeing 737 series to the luxurious Airbus A350-900, these modern planes redefine your travel experience. Discover the seamless blend of cutting-edge technology & passenger comfort. Ensuring your direct flight between these vibrant South African cities is efficient and enjoyable.

  • Boeing 737-800 Passenger:- It is a widely used narrow-body aircraft known for its efficiency and passenger comfort. It offers a seating capacity of approximately 160-190 passengers and is favored for short to medium-haul routes.
  • Boeing 737-400 Passenger:- This one is another narrow-body aircraft with a capacity of around 146 passengers. It has been a workhorse in the aviation industry, valued for its reliability and performance on regional routes.
  • Airbus A350-900:- This modern, long-range wide-body aircraft has advanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. It typically accommodates between 300 and 440 passengers, offering a luxurious and spacious travel experience.
  • Airbus A320:- It is a versatile narrow-body aircraft often used for short to medium-haul flights. It has a seating capacity ranging from 140 to 240 passengers, making it a popular choice for various airlines.
  • Airbus A330-300:- The Airbus A330-300 is a twin-aisle wide-body aircraft designed for medium to long-haul flights. It typically seats between 250 and 440 passengers, offering a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers on intercontinental routes.
  • Boeing 737-300 (Winglets) Passenger:- This one with winglets is an enhanced version of the classic 737 series, providing improved fuel efficiency. It accommodates around 128 to 149 passengers and is often utilized for regional direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg.
  • Embraer 190:- The Embraer 190 is a popular narrow-body jet with a capacity of approximately 70 to 114 passengers. It is known for its fuel efficiency, making it a suitable choice for shorter routes while ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers.
  • De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q:- It is also known as the Bombardier Q400, is a turboprop aircraft ideal for regional flights. It offers a seating capacity of around 70 to 90 passengers, combining fuel efficiency with the ability to operate from shorter runways.

Smart Tips On Booking Cheap Flights From Durban To Johannesburg

Cheap Flights

Learn the art of booking cheap flights from Durban to JHB. Your wallet will thank you later. Here are the tips that you need to know on how to book cheap flights, mentioned below:-

  • Airlines often offer lower prices for passengers who book their tickets early.
  • If your travel dates are flexible, try to avoid peak travel days and seasons. Flying on weekdays or during off-peak hours can significantly reduce ticket prices.
  • Utilize flight comparison websites and apps to compare prices from various airlines.
  • Sign up for fare alerts on travel websites. These alerts notify you when there are significant price drops for flights on your preferred route.
  • Check direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg from nearby airports. Sometimes, flying to or from airports located slightly outside the main cities can be more economical.
  • If you’re a member of a frequent flyer program or have accumulated travel rewards, consider using your points or miles to reduce the cost of your flight.
  • Sometimes, booking connecting flights instead of direct ones can be cheaper. Just ensure you have enough time between flights to make your connections comfortably.
  • Opt for airlines with lower base fares and pack light to avoid additional baggage fees.
  • Try to avoid travelling during holidays, school vacation periods, and major events when prices tend to be higher.

Benefits When You Fly Durban To Johannesburg

Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg offer streamlined travel with time-saving benefits. Skip layovers and delays for a stress-free, efficient journey. Enjoy straightforward boarding and reliable schedules.

  • It significantly reduces travel time, allowing you to reach your destination quickly without layovers or additional stops.
  • Direct flights offer hassle-free boarding and disembarking, eliminating the need to navigate multiple airports or change planes, enhancing your overall travel experience.
  • With no layovers, there’s less chance of missing connecting flights or dealing with delays, leading to a stress-free journey.
  • Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg generally adhere to more predictable schedules. It ensures you can plan your day effectively without worrying about sudden changes.
  • While non-stop flights might seem more expensive initially, they can save you money in the long run by eliminating extra costs associated with layovers.
  • It provides continuous comfort, allowing you to settle in without the disruption of changing planes.
  • With no transfers, your baggage is less likely to get lost or misplaced during the journey, ensuring a smooth arrival experience.
  • It offers greater flexibility, allowing you to plan your travel itinerary with confidence, knowing you won’t have to rush between flights or worry about missed connections.
  • Direct flights are particularly beneficial for business travelers, enabling them to conduct their business without wasting time on extended travel hours or layovers.
  • For long journeys, these flights allow passengers to rest and relax, ensuring a more enjoyable travel experience without the exhaustion of multiple flight changes.

Frequently Asked Questions – DUR To JNB Direct Flights

Welcome to our FAQ section on direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about flight schedules, airlines, booking tips, and travel essentials for this popular route. Explore the comprehensive information to make your journey between these South African cities seamless and stress-free.

How long is a flight from Durban to JHB?

The flight duration is approximately 1 hour.

Which airlines offer direct flights on this route?

Common airlines operating direct flights include South African Airways, Mango Airlines, and British Airways (operated by Comair).

Are there discounts available for round-trip or return flights from Durban to Johannesburg?

Yes, many airlines offer discounts and special fares for travelers booking round-trip flights from Durban to Johannesburg.

How frequently do these flights operate?

Direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg operate multiple times daily, providing frequent options for travelers.

Can I book a flight from Durban to Johannesburg?

You can easily book tickets online through airline websites or various travel booking platforms.

What is the average ticket price for a direct flight from Durban to Johannesburg?

Prices vary based on the time of booking, class, and availability.

Is there in-flight service on these flights?

Even though it’s a short flight, airlines usually provide basic in-flight services such as refreshments and snacks.

Are there direct flights from Durban to Johannesburg?

Yes, there are multiple airlines that operate direct flights between Durban and Johannesburg.

Can I bring checked baggage on these flights?

Passengers are typically allowed to bring checked baggage, but the allowance may vary depending on the airline and ticket type.

What airports are used in Durban and Johannesburg?

In Durban, flights usually depart from King Shaka International Airport (DUR), while in Johannesburg, flights arrive at OR Tambo International Airport (JNB).

Do we get discounts as a frequent traveller or big group?

Many airlines offer loyalty programs and discounts for group bookings. It’s recommended to check with the respective airline for specific details on discounts and offers.


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