Direct Flights From Buffalo To Orlando, FL – BUF to MCO

Get your plans for an Orlando trip hassle-free with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. Experience seamless travel as you embark on a journey of convenience and efficiency. Imagine skipping layovers and arriving directly at your destination. With non-stop flights, your adventure begins the moment you step onto the plane, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Whether you’re eager to explore Orlando’s theme parks, vibrant culture, or beautiful landscapes, these BUF to MCO flights provide a time-saving & comfortable option. Say goodbye to unnecessary travel complexities and delays, allowing you to make the most of your time in Orlando. Book your direct flight & make your travel dreams a reality. Enjoy the ease of a non-stop journey from Buffalo to the enchanting city of Orlando.

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How Long Is A Flight From Buffalo To Orlando?

The direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando, Florida covers a distance of approximately 1,018 miles. It provides travelers with an efficient route between these two vibrant cities. The average flight time for this journey is approximately 3 hours and 12 minutes. It becomes a relatively quick and convenient option for those looking to escape the northern chill and bask in the warmth of Orlando.

  • The aerial distance between Buffalo and Orlando is around 1,018 miles.
  • With a Buffalo to Orlando flight time of just 3 hours and 12 minutes, travelers can swiftly transition from the charm of Buffalo to the attractions of Orlando.
  • Opting for a direct flight streamlines the travel process, allowing passengers to maximize their time exploring the enchanting wonders that Orlando has to offer.
  • Whether you’re drawn to Orlando’s theme parks, cultural experiences, or natural beauty, the direct flight from Buffalo ensures a hassle-free and expeditious journey.

Aircrafts Used For Buffalo To Orlando Flights

The aircraft used for direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando can vary depending on the airline operating the route. Major airlines typically deploy a range of aircraft, often favouring models that balance efficiency & passenger capacity for these relatively shorter domestic routes.

  • Boeing 737:- Many airlines utilize the Boeing 737 for domestic flights. It includes those from BUF to Orlando. This narrow-body jet is known for its fuel efficiency & versatility on shorter routes.
  • Airbus A320:- Another popular choice is the Airbus A320 family, which includes the A318, A319, A320, & A321. It offers a comfortable and reliable option for medium-haul flights.
  • Embraer E-Jet Series:- Some regional carriers may use Embraer E-Jets, such as the E170 or E175. These smaller jets are well-suited for shorter routes and provide a more intimate flying experience.
  • Bombardier CRJ Series:- Regional jets like the Bombardier CRJ series, including the CRJ-700 and CRJ-900, are commonly used for connecting flights on routes like Buffalo to Orlando.

Airlines Providing BUF To MCO Flights

Know about the top-notch airlines providing direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. JetBlue Airways offers premium comfort, Frontier Airlines caters to budget-savvy travelers, and Southwest Airlines combines affordability with a hassle-free experience. Explore diverse options for a seamless journey between Buffalo and Orlando.

AirlineAvailable WeekdaysTerminalsDaily Frequency
JetBlue AirwaysFull WeekTerminal C1
Frontier AirlinesFull Week———–1
Southwest AirlinesFull Week———–3

JetBlue Airways

It emerges as the quintessential choice for discerning travelers embarking on the journey with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando (BUF to MCO). Renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering customer-centric services, it ensures a flight experience that transcends the ordinary.

  • The airline’s dedication to passenger satisfaction is evident in the provision of not just adequate but ample space for relaxation. It enhances the overall comfort quotient.
  • With a stellar reputation for punctuality, it guarantees a journey marked by seamless transitions & on-time arrivals. It brings confidence in passengers relying on a stress-free experience.
  • This airline brings the best experiences for you in BOS to CLT flights as well.
  • From complimentary in-flight amenities to a diverse array of seating options catering to various preferences, it stands out as a premium carrier. Elevating the travel experience for those traversing between BUF to Orlando.
Airlines Flight

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines positions itself as the airline of choice for the savvy & budget-conscious traveller navigating the skies with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. Unveiling a comprehensive spectrum of affordable options. It seamlessly integrates value with essential services.

  • The airline’s commitment to accommodating diverse passenger needs is reflected in the array of fare classes on offer. It allows for a personalized travel experience.
  • Its emphasis on efficiency & cost-effectiveness solidifies its standing as an attractive choice. Ensuring that those who prioritize value find a reliable & timely journey from Buffalo to MCO.
  • It also serves non-stop flights from BUF to Atlanta.
  • The straightforward travel experience promised by Frontier further underscores its appeal. It promises passengers a journey marked by simplicity without compromising on the core essentials of air travel.

Southwest Airlines

This airline is an enduring force in the aviation landscape, extending its hospitality & renowned no-frills approach to the realm of direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando.

  • It provides low fares and an inherently hassle-free travel experience.
  • Its distinctive open seating policy empowers passengers with the freedom to choose their seats, adding an element of flexibility to the journey. It is offered on BUF to Florida direct flights as well.
  • The airline’s legendary friendly service permeates every aspect of the travel experience, creating a unique and memorable connection with passengers.
  • With a straightforward pricing structure that includes the rare luxury of two free checked bags. Southwest emerges as the natural choice for those seeking a budget-friendly and immensely convenient flight option between BUF to Orlando.

Other Airlines Offering BUF To Orlando Flights

Discover a variety of options for direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando with additional airlines. From the comprehensive services of United and the affordability of Sun Country to the distinctive offerings of Alaska, Frontier, and Southwest, diverse choices await your journey.

Delta Air Lines

It stands as a stalwart in providing a reliable and comprehensive travel experience for passengers journeying with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. With a sterling reputation for exceptional service & a robust global network, it ensures a smooth & comfortable journey.

The airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction, along with its well-established presence in the aviation industry, makes it a trusted choice for those seeking connectivity & a premium airline experience. Its extensive route network further enhances the travel options, making it an ideal carrier for passengers looking for a seamless and well-rounded journey between BUF to MCO nonstop.

Non-stop flights

American Airlines

It emerges as a versatile & efficient travel solution for passengers embarking on direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. With a vast and interconnected domestic and international network, it provides passengers with flexibility in scheduling & a diverse range of services.

The airline’s commitment to customer-centric offerings caters to the diverse preferences & travel needs of passengers. It ensures a tailored & comfortable journey. American Airlines, with its longstanding presence in the aviation industry. It stands as a reliable choice for those seeking a comprehensive and well-established travel experience.

Spirit Airlines

This one presents itself as an economic and practical choice for budget-conscious travelers traversing with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. Renowned for its no-frills approach, it focuses on affordability without compromising on essential services.

The airline’s dedication to cost-effectiveness & straightforward travel experiences makes it an appealing option for those prioritizing value in their travel plans. It provides a budget-friendly solution for passengers looking to optimise their travel budget with reliability.

Allegiant Air

It specializes in offering direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando route. With a distinct focus on leisure destinations, it provides a straightforward & cost-effective travel experience. The airline’s commitment to simplicity & value makes it an attractive choice for passengers seeking an uncomplicated journey. Its emphasis on non-stop flights enhances convenience, catering to those who prioritize direct routes & efficiency in their travel plans between BUF to MCO.

United Airlines

United Airlines stands as a versatile & comprehensive option for travelers navigating the skies with direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando. With a sprawling global network and an unwavering commitment to customer service, it ensures a seamless journey with a plethora of amenities. The airline’s extensive route options and well-established reputation make it a reliable & trusted choice for passengers seeking not only a comfortable but also a well-connected & enriched travel experience.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines emerges as an enticing choice for passengers seeking a harmonious blend of affordability & quality service on the direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando route. Recognized for its friendly service and cost-effective options, Sun Country provides a straightforward and pleasant travel experience. The airline’s appeal lies in its commitment to providing passengers with a balance between budget-consciousness and comfort. Making it a compelling choice for those who prioritize both factors in their journey.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers a distinctive and well-rounded option for direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando, smoothly combining operational efficiency with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. With a commendable reputation for on-time performance & a diverse range of services. It ensures passengers experience a reliable, enjoyable, & comfortable journey. The airline’s commitment to passenger well-being and safety further solidifies its standing as a trusted choice for those travelling between BUF to Orlando.

Price Of Buffalo To Orlando Direct Flights

If you’re planning direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando & seeking budget-friendly travel options, you’re in luck! Direct flights offer a convenient and time-saving way to reach your destination. The enticing prospect of a one-way journey starting at just $26 or a roundtrip for $87 makes this travel route even more appealing. Delve into the key points that highlight the affordability and ease of choosing this flight option.

one way flight
  • Commencing your journey from BUF to Orlando is remarkably affordable, with one-way flights available.
  • Opting for a roundtrip ticket further enhances the value proposition. This roundtrip option not only provides financial savings but also ensures a seamless and straightforward booking process.
  • Nonstop flights from Buffalo to Orlando eliminate the hassle of layovers and extended travel times.
  • The affordability of both one-way and roundtrip options provides travelers with the flexibility to customize their itineraries.
  • With such competitive pricing, accessing and booking these flights becomes an accessible and straightforward process.
  • While the prices mentioned provide an excellent starting point for budget-conscious travelers, it’s advisable to consider additional fees, baggage policies, and any potential travel restrictions.
Type Of FlightPrice
Round Trip$87

Tips to Book Cheap Flights From Buffalo To Orlando – BUF to MCO

Booking cheap direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando requires a strategic approach & awareness of various factors that influence airfare. Here are some tips to help you find and secure cheap flights from BUF to MCO:

  • Use online tools and apps that allow you to set price alerts for your desired route.
  • Explore flights from various airlines, including budget carriers. Use comparison websites to easily compare prices and choose the option that best fits your budget.
  • Check prices for nearby airports in addition to Buffalo. Orlando has multiple airports, so see if flying into a different one could result in lower fares.
  • If you have accumulated airline miles or credit card points, check if they can be redeemed for a discount on your flight. It also applies on flights from BOS to LAS.
  • Be mindful of additional fees and services to ensure you’re getting the best overall deal.
  • Clear your browser cookies or use an incognito/private browsing mode to avoid potential price hikes.
  • Explore package deals that include both direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando and accommodation. Sometimes, bundling these services together can result in additional savings.
  • Follow airlines on socials to stay informed about any flash sales or discounts.
  • Some airlines offer special rates for students or military personnel, so be sure to inquire about these options.
  • When comparing prices, take into account any additional baggage fees.

Benefits Of Flights From BUF To MCO Nonstop

Choosing direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando offers several benefits, making your travel experience more convenient and efficient. Here are some advantages of opting for nonstop flights:

Nonstop Flight
  • Nonstop flights significantly reduce travel time. Without the need for layovers, you can reach your destination faster, allowing you to maximize your time in Orlando.
  • It eliminates the stress & fatigue associated with navigating multiple airports, going through security checks, and rushing to catch connecting flights.
  • They are less prone to delays compared to flights with layovers. With fewer connecting factors, there’s a lower risk of disruptions due to weather, air traffic, or other logistical issues that can impact the timeliness of your journey.
  • There’s no need to manage the logistics of connecting flights, and the direct journey reduces the likelihood of tired and restless travelers.
  • Business travelers benefit from the increased productivity that comes with nonstop flights.
  • Direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando often result in smoother baggage handling.
  • They are ideal for short getaways or weekend trips. You can make the most of your limited time at the destination without spending unnecessary hours in transit.
  • It provides a more comfortable experience for passengers. You won’t have to endure the cramped spaces and potential inconveniences associated with changing planes.
  • There’s no need to wait for passengers to embark or disembark during layovers, contributing to a smoother and quicker process.
  • Nonstop flights offer a consistent and uninterrupted flight experience. Passengers can settle into their seats, enjoy in-flight services, and arrive at their destination without the disruptions often associated with connecting flights.

Direct Flights From Buffalo to Other Locations

Apart from direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando, BUF offers a gateway to various destinations with convenient direct flights. Experience the ease of travel with these five direct flight options:

  • Buffalo to Atlanta:- Experience Southern hospitality and a diverse cultural scene with direct flights from Buffalo to Atlanta. Explore historic neighbourhoods, indulge in delicious cuisine, and visit iconic attractions like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in this vibrant city known for its rich history and modern sophistication.
  • Buffalo to New York City:- Explore the bustling metropolis of New York City without the hassle of layovers. Direct flights from Buffalo provide a swift connection to the iconic landmarks, Broadway shows, and diverse culinary experiences of the Big Apple.
  • Buffalo to Chicago:- Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and architectural wonders of the Windy City. Direct flights from Buffalo to Chicago offer a quick and efficient way to experience the unique charm of this Midwest hub.
  • Buffalo to Tampa:- Apart from direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando, enjoy the sunny beaches and Gulf Coast charm of Tampa, Florida, with direct flights from Buffalo. Experience a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in this coastal city.
  • Buffalo to Las Vegas:- Try your luck in the entertainment capital of the world. Direct flights from Buffalo to Las Vegas provide a straightforward route to the dazzling lights, world-class shows, and vibrant nightlife of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Frequently Asked Questions – BUF to MCO Direct Flights

Welcome to the FAQ section for direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando! Find quick answers to common queries about nonstop travel, from booking tips to baggage policies. Simplify your journey and make the most of your flight experience.

Which airlines offer direct flights on this route?

Airlines such as Southwest, JetBlue, and Frontier often provide direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando.

How frequently do direct flights operate between Buffalo and Orlando?

Direct flights between Buffalo and Orlando are typically available daily. Flight schedules may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the airlines for the most current information when planning your trip.

Are there any budget-friendly options for direct flights on this route?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options available. Airlines like Frontier and Southwest often offer competitive prices for direct flights.

How long does a direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando take?

The duration of a direct flight from BUF to MCO is approximately 3 hours, providing a quick and efficient travel option.

Can I find nonstop flights year-round, or are they seasonal?

Nonstop flights are generally available year-round. However, flight schedules may be adjusted seasonally, so it’s advisable to check with the airlines to confirm availability for your specific travel dates.

What is the best time to book a direct flight for the lowest fares?

Booking in advance is a good strategy for securing lower fares. Generally, the best time to book is several weeks before your planned departure date.

Are there any additional fees for baggage on these flights?

It’s essential to check each airline’s baggage policy, as fees for checked baggage may vary. Some airlines include baggage fees in the ticket price, while others may charge separately.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles on direct flights from Buffalo to Orlando?

Of course, but be sure to provide your frequent flyer number when booking to accrue miles for your journey.

Do I have to keep a note of some specific rules?

Stay informed about any travel restrictions, COVID-19 protocols, or entry requirements for both Buffalo and Orlando. Check with the relevant authorities and airlines for the latest information before your trip.

What amenities are typically offered on these direct flights?

Amenities vary by airline but may include in-flight entertainment, snacks, and beverage services. It’s recommended to check with the specific airline for details on the amenities provided during the flight.


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