Direct Flights From Boston to Pittsburgh – BOS to PIT

Pittsburgh, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, offers a rich blend of history, culture, and vibrant city life. For travelers seeking a seamless and efficient way to experience the Steel City’s charm, direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh provide a convenient and time-saving option.

These non-stop flights whisk you away from the bustling Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston to the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Making your journey swift and stress-free. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a visit to Pittsburgh’s world-class museums, theatres, and sports venues.

These direct flights allow you to maximize your time in the city itself. Get a quick & straightforward route to discover all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Start your adventure in the Steel City with the convenience of direct flights connecting two incredible destinations.

Airlines Providing Direct Direct Flights From Boston to Pittsburgh

When preparing for your trip from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), understanding which airlines offer direct flights is crucial for a seamless and efficient travel experience. Two prominent carriers, JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines, stand out in providing direct flight options on this route.

AirlinesDaily Frequency of FlightsDeparture Terminal
JetBlue Airways2-3Terminal C
Delta Air Lines1-3Terminal A

JetBlue Airways

This airline has gained a well-deserved reputation for its unwavering commitment to delivering comfortable and enjoyable journeys for passengers.

  • Opting for JetBlue on your direct flight from Boston to Pittsburgh journey promises a host of amenities & exceptional customer service.
  • It often goes with other routes like direct flights from Boston to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Their modern aircraft are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable flight.
  • It also offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment options. Making it an attractive choice for travelers of all types.
  • What’s more, it frequently offers competitive fares, catering to both business travelers and leisure seekers heading to Pittsburgh.

Delta Air Lines

It is another esteemed airline that provides direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh PA.

  • Delta has solidified its position as a dependable carrier with an extensive route network, excellent service standards, and a robust loyalty program.
  • You get loyalty programs for other routes too, like direct flights from BOS to RIC.
  • Passengers flying with Delta can look forward to a variety of in-flight services, including Wi-Fi connectivity & complimentary snacks.
  • Known for its commitment to punctuality and passenger satisfaction, it is a trusted choice for those looking to undertake a smooth and convenient journey from BOS to PIT.

How Long Is A Flight From Boston To Pittsburgh?

The flight duration from BOS to PIT nonstop typically ranges from 2 to 2.5 hours for direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh. The distance between these two cities is approximately 525 miles (845 kilometres) when measured in a straight line. However, the actual flight path may vary slightly, affecting the total travel time.


The relatively short flight duration makes Boston to Pittsburgh a popular route for both business and leisure travelers. Airlines offering direct flights, such as JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines, provide a convenient and efficient way to connect these two vibrant cities.

The direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh time may be influenced by various factors, including weather conditions, air traffic, and the specific flight path chosen by the airline. It’s advisable to check with your chosen airline for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding flight durations and schedules to plan your trip effectively.

Other Airlines Offering Boston to PIT Flights

Travelers flying with direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh have a variety of airlines to choose from when booking their flights. Whether you’re looking for comfort, affordability, or specific amenities, there are several options available to suit your preferences. Explore some of the airlines that offer flights between BOS and PIT.

American Airlines

It is one of the largest and most recognized carriers in the United States.

  • With a strong presence at BOS, they offer a range of daily direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).
  • Passengers can choose from various flight times and classes of service, including economy, business, and first class.
  • It also provides convenient connections to numerous domestic and international destinations from both Boston and Pittsburgh. It also serves other routes like direct flights from Boston (BOS) to Indianapolis (IND).


This is a reputable European carrier known for its extensive global network.

  • While they primarily focus on long-haul international routes. They often have codeshare agreements with partner airlines that can facilitate seamless connections between Boston and Pittsburgh.
  • This could involve a layover at one of their hub cities, such as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Qatar Airways

It is a world-renowned airline with a hub in Doha, Qatar.

  • Although it specializes in long-haul international travel. Travelers flying with direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh may have the option to book a connecting flight with Qatar Airways through partnerships or codeshares.
  • Direct flights from Boston to Fort Lauderdale are also served by this airline.
  • This could offer an opportunity to experience the airline’s exceptional service and comfortable aircraft.


This airline, the national carrier of Iceland, is primarily associated with transatlantic travel.

  • Depending on its route network and partnerships, they might offer direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh with a layover in Reykjavik or other hub cities.
  • This unique route could allow passengers to explore Iceland during their journey.

Aer Lingus

It is the flag carrier of Ireland and operates flights worldwide.

  • While it typically serves long-haul routes, passengers travelling with direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh may find convenient connections through its hub at Dublin Airport.
  • This option provides an opportunity to visit Ireland or access other European destinations.

ITA Airways

This airline is an Italian airline. Depending on its route network and partnerships, it may offer direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh.

  • This could involve layovers in Italian cities like Rome or Milan, adding a touch of Italian flair to the journey.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is primarily known for serving destinations in Hawaii and the Pacific.

  • While they typically don’t operate flights to Pittsburgh, they may have codeshare agreements or partnerships with other airlines.
  • They provide travelers with connecting options to reach their destination.

Korean Air

This airline, the flagship carrier of South Korea, specializes in international travel.

  • Passengers flying with direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh might find connecting options through Korean Air’s extensive network.
  • It includes hubs in Seoul and other major cities.

TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal is the national airline of Portugal, offering flights to various international destinations.

  • Depending on their partnerships and route offerings, they might provide direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh through their hub in Lisbon.
  • It gives travelers a taste of Portuguese hospitality.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic, a British airline known for its stylish cabins and innovative in-flight amenities, typically focuses on long-haul routes.

  • While they don’t operate flights to Pittsburgh, they may collaborate with other carriers to offer connecting options for passengers travelling with direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh.

Aircrafts Used for Boston To Pittsburgh Direct Flights

Travelers flying from Boston to Pittsburgh have the convenience of several airlines offering direct flights on this route. One key aspect to consider when booking your flight is the type of aircraft used for the journey. Aircraft selection can impact factors like passenger capacity, comfort, and the overall flying experience. Know about the common aircraft types employed for direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).

  • Airbus A220-300– It is a narrow-body, twin-engine jet aircraft known for its fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. Some airlines, like Delta Air Lines, operate this aircraft on routes between Boston and Pittsburgh. It offers a comfortable cabin and modern amenities for passengers.
  • Embraer 170– This one is a regional jet aircraft that is commonly used by regional carriers operating on behalf of major airlines. While it has a smaller passenger capacity than larger aircraft, it is well-suited for shorter routes like direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh, providing a cost-effective and efficient option.
  • Embraer 175– Similar to the Embraer 170, the Embraer 175 is a regional jet often used for short-haul flights. It offers a slightly larger seating capacity and is known for its reliability and performance. Airlines like United Express and Delta Connection may use this aircraft on this route.
  • Embraer 190– It is yet another regional jet in the Embraer E-Jet family. While it has a larger capacity compared to the Embraer 170 and 175, it is still suitable for regional and short-haul routes like Boston to Pittsburgh. Airlines like JetBlue Airways may operate this aircraft on the route.

Tips To Book Cheap Flights from Boston To Pittsburgh

Booking cheap direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh can be a great way to save money on your travel expenses. Here are some tips to help you find affordable airfares for your trip:

Book Flights
  • Generally, booking your flight well in advance can result in lower fares.
  • Aim to book your tickets at least a few weeks before your travel date to secure the best prices.
  • If your travel dates are flexible, use fare comparison tools to identify the cheapest days to fly. Often, mid-week flights (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) tend to be more affordable than weekends.
  • Websites and apps like Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, and Expedia allow you to compare prices across different airlines and booking platforms, helping you find the best deals.
  • Sign up for fare alerts on these booking platforms to receive notifications when prices drop for your desired route.
  • Pittsburgh is served by Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), but it might be worth checking if flying into a nearby airport. Such as Allegheny County Airport (AGC) or Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE), and then taking ground transportation to your final destination in Pittsburgh, could result in lower fares.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a single airline. Different carriers may offer competitive fares for the same route, so be sure to explore all your options.
  • If you’re a member of a frequent flyer program or have credit card rewards points, consider redeeming them for your flight to save on costs.
  • Avoid peak travel seasons and holidays, as airfares are often higher during these times. Opt for less busy times of the year if possible.
  • Sometimes booking one-way tickets on different airlines can be cheaper than a round-trip ticket on a single carrier.
  • Direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh are usually more convenient but may come at a premium. 
  • Exploring connecting flights can often result in lower fares, even though the travel time might be slightly longer.
  • Airlines may charge extra for checked baggage. If possible, pack lightly and use carry-on luggage to avoid these fees.
  • If you find a flight with a fare that seems a bit high, don’t hesitate to contact the airline directly and inquire if they can offer a lower fare.

Advantages of Direct Flights from Boston to PIT

Direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh provide travelers with a seamless and efficient way to traverse the distance between these two vibrant cities. Offering a host of advantages, these nonstop flights cater to a diverse range of passengers. From business professionals on tight schedules to leisure travelers seeking convenience & comfort. Know the numerous benefits of opting for direct flights, highlighting the advantages that make them a preferred choice.

  • It saves you time by eliminating the need for layovers or connecting flights, allowing you to reach your destination more quickly.
  • Nonstop flights are more convenient, as you don’t have to navigate through multiple airports or deal with the hassle of transferring between flights.
  • Direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh are less prone to delays caused by connecting flight issues or missed connections, providing a more reliable travel experience.
  • Fewer flights and less time spent in transit mean less stress and fatigue for passengers, particularly important for business travelers with tight schedules.
  • With fewer aircraft transfers, there’s a lower risk of your luggage getting lost or delayed during the journey.
  • Passengers can enjoy a more comfortable flight experience without disruptions, which can be especially beneficial for travelers with specific needs or those seeking a restful journey.
  • They offer greater flexibility in choosing your departure and arrival times, making it easier to plan your trip according to your schedule.
  • While direct flights can sometimes be slightly more expensive, they can lead to cost savings when you factor in potential expenses associated with layovers, such as meals or accommodations during extended waits.
  • It gives you more time on the ground to enjoy the city or attend business meetings without the constraints of tight connection schedules.
  • They often result in fewer emissions compared to multi-leg journeys, contributing to a more sustainable travel experience.

Non-Stop Flights From Boston To Other Locations

Apart from direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh, here are non-stop flights from Boston to other popular destinations mentioned below:

  • Boston to San Diego- You can enjoy direct flights from Boston to San Diego. This route offers travelers a convenient way to explore the beautiful beaches and vibrant culture of San Diego.
  • Boston to Toronto- When it comes to going to Toronto, direct flights to Boston from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) allows passengers to experience Canada’s largest city with ease. Toronto offers diverse attractions, cultural events, and culinary delights.
  • Boston to Dallas- Direct flights from Boston to DFW will get you to explore the thriving metropolis of Dallas, Texas. This route is ideal for business and leisure travelers alike.
  • Boston to Los Angeles- Non-stop flights from Boston to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) provide travelers with access to the entertainment capital of the world. Discover the glamour of Hollywood and the beautiful beaches of Southern California.
  • Boston to Miami- For those seeking sunshine and tropical vibes, a non-stop flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport to Miami International Airport (MIA) is an excellent choice. Miami offers a mix of culture, nightlife, and beautiful beaches.

Apart from direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh, these options make it convenient for travelers to reach their desired destinations quickly and efficiently, whether for business or leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions – BOS to PIT Flights

Welcome to our FAQ section on direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh. Here, we address common queries about this route, helping you plan your journey with ease and confidence. Find answers to your questions below.

Are there any non stop flights from Boston to Pittsburgh?

Yes, there are direct flights available from Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). These non-stop flights provide a convenient travel option between the two cities.

How long does a direct flight from Boston to Pittsburgh take?

The average flight duration for a direct flight from Boston to Pittsburgh is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on factors like weather conditions and air traffic.

Are there direct flights to Boston from Pittsburgh?

There are direct flights available from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) to Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS).

Which airlines offer direct flights on this route?

Airlines such as JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest Airlines often provide direct flights between Boston and Pittsburgh.

How can I check the BOS to PIT flight status?

You can check the status of your Boston to Pittsburgh flight by visiting the official website of the airline you’re flying.

How frequently do direct flights operate between these two cities?

Direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh typically operate multiple times per day, providing travelers with flexibility in choosing their departure times.

What is the distance between Boston and Pittsburgh by air?

The approximate aerial distance between Boston and Pittsburgh is around 500 to 550 miles (805 to 885 kilometers), depending on the flight path.

Are there any premium cabin options available on these flights?

Some airlines offer premium cabin options, such as business class or first class, on direct flights, providing passengers with enhanced comfort and services.

What amenities are available on these flights?

On direct flights, you can typically expect standard in-flight amenities such as complimentary snacks, beverages, and entertainment options, including Wi-Fi on some airlines.

Can I book a one-way ticket for a direct flight?

You can book one-way tickets for direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh, providing flexibility in your travel plans.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for direct flights, such as COVID-19 protocols?

Travelers should stay updated on any COVID-19-related travel requirements or restrictions imposed by the airlines or airports. This information can change, so it’s important to check before your trip.

How can I find and book direct flights from Boston to Pittsburgh?

You can find and book direct flights through various methods, including airline websites, online travel agencies, and flight booking platforms. It’s advisable to compare prices and check for special deals or promotions when booking your flight.


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