Direct Flights From Mumbai To USA

USA is a land of diverse landscapes & cultural experiences, drawing travelers from Mumbai seeking adventure or business opportunities. For those planning a journey across continents, direct flights from Mumbai to USA offer comfort & efficiency. Getting detailed information about flight schedules, airlines serving this route, & ticket fares is paramount.

Start your trip with confidence, along with knowledge about departure times, durations, & the amenities provided by various carriers. Know about the most suitable options to suit your itinerary, whether you prioritize affordability, comfort, or flexibility. With a plethora of airlines operating this route, ranging from renowned international carriers to budget-friendly options. Finding the perfect flight to fulfill your travel aspirations has never been easier.

Travel Journey

Non-Stop Flights From Mumbai To USA Destinations

Engage in perfect travel with direct flights from Mumbai to USA destinations. Discover the satisfaction of direct routes & explore airlines serving BOM to USA cities. Access crucial details such as flight durations, departure times, & ticket fares effortlessly. Passengers can plan their trip with ease, ensuring a smooth & enjoyable experience from takeoff to touchdown.

Non-Stop Mumbai To USA Flight (New York)

Begin your non-stop voyage from Mumbai to New York with Air India, traveling across continents without interruption. Experience smooth travel as you soar through the skies. You can connect through the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the bustling metropolis of New York City with unparalleled efficiency and comfort.

AirlinesAvailable WeekdaysType of AirlineTerminalDaily Flights Frequency
Air IndiaFull weekBusinessBOM- 2JFK- 41 flight 

Air India: Experience the ease of the direct flights from Mumbai to USA (New York) with this airline. Enjoy a hassle-free journey between these vibrant cities, relishing the comfort and efficiency of their renowned service throughout your travel experience.

  • Destination- John F Kennedy International (JFK)
  • Aircraft Used- Boeing 777-200LR
  • No. of Seats- 268

Mumbai To USA Flight Time & Distance (New York)

The Mumbai to USA distance (New York) is approximately 7830 miles, with a duration of 16 hours & 40 minutes. Passengers can start their journey spanning vast expanses of land &  sea. Prepare for an extensive flight, ensuring comfort & readiness for the adventure that awaits in the United States.

Flight Number For BOM To USA Direct Flight (New York)

Direct flights from Mumbai to USA New York are operated by Air India under flight number AI119. It promises seamless connectivity between the two bustling cities. Travelers can anticipate a smooth and efficient journey aboard this flight. Enjoy the renowned service and amenities offered by the airline.

Cost Of Mumbai To USA Flight Ticket

The cost of a direct one-way flight from Mumbai (BOM) to New York varies, typically ranging around $487. For a roundtrip journey, prices start at approximately $974. The actual cost may fluctuate based on factors such as booking time, seat availability, & airline promotions.

BOM To USA Direct Flight (San Francisco)

Know about the crucial details regarding Air India’s direct flights from Mumbai to USA (San Francisco). Explore flight schedules, facilities, & ticketing options for a seamless journey bridging two vibrant cities across continents.

AirlinesAvailable WeekdaysType of AirlineTerminalDaily Flights Frequency
Air IndiaMon, Tues, Fri, & SatBusinessBOM- 2SFO- I1 flight

Air India: Among many major airlines, Air India stands out, offering nonstop flights from BOM to San Francisco. Get to see the ease of a non-stop journey between these bustling metropolises, with their best services. Explore the vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes seamlessly with Air India’s direct route.

  • Destination- San Francisco International (SFO)
  • Aircraft Used- Boeing 777-200LR
  • No. of Seats- 268

Mumbai To USA Flight Duration & Distance (San Francisco)

Flight duration for direct flights from Mumbai to USA (San Francisco) is around 17 Hrs and 5 Mins, covering a distance of 8442 miles. Prepare for a lengthy but rewarding journey bridging the vibrant city of Mumbai with the bustling streets of San Francisco.

Flight Number For Flight Route From Mumbai To USA (New York)

The flight number for the route from BOM to USA (San Francisco) is AI179, operated by Air India. Mark your trip with confidence, knowing you’re aboard AI179, connecting the vibrant city of Mumbai with the cultural melting pot of San Francisco.

Non-Direct Flights From Mumbai To USA

As only Air Canada offers direct flights from BOM to United States, numerous options exist for non-direct connections. Discover the breadth of connectivity offered by ten prominent airlines across the USA. From Delta Air Lines to Hawaiian Airlines, explore extensive route networks linking travelers to all the cities in the USA.. Whether seeking affordability, comfort, or reliability, these airlines provide seamless connecting flights. It ensures passengers can easily explore the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures of the United States.

AirlinesFlight Time from Mumbai to USAMumbai to USA Distance
EmiratesAround 18-24 hoursApprox. 8,570 miles
Etihad AirwaysAround 18-24 hoursAbout 9,404 miles
Qatar AirwaysAround 18-24 hoursAround 8,568 miles
Turkish AirlinesAround 18-24 hoursApproximately 8,209 miles
Singapore AirlinesAround 22-28 hoursAround 10,635 miles
KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesAround 18-24 hoursAbout 8,917 miles
Air IndiaAround 20-23 hours7781 miles
LufthansaAround 23 hoursUp to 4140 miles
Swiss International AirlinesAround 20-26 hoursMore Than 8850 miles
VistaraAround 24-30 hoursApprox 7796 miles
  • Emirates– A popular choice for travelers seeking a comfortable & reliable journey. It boasts an extensive network across the USA. They offer one-stop flights to major cities like New York (JFK and Newark), Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), & Seattle (SEA). Expect a layover in Dubai (DXB) during your journey.
  • Etihad Airways– This Abu Dhabi-based carrier connects Mumbai to various US destinations. It includes New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), Washington D.C. (IAD), Los Angeles (LAX), and San Francisco (SFO). Brace yourself for a stopover in Abu Dhabi (AUH) on your way.
  • Qatar Airways– Renowned for its award-winning service, this airline links non direct flights from Mumbai to USA destinations. Those cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, & Washington D.C. Doha (DOH) serves as your transit point on this route.
  • Turkish Airlines– If budget is a primary concern, this airline might be worth considering. They operate one-stop flights to ORD, IAH, LAX, MIA, JFK, SFO, & IAD, all with a comfortable connection in Istanbul (IST).
  • Singapore Airlines– Providing a smooth travel experience is Singapore Airlines forte. They offer one-stop connections to Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), and Newark (EWR). It includes a stopover in Singapore (SIN), allowing you to indulge in the vibrant city’s charm.
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines– This European carrier caters to travelers seeking connections to Atlanta (ATL), ORD, Detroit, MSP, JFK, & Seattle. Amsterdam (AMS) acts as your transit hub on KLM flights.
  • Air India– India’s national carrier offers a range of non direct flights from Mumbai to USA, including one-stop & two-stop connections. Popular destinations served include Chicago, Newark, New York, San Francisco, & Washington D.C. Depending on your chosen route, your layover could be in Delhi (DEL), Mumbai (BOM), or other Indian cities.
  • Lufthansa– A globally recognized airline, Lufthansa operates one-stop flights to Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, & New York from Mumbai. Frankfurt serves as your connection point, offering a glimpse into Germany’s bustling financial center.
  • Swiss International Air Lines– If you prioritize comfort and in-flight amenities, Swiss International Air Lines might be your ideal choice. They connect Mumbai to ORD, LAX, MIA, JFK, & SFO with a stopover in Zurich, renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural attractions.
  • Vistara– India’s newest full-service carrier, Vistara, has partnered with other airlines to offer non direct flights from Mumbai to USA (SFO). This option might be suitable for budget-conscious travelers seeking a more modern travel experience.

Popular Spots In USA Cities

The US, brags an extraordinary wealth of landscapes, cultures, & experiences. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of bustling metropolises, the serenity of breathtaking natural wonders, or the charm of historic towns. It has something to offer every traveler. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, here are some popular spots that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable nation:

  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona– Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring majesty of the Grand Canyon. Hike along the rim, descend into the depths, or take a scenic helicopter tour for unforgettable panoramas.
  • New York City, New York– Feel the pulse of one of the world’s most iconic cities with direct flights from Mumbai to USA. Explore iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building & Times Square, & witness world-class art, theater, & cuisine.
  • Yosemite National Park, California– Witness towering granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls like Yosemite Falls, & ancient giant sequoia trees. Hike, bike, camp, or simply soak in the breathtaking scenery.
  • Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah– Journey through the otherworldly landscape of Monument Valley. It is famous for its towering sandstone buttes that have served as backdrops for countless movies & Western films.
  • Miami, Florida– Soak up the vibrant energy of Miami, a melting pot of cultures with a distinct Latin flair. Relax on pristine beaches, explore Art Deco architecture, indulge in delectable cuisine, & experience the nightlife.
  • San Francisco, California– Embrace the unique spirit of San Francisco with its iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina/Tennessee– Hike through lush forests, discover cascading waterfalls, and experience the rich biodiversity of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Get Cheap Flights From Mumbai To USA 

Planning a journey with direct flights from Mumbai to USA can often seem daunting, especially when finding cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to USA. With a bit of strategic thinking & some unconventional approaches, you can uncover hidden deals & save on your airfare. Here are some uncommon tips to help you secure cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to the USA.

Cheaps Flights
  • While Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport may be the primary choice, exploring nearby airports too.
  • Instead of booking a direct flight from BOM, consider breaking up the journey with a layover in another city.
  • Look beyond individual airlines and explore partnerships and alliances.
  • Use hidden-city ticketing, as it involves booking a flight with a layover in your desired destination & simply not taking the connecting flight to the final stop.
  • Use fare-tracking tools and websites to keep an eye on price fluctuations for your desired route.
  • Instead of booking a round-trip ticket, compare prices for one-way tickets. This can be more cost-effective, especially if you’re open to returning from a different city in the USA.
  • Plan your direct flights from Mumbai to USA during off-peak seasons or unpopular travel times. 
  • Experiment with VPNs to disguise your location when searching for flights online.
  • If you’re a student or under a certain age bracket, explore student travel agencies or airlines.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to travel agents directly and negotiate prices.

Benefits Of BOM To USA Direct Flight

Direct flights from Mumbai to USA offer an unprecedented ease & efficiency for travellers. It cuts through the hassle of layovers & multiple stops. Beyond the obvious time-saving advantage, it presents a plethora of unique benefits that cater to the diverse needs & passengers preferences. Check out the advantages of opting for a direct flight between BOM to USA.

  • Passengers on nonstop flights often experience smoother immigration procedures upon arrival in the USA.
  • Minimize the number of time zones crossed, helping travelers to mitigate the effects of jet lag upon reaching their destination.
  • Airlines operating direct routes often prioritize the comfort of passengers, offering upgraded amenities.
  • Many airlines provide access to exclusive airport lounges for passengers on direct flights.
  • With uninterrupted connectivity & extended periods of undisturbed travel time.You can catch up on work, engage in leisure activities, or simply enjoy relaxation.
  • Offer greater flexibility in travel planning, allowing passengers to design customized itineraries.
  • By minimizing the number of take-offs and landings, direct flights contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions & environmental impact.
  • Passengers on direct flights from Mumbai to USA often receive more personalized attention from cabin crew & ground staff.

Direct Flights From BOM To Other Destinations

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) serves as a major hub for direct flights to USA From BOM. It also offers connections to numerous domestic & international destinations. For travelers seeking comfortable direct flights from Mumbai, several cities across the globe are accessible without the need for layovers.

  • BOM to New York (JFK)- Experience the bustling streets of the Big Apple with direct flights from Mumbai to New York’s JFK. Indulge in world-class shopping, iconic landmarks like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty etc.
  • BOM to London (LHR)- Mark your journey to London, England, with nonstop flights from Mumbai to London Heathrow Airport. Explore the rich history and culture of the British capital and much more.
  • BOM to Dubai (DXB)- Escape to the glitzy metropolis of Dubai with direct flights from Mumbai to Dubai International Airport. Discover extravagant shopping malls, awe-inspiring architecture like the Burj Khalifa. Also see pristine beaches along the Arabian Gulf in this dynamic city known for its luxury & opulence.
  • BOM to Singapore (SIN)- Experience the perfect blend of modernity & tradition with direct flights from Mumbai to Singapore Changi Airport. Immerse yourself in the city-state’s vibrant street food scene etc.
  • BOM to Bangkok (BKK)- Uncover the vibrant culture and bustling streets of Bangkok with direct flights from Mumbai to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Dive into the city’s bustling markets, indulge in delectable Thai cuisine, & visit iconic landmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section for direct flights from Mumbai to USA. Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about travel between Mumbai’s airport and various destinations in the United States.

How far in advance should I book my flight from Mumbai to Miami?

It’s recommended to book your flight from Mumbai to Miami International Airport (MIA) as early as possible to secure the best deals and availability.

Can I fly with direct flights from Mumbai to USA (Chicago)?

Direct flights from Mumbai to ORD are currently not available. You can opt for the connecting flights option.

Which airlines offer direct flights from Mumbai to San Francisco?

Air India operates direct flights from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) to San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Are there any direct flights from Mumbai to Washington, D.C.?

No, there are no direct flights from BOM to D.C.. But the passengers can book non-direct flights.

Are there nonstop flights to Mumbai from USA?

Several airlines offer nonstop flights to Mumbai India from USA cities in the USA, such as New York, Newark, San Francisco, & Chicago, to Mumbai’s BOM.

What is the cheapest route to BOM from USA?

The cheapest route from the USA to BOM is often San Francisco to Mumbai due to competition among airlines.

Are there direct flights from Mumbai to USA (New York City)?

Yes, several airlines operate direct flights from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City.


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