Can You Bring Unopened Water On A Plane? Stay Hydrated on Air Journey

Can You Bring Unopened Water On A Plane? Stay Hydrated on Air Journey

Water is a great beverage to stay hydrated and cool down the mind. It is necessary to be carried wherever you go. When it comes to travelling on a plane, you might have in mind that water will be available at the airport, or you can buy it from the food court.

Still, it’s better to have water with you in hand so as to have it in an emergency. Like other items taken on flights, water also needs to be packed as per the TSA instructions, especially, when you wish to take unopened water bottles.

So, are you also looking for an answer to the question, can you bring unopened water on a plane? If yes, proceed further and read on.

TSA Rules: Can You Bring Unopened Water on a Plane?

As per the sealed water bottle TSA rules, you are allowed to carry unopened water on a plane. It can be packed in your cabin baggage and/or checked baggage.

Since water is a liquid item, it also needs to go as per the TSA liquid limit which is the 3-1-1 rule applicable in the case of cabin bag or hand luggage.

can you bring unopened water through TSA

You must bring mini water bottles or water stored in small containers whose total capacity does not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 ml. Place the containers in a transparent quart-size bag, and then place this bag in your hand luggage.

Liquid items are checked separately at the TSA security checkpoint. Hence, you need to take out the quart-size bag and keep it in a separate bin for screening.

The 3-1-1 rule also remains the same even if you pack liquid makeup items such as foundation in your cabin baggage.

On the contrary, you can bring unopened water or water bottles in unlimited quantities in your checked baggage. However, take care of the packing part, as bottles kept in an improper way can leak and ruin your clothes and other important belongings.

Can I Bring an Unopened Bottle of Water through TSA in a carry-on bag?

Absolutely! You are allowed to bring unopened water in your bag. You must be aware of the TSA liquid rules and water is also a liquid item.

So, you need to abide by the 3-1-1 instructions for liquids while packing water bottles in your carry-on baggage. You need to carry mini bottles of water or you can pour water into small bottles or containers whose total capacity should not be more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml).

Please note that the total capacity or weight of containers is counted, no matter how much water you have poured into them. Pack the containers in a single, clear, quart-size bag. Thereafter, you should pack this small bag in your cabin baggage.

It is also recommended to confirm guidelines set by your airline for bringing sealed water bottles or unopened water on their flight.

Well, such liquid rules are also applicable to other items such as alcohol bottles packed in hand luggage.

Can You Bring an Unopened Water Bottle through TSA in Checked Baggage?

Yes, you are allowed to pack water in your checked baggage without any limitations, but it should be within reasonable limits.

Unopened Water Bottle

Also, make sure to pack the bottles properly so that there are no leaks and spills. Otherwise, all your belongings in the bag will get spoiled. At the same time, you should maintain the baggage allowance limit set by your airline.

How Do You Pack Water in a Checked Bag?

You must be aware of the packing tips to place water bottles in your checked baggage. Why is it important?

Because these bags go through transfers, which causes abrupt movements to belongings stored inside them. Furthermore, the bags could be managed by careless handlers who just throw them without any concern.

Pack Water

Therefore, fragile items can break and lids of water bottles or other containers can open, which could lead to spills or leakage. Ultimately, it ruins your clothes and items kept in the bag.

Hence, you must pack bottles in a lightweight carton or box to keep them safe and secure. Also, you can wrap a bubble sheet or towel or any other thick material covering around them and then secure them with a tie. This ensures that you will find your baggage in its intact form after reaching your destination.

In fact, passengers are also advised to follow such tips while packing food items such as honey in checked baggage.


So, that’s how we got you covered with essential aspects pertaining to whether can you bring unopened water through TSA. You are allowed to bring unopened water or bottled water.

However, you are required to adhere to the TSA liquid limit in case you pack them in your cabin baggage. Well, there are no restrictions on the number of bottles packed in your checked luggage.

At the same time, be wary of the packing hacks. Not paying attention to the packing part could result in leakage or spill issues.

FAQs On Can You Bring Unopened Water On A Plane?

Take a quick look at some usual questions related to can you bring unopened water on a plane.

Can I take unopened water through TSA?

Yes, you can take unopened water in your carry-on bag and checked baggage. However, the TSA liquid rules apply in the case of bringing unopened or bottled water in a carry-on bag.

Can you take a sealed bottle of water through airport security?

You are permitted to take a sealed bottle of water through the TSA security checkpoint. Nevertheless, the bottle must be small or in mini form if you pack it in your carry-on bag and its capacity must not be more than 3.4 ounces. Large bottles can be taken in checked baggage.

Can I carry water bottle in international flight?

Yes, you are allowed to carry a water bottle on an international flight. The TSA rules remain the same as they have been defined for domestic flights. However, it is advised to confirm the related instructions set by the airline you are traveling with.


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