Can You Bring Power Bank On A Plane?

Can You Bring Power Bank On A Plane?

Can you bring power bank on plane? Traveling makes it necessary to put all things in bags that could enable easy usage of daily items. For instance, you can’t stop using your phone on a trip. It’s in fact all the more important because you will capture those amazing pictures and shoot videos. All this will make your memories for a lifetime. 

Although you will definitely carry the phone charger, a portable charger will be a must to charge the phone when you will not be at your hotel. 

But, the question is – Are power bank allow to bring on planes?

Since they are powered by Lithium batteries, you will have to abide by the instructions issued by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for the same. Batteries generate heat and have the propensity to catch fire. Certain restrictions are defined by the TSA for the safety of passengers aboard and the trouble-free operation of the aviation setup. 

So, whether you are carrying power banks or other battery-powered electronics like cameras, cell phones, razors, laptops etc., you need to be aware of such rules. 

Read thoroughly the informative article and prepare yourself to fly with portable chargers or power banks.

TSA Portable Charger Rules

As mentioned on the official website of the TSA, passengers are permitted to bring portable chargers or power banks containing lithium ion batteries, but only in carry-on bags. Actually, lithium ion batteries are rechargeable batteries and are used by almost all electronic devices.  They are strictly prohibited to be taken in checked baggage. 

A Power Bank In A Hand, TSA Portable Charger Rules

This is because of the highly explosive nature of lithium batteries. It would be complex or impossible to handle the situation if they are kept in checked baggage and catch fire. However, if they are in hand luggage, there are still chances of immediate actions taken by the crew members on board.

TSA Restriction for Carrying Phone Chargers

Carry-on Bags LuggageAllowed
Checked LuggageAllowed

Can You Take A Portable Charger On A Plane?

Hand Luggage

Yes, you are permitted by the TSA To take a portable charger or power bank on a plane in hand luggage. However, you must comply with instructions issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Please be cautious that if your portable charger or power bank has got damaged or has become faulty, it will probably produce sparks or harmful heat. So, you will not be allowed to take them in your hand luggage on the flight. But if the batteries have been removed from them or the chargers have been made safe to use, you may take them ahead. 

Li Portable Charger in Carry-On LuggageAllowed
Li Portable Charger in Checked Luggage Not Allowed

You are also suggested to confirm further instructions related to taking such items on the flight. These rules also apply in case you pack extra batteries (not installed in a device) in your bags. You must not carry recalled batteries. 

But, in any case, it is the sole discretion of the TSA officers to let you go ahead with batteries if everything is found to be ok during the X-ray screening or additional checking at the security checkpoint. 

Can You Take Power Banks On Planes In Checked Luggage?

Keeping in view the safety concern, passengers are not allowed to keep power banks or portable chargers containing lithium batteries in checked luggage. In fact, other electronic devices that are run by these batteries cannot be taken along with the main luggage.

It is also important to note that loose lithium batteries (not installed in electronic devices) are also prohibited to be placed in checked baggage, as they can generate excessive heat. This poses a danger, as there could be an explosion. 

Portable chargers or power banks that are powered by a lithium ion battery are not at all allowed in checked baggage. So, please keep in mind to avoid packing them along with your main luggage, otherwise, you will have to face unfavorable consequences.

What Happens If You Accidentally Left Battery In Checked Luggage?

Lithium batteries or power banks driven by these batteries are not allowed to be kept in your checked luggage. However, if you pack them in this luggage by mistake, the security officers will remove them from it when the luggage will undergo screening. 

This is because these batteries have a tendency to generate high heat and can catch fire. Hence, your batteries or portable chargers will be confiscated. So, it is beneficial to be vigilant while packing your bags. 

What Is The TSA Power Bank Limit?

Any portable charger or power bank you take on board must have a battery with a maximum of 100 watt-hours. Passengers are also permitted to bring such devices with 100 to 160 watt-hours, but only if their airline allows the same. 

Hence, you ought to gather all such necessary details in advance so that you don’t have to face issues at the TSA security checkpoint.

Can You Take Power Banks Containing Lithium Batteries?

As per the TSA approved power bank rules, you need to proceed, keeping in mind the following scenarios. 

Power Banks With Lithium Batteries Of Less Than Or Up To 100-watt Hours 

As stated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), if your power banks contain lithium metal and rechargeable lithium ion batteries, make sure that: 

  • Lithium per battery is not more than 2 gm, in the case of non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries.
  • There is a maximum of 100-watt hours per battery, in the case of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. 

These are the rules for power banks or portable rechargers that are driven by lithium ion batteries. Almost every form of lithium battery used in electronic gadgets is acceptable under these circumstances. 

Power Banks Containing Lithium Batteries

Power Banks With Lithium Batteries Of More Than 100-watt Hours 

As per FAA, you need to comply with the following rules if your power banks contain lithium batteries of over 100-watt hours. 

  • It is mandatory to check with your airline if there are two larger lithium ion batteries with 101 to 160 Watt hours or lithium metal batteries with 2 to 8 grams in your portable chargers. Even if you have these batteries for your professional devices, the same size limit shall be applicable. 
  • A maximum of two larger batteries can be there in your portable chargers. This is as per a passenger. Also, one battery can be 101–160 watt-hours.

Can I Bring 20000mah Power Bank On Plane?

Of course, you can bring a 20000mah power bank on a plane. If you are wondering how much is 20000mah then multiply it by 3.7 (voltage). Thereafter, divide the result by 1000. This will convert milliampere-hours (mah) into watt-hours (wh). 

20000mah = 74wh

So, you will get 74 wh, which is fine as per the 100wh limit defined by the FAA. So, you can easily place it in your carry-on bag or checked baggage. However, you can also bring batteries from 101 to 160wh, if this limit has been allowed by your airline. Both points have been explained above.

Can I Bring 50000mah Power Bank On Plane?

Now keeping in view what has been mentioned in the point above, 50000mah will be equal to 185 watt-hours. So, you will not be allowed to bring such a power bank on a plane.

How To Safely Pack Battery Chargers?

Battery chargers are allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage. But they also need to be packaged carefully.

1. Please make sure the charger’s electrical line or cord is properly coiled up, if it is attached.

2. Non-rechargeable batteries cannot be placed inside a charger meant for rechargeable batteries. Since they are not designed to be charged, putting non-rechargeable batteries in a battery charger could be hazardous.

Can You Charge Your Phone On A Plane?

It depends on the airline you are traveling with. Some airlines offer power outlets and/or USB ports, while some do not. Most of the flights operated by JetBlue Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines are either equipped with power outlets or USA ports, or both of them. 

But, it would be good if you confirm with your airline before heading on the travel, so as to plan accordingly. 

Concluding Lines

So, these are the TSA power bank rules. In a nutshell, lithium ion batteries are rechargeable batteries fitted in most portable electronic devices. These are not just your power banks or portable charges but could also be laptops, tablets, or phones. Power banks or portable chargers with lithium ion batteries must be taken in a carry-on. But, if the lithium ion battery is 100 watt hours or less, you can place them in your checked luggage as well. So, be wary of the TSA rules and plan your packing carefully. Wish you a safe journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are power banks allowed on planes?

Yes, power banks are allowed on planes. 

Is 20000mah power bank allowed in flight?

Yes, a 20000mah power bank is allowed on a flight.

Can I bring 10000mah power bank on plane?

Yes, a 10000mah power bank is permitted on a plane.

Can I take a portable charger on a plane?

Yes, you can take a portable charger on a plane.

Can you bring power bank on plane?

Yes, you are permitted to bring a power bank on a plane.

What size portable charger can I take on a plane?

You can take a portable charger of up to 100 watt-hours. Even a charger with 100 to 160 watt-hour is also allowed, but only if the same has been approved by your airline.


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