Can You Bring Plants On A Plane?

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane?

You might be wondering, can you bring plants on a plane? Well, you might also be taking them for your relatives, or if you have purchased them on a vacation, you are bringing them back home. But, flying with plants also demands attention as that of other items.

You need to know what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has to say. Also, laws could be different if you are traveling internationally. Especially, if it is about your plants being taken for commercial purposes, you must be all the more careful.

In this guide, we have compiled all the major factors concerned with one question, can you bring plants on a plane. Be it related to such policies made by the TSA or those defined by airlines, give it a read to proceed with an airplane journey free of complications.

Can You Bring A Plant On A Plane? Advise From TSA

Well, if you are thinking about the question, can you bring plants on a plane, perplexed by the TSA rules, don’t be worried. Plants are allowed to be taken on a plane by the TSA. Be it your hand luggage or checked baggage, you can take plants on both or any of them through the airport security checkpoint.

Can You Bring A Plant On A Plane, Advise From TSA

However, what the TSA advises is that you must check the policy related to plants with the airline you have a reservation with. It is important to note whether the plants will fit in the overhead compartment bin or under the seat of your airline.

In any case, the decision to let you go through the security checkpoint lies in the hands of the TSA officer inspecting your bags. If something seems to be creating doubt, it may lead to additional screening, or in fact, your plants may be confiscated.

Can You Bring Plants on a Plane in Carry-On?

You can typically bring small potted plants in your carry-on luggage, such as small succulents or cacti. However, they must go through the X-ray screening at the security checkpoint.

Plant in Checked Luggage


Bring Plant in Checked Luggage on plane
  • Be cautious about the soil and any liquids associated with the plant.
  • TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule has restrictions on carrying liquids in containers larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) in your carry-on.
  • This may apply to any water or plant-related liquids.
  • Be aware that some plants may have thorns or sharp objects associated with them.
  • Other sharp objects like bringing knives on a plane in your carry-on luggage must go through some rules as well.
  • These should be carefully packed to prevent injury to you or TSA agents during inspection.
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your airline about their specific policies regarding bringing plants in your carry-on luggage.

Is it Allowed to Bring Plants in a Checked Bag?

When it comes to that major question, can you bring plants on a plane in a checked bag? Bringing your favourite plant on a checked luggage, there are rules to follow. These rules and guidelines are mentioned below:

Bring Plant in Carry-on Luggage on a plane

Plant in Carry-On Luggage

– Allowed

  • If you have larger plants or ones with larger pots, it’s generally better to pack them in your checked luggage.
  • Make sure the pots are secure to prevent soil spillage.
  • It’s a good practice to label your checked luggage if it contains plants.
  • This helps TSA agents identify the contents and handle them appropriately during inspection.
  • If you are planning to bring other items like bringing coconut on a plane in your checked luggage, check rules first.
  • To prevent damage to your plants, consider adding padding or cushioning to your checked luggage, especially if the plants are fragile.

Can You Bring Plants on a Domestic Plane?

There are many travellers who always have this question, can you bring plants on a plane which is domestic? You will not face any such difficulty if you are traveling domestically within the USA. However, it is always better to confirm everything beforehand. You may find certain restrictions in a state in the USA. So, abiding by what the TSA suggests is all you need to do.

Also, if you are visiting the USA from any other country, you should be aware of the regulations. Some plants and seeds are not permitted to be taken if you are traveling from Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands to the USA. Similarly, you cannot bring all types of plants and seeds if you are visiting the mainland US or Alaska from Hawaii.

But, if you are taking the allowed ones, do make it a point to inform the security officers at the airport. This is a rule set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) because certain items like plants, soils, meats etc., may be infected by parasites or may not be suitable, considering the atmosphere of the USA. This can potentially harm the crops or environment in the country.

Failing to declare these items may land you in trouble. Your items may be confiscated or discarded by the expert officers of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Furthermore, you may be charged with a hefty fine.

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane Internationally?

Now be it anything, rules can always be different in the case of international travel. More or less, it’s again about the fact that the plants, flowers, soil, etc., that you carry may be affected by a disease. This may pose a danger to the vegetation or the environment of the country you are visiting.

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane Internationally

So, you never know whether a plant is not at all allowed to be brought or you need prior approval to bring it on board. Hence, it’s better to confirm all the rules well in advance rather than face unexpected consequences after reaching your destination airport.

Moreover, if you are bringing plants in bulk for commercial use, you will have to follow related rules and obtain the necessary permissions or certificates.

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane UK?

You surely are thinking, can you bring plants on a plane to the UK? It may be noted that the UK is a country belonging to the European Union (EU). So, as declared by the Government of the UK, if you are traveling within the EU, you can bring plants, provided they are meant for your own use and are not affected by pests.

However, you will require a “phytosanitary” (plant health) certificate if you are bringing plants into Great Britain from outside the EU, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein. This certificate testifies to the fact that your plants are not infected by pests, they don’t have any diseases, and they have been inspected properly. So, this procedure permits you to bring them to the UK.

Therefore, you need to comply with this rule whether you are taking any plants for planting or parts of a tree for decoration purposes. Even if you have flowers in cut form or you have natural wood. You must be aware of the rules in case you are bringing a knife on a plane in carry-on or checked luggage.

It is important to note that you must obtain this certificate from the plant health authorities of the country you are coming from. Also, you need to make arrangements for a plant health inspector to check your plants when you enter Great Britain with more than 2 kg of plants for planting.

Hence, if you are planning a trip to the UK, you are required to gather all the relevant information to make it all simple.

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane Philippines?

In the plethora of questions comes another, can you bring plants on a plane to Philippines? If you are traveling with plants to the Philippines, you need to adhere to phytosanitary regulations in the country. The plants will have to undergo verification to find out whether they are free from pests or not.

With all the information on hand, you will be able to plan your travel in a better way. So, don’t miss reaching out to the related authorities to check such details if you are visiting the Philippines.

Does A Plant Count As A Carry-on Or A Personal Item?

Apart from the question, can you bring plants on a plane there is another one, which says if a plant counts as a carry-on or personal item? You need to be aware of the carry-on rules set by the airline you are traveling with. As a general rule, if the size of your plant exceeds the size of a personal item, as per your airline, you may have to take it as a carry-on.

So, it is important to collect each and every detail by contacting the customer support team of your airline and then take such decisions.

Traveling With Plants As Carry-On

Can You Bring Plant Cuttings On A Plane?

Absolutely! You can take plant cuttings in your bags. The rules can again be different in case you are on an international trip. You can keep the cuttings safely by wrapping a newspaper around them and placing them in a zip-top bag.

Can You Bring A Potted Plant On A Plane?

Can you bring plants on a plane that is potted? It is totally subjected to the policies of your airline. As far as your potted plant is concerned, it should easily fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. Well, it also depends on the dimensions of the aircraft you are traveling in. And of course, if your travel destination has some restrictions, you need to be aware of them in advance.

Can You Bring Plant Seeds On A Plane?

Planting seeds are also permitted to be taken in your carry-on and checked baggage. But, make sure to inform the TSA officers if you have them with you. Also, please be sure about checking the related regulations set by your airline for taking seeds on its flights.

How To Pack Plants For Travel In Your Checked Baggage?

Keeping a plant healthy and unharmed while traveling remains a difficulty yet it is important. Also, a plant is a perishable item. So, you need to be cautious.

Here are some tips:

  1. It’s a good idea to wrap the root part of the sapling with a piece of cloth (not hard) or a towel and keep it in a separate good-quality basket, box, or container in the bag.
  2. You can also place the plant in a bag that is perforated with a few holes, so that the plant doesn’t dry out.
  3. The roots of the plant can be taken out of the soil and can be cleaned properly. Then the whole sapling can be securely wrapped with a newspaper or a towel and placed safely in the checked bag. So, you can carry it without soil.

What Should You Do If Your Plant Can’t Be Taken on the Plane?

If your plant is not allowed on the plane due to airline or TSA regulations, there are several options you can consider:

  • The simplest option is to leave the plant behind. You can give it to a friend, family member, or neighbor to care for while you’re away.
  • If the plant is of significant value or sentimental importance, you can explore the possibility of shipping it to your destination.
  • Some airports and nearby businesses offer plant boarding services where you can temporarily leave your plant in their care.
  • Look for local plant adoption or rescue organizations that may be willing to take in your plant.
  • If you have no other options and can’t bear to part with your plant, you may be able to store it securely in your home.
  • If the plant you want to bring is essential for a specific reason, you can try to comply with the regulations set by the airline and TSA.

You must know the solutions in case your other items like flowers on a plane in carry-on or checked are not allowed.

Can you bring plants on a plane, There is not much hassle in taking plants through the TSA security checkpoint. But, please keep in mind to check with the relevant authorities for rules related to a country, in case it’s an international visit. You won’t face any problems domestically also, still, it’s beneficial to confirm all the details in advance. It is suggested to be conversant with mandatory requirements in case of plants being brought for commercial purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bring plants on a plane Cebu Pacific?

Yes, you can bring plants in your carry-on bag on a Cebu Pacific flight.

Can you bring live plants on a plane?

Yes, you can take live plants on a plane, while following the policies set by your airline and that of your destination country.

Can you bring aloe vera plant on a plane?

Absolutely, provided you adhere to your airline’s and your destination country’s regulations, you are permitted to bring an aloe vera plant on a plane.

Can you bring plants on a plane Delta?

Delta Airlines allow you to take plants in hand luggage on their flights, provided you follow the agricultural restrictions defined by your destination country. If plants do not fit in the Delta aircraft or exceed the hand luggage weight limitations, they can be taken as checked baggage under certain conditions. 

Can you bring plants on a plane Southwest?

Yes, you can fly with plants on a flight by Southwest Airlines, while following certain regulations. 

Can you bring plants on a plane Easyjet?

EasyJet passengers are advised by the airline to bring plants, but as per the rules defined by their destination country. The airline also emphasizes taking care of the security regulations at the airport.

Can you bring plants on a plane Ryanair?

Yes, you can bring plants on a Ryanair flight, provided you comply with the regulations, if defined by the airline or your destination country.

Can you bring plants on a plane Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can bring plants on a Spirit Airlines flight. Please make sure to gather more details about the same for hassle-free travel.

Can you bring plants on a plane WestJet?

Yes, you can travel with plants on a WestJet flight, under certain conditions.


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