Can You Bring Nips On A Plane? TSA Alcohol Nips Rules

Can You Bring Nips On A Plane? TSA Alcohol Nips Rules

Nips are commonly known as miniatures, shooters, or simply mini bottles of alcohol that can be comfortably packed in bags.

However, the point is, can you bring nips on a plane through the airport security checkpoint? As you know nothing can be hidden from the eyes of TSA officers. Travelers caught carrying explosives or prohibited items on planes either have to get them confiscated or have to face severe actions.

Thus, if you don’t want to ruin your party plan at your travel destination and wish to bring nips, you must take a complete look at this guide for the TSA rules.

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Yes or No: Can You Bring Nips on a Plane?

Nips are allowed through the TSA security checkpoint. You can pack them in both carry-on bags and checked luggage.

However, usually, there are certain restrictions or advice associated with items permitted by the TSA. Especially, carrying nips is about taking alcohol in bags.

So, let’s see what does the TSA recommend?

Can I Bring Nips on a Plane in Cabin Bag?

Nips are allowed in carry-ons or cabin bags. But, these are liquid items. Hence, the TSA liquid limit applies.

The 3-1-1 liquid rule allows passengers to pack nips or mini bottles of liquor in cabin bags, as long as the total capacity of bottles does not exceed 3.4 ounces or you can say 100 ml.

The mini bottles must be suitably placed into a quart-sized bag, which is transparent and secured with a zip. This bag should go into your carry-on or cabin bag.

One thing you must always remember is that no matter whether the bottles have 2 ounces or 3 ounces of product inside, the total capacity of bottles must be limited to 3.4 ounces. So, this is the TSA alcohol carry-on policy.

This rule applies to all gel-based, creamy, or liquid items, which can be either food products or personal care products. Let’s say, if you carry peanut butter in your cabin bag, it needs to be packed according to the same 3-1-1 rule.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mentions on its website that passengers are prohibited from consuming alcohol on a flight unless they get it from the flight attendant. This is because passengers who start consuming their own drinks have a high chance of getting out of control, thereby causing indiscipline on the flight.

You should also be careful about the take of your airline on drinks taken on planes. Whether they have issued some other instructions or something more than what the TSA has mentioned, you must conduct thorough research at your end. Otherwise, your nips may be confiscated.

Similarly, collecting information about the laws made by your destination country, in case of a foreign visit, is also highly suggested.

Can You Take Nips on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Yes, why not? You can easily pack nips in your checked bag. In fact, you can also pack large bottles of drinks whose capacity exceeds the 3.4 ounces or 100 ml limit.

However, as this is an alcohol item, the FAA has made it mandatory for passengers to follow some limitations.

  1. You can bring nips whose alcohol content can be from 24% to 70%  (i.e., 48 – 140 proof). Such drinks with more than 70% alcohol content are strictly not allowed.
  2. A single passenger is permitted to bring nips in 5 liters of maximum quantity. So, this is 1.3 gallons.
  3. You must be careful about the fact that the nips need to be in unopened retail packaging.
  4. If you bring nips with alcohol content less than or up to 24%, you need not follow the quantity limitations, as mentioned in point 2.

Hence, you are advised to take care of all such important regulations, as even a single or small negligence could make you face unfavorable circumstances.

How Many Nips Can You Bring on a Plane?

You are allowed to bring nips in your hand luggage as per the TSA liquid limit, which is the 3-1-1 rule, as explained above. All the liquid or gel-based items, even if it is pomade packed in your carry-on, need to be taken according to the same guidelines. This is because there is always a risk of prohibited items being concealed in the form of liquids.

As far as it is about checked bags then you can undoubtedly pack nips in quantities of more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. However, there are again certain restrictions due to the nature of this item. So, up to 5 liters of nips can be packed if they contain alcohol from 24% to 70%, which means 48 to 140 proof.

If the alcohol content is over 70% then nips are strictly prohibited and cannot be packed in any of the bags. These rules have also been explained above in detail.

What is the Rule for Liquor in Flight if it Contains Over 70% Alcohol?

Liquor or drinks containing more than 70% alcohol are not at all allowed on flights. You must be mindful that you pack nips or liquor in your checked bag if they contain less than or up to 70% alcohol.

Otherwise, you may have to face an undesirable situation. Also, never forget to contact the airline you are traveling with so as to confirm their instructions for the same.

Additional Points to Remember

Once you pass through the security checkpoint, you could be purchasing medicine to cure a cold or cough. Now such medicines also contain alcohol. So,  the TSA specifies on its website that in such a case, you can bring up to 5 liters of alcohol from 24% to 70% ABV.

The alcohol can also be taken in your hand luggage or cabin bag if you bought it at an international location and need to catch a connecting flight within the US. But, you are required to keep the following points in mind:

  1. The bottles must be packed in a clear and tamper-evident bag by the seller. They must not look like they have been tampered with. The packing must be in original form, otherwise, it will not be permitted to be taken ahead.
  2. You are advised to keep the receipt intact with you which will prove that you bought alcohol in the last 48 hours.

Final Thoughts

So, that was all about covering a detailed guide based on your query, can you bring nips on a plane? Nips or mini bottles of alcohol can be packed in both cabin and checked bags.

But, make sure to proceed according to the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule in the case of cabin bags. More quantities are allowed in checked bags but with certain restrictions.

Also, you must stay informed about any such guidelines issued by your airline as well as your destination country if you are flying to an international location.

FAQs About Can You Take Nips On A Plane?

Some of the most commonly asked questions on whether can you bring nips on a plane are given below for a quick look.

Can you bring nips in a checked bag?

Yes, you can bring nips up to a maximum of 5 liters in a checked bag, if the alcohol content is between 24% and 70%. No limitations apply if you bring nips containing up to 24% of alcohol.

Can you bring nips internationally?

Yes, you can bring nips on an international flight. However, it is important to also take note of the rules defined by your airline as well as your destination country, along with adhering to the TSA alcohol rules.

Can you bring mini liquor bottles through TSA?

Yes, you can bring mini liquor bottles or nips through the TSA. You need to follow the TSA liquid limit if you pack nips in a cabin bag. Though nips in more quantities can be taken in a checked bag, there are some restrictions as per the alcohol content in nips.

How many liquor bottles are allowed in check in baggage?

Liquor bottles of less than or up to 5 liters are allowed in checked baggage if they contain more than 24% but less than 70% alcohol. However, no quantity restrictions apply if the alcohol content is less than or up to 24%.


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