Can You Bring Hangers On A Plane? Are Hangers Allowed

Can You Bring Hangers On A Plane? Are Hangers Allowed

Clothes hangers are a must-have on travel when you need to stay for a long at a friend’s or at a relative’s place. You can perhaps be travelling on business for an extended period of time and need to use some of your personal belongings like clothes, skincare on a plane in carry-on for every day. Thus, you might be wondering if you could take them through the TSA security checkpoint with ease.

Can You Bring Hangers on a Plane Easily?

Have a sigh of relief and let go of your worries because hangers are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage. But as you may already be aware, there are rules or TSA’s special instructions about what can and cannot be brought on airplanes. To learn everything in detail, you must go through this comprehensive guide.

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TSA Hangers Regulations

You can pack hangers without any difficulty. As per the TSA, they could be made of plastic, metal, or wooden material. But, they must not appear as weapons or must not be something heavy that could be used to harm passengers and crew on board. This also covers items like pepper spray on a plane in hand luggage.


It’s important to keep such points in mind. Otherwise, the TSA will confiscate your favorite item, forcing you to travel without it.

It is also advised to inquire with your airline about any unique regulations they may have about hangers, especially in the case of international flights. It is always better to stay informed than to regret it later. You can also ask them about other things like bringing guitar on a plane in your luggage.

Can You Take Hangers on a Plane in Hand Luggage?

Absolutely! The TSA does not stop you from taking hangers on a flight. You may carry wooden, plastic, or hangers made of metal on a plane in your bag. Please bear in mind their shape or appearance must not be that of any weapon, otherwise, it may create a doubt for TSA officers.

They may probably restrict your entry beyond the airport security checkpoint with the hangers. You will have to go ahead while leaving them behind with the TSA. Well, nowadays collapsible plastic hangers are easily available in the market and they help you save some space as well. It is beneficial to pack them in your carry-on bag.

Interestingly, if you need to attend an occasion at your destination and want to keep your dress or outfit intact, some airlines even provide you with an option to hang it in the cabin closet of the aircraft. So, you may inquire about this beforehand from your airline for complete information.

Closet facilities may also be offered on the basis of the availability of space. So, the crew on board may help you with the same only if the space is available.

How Do You Travel With Hangers? Some Packing Tips For You

As far as it is about packing hangers in cabin baggage, you can tie all and keep them aside or in a separate compartment in your carry-on, so as to avoid hodge podge with other items. When it comes to your checked luggage, there are a few suggestions that can assist you to make sure that your hangers reach the destination intact.

  1. At first, selecting the appropriate hangers is crucial. Slimline hangers are a perfect alternative to heavy wooden or plastic hangers because they are lightweight and take up less room in your luggage. Furthermore, they are less likely to crack while in transit.
  2. The next step is to properly pack your hangers once you have made your selection. One method is to use bubble wrap, hard paper material, or even tissue paper to stop the hangers from rubbing against one another. Additionally, you might bind them together using zip ties or rubber bands so that they stay in their place.
  3. Another piece of advice is to place the hangers in a separate suitcase or compartment inside your checked luggage. This will add an additional layer of defense against any jerks during the trip. Other sensitive things that you want to keep apart from your baggage items can also be stored in this section. Sometimes, your baggage may also be managed by careless handlers on duty. So, be careful that your belongings stay fine when your bag goes through transfers.
  4. It is also significant that your checked luggage complies with your airline’s weight and size regulations. Being over packed can harm both your luggage and its contents, so it’s important to pack lightly and just bring what you need. You must follow size rules for other items like blankets on a plane in luggage.

You may safely pack clothes hangers in your checked luggage by remembering such tips, and your clothes will be neat and wrinkle-free when you get to your destination.

Conclusion Thoughts

So, that was a simple guide on, can you bring hangers on a plane? You can definitely bring them in both hand luggage and checked baggage. However, be careful if they appear as weapons or are sharp or heavy, the TSA officers may not allow you to go ahead with them on board. Also, confirm with your airline for their coat closet facility and follow the simple hanger packing tips for a stress-free air journey.

FAQs Regarding Can I Bring Hangers On A Plane?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Can You Bring Hangers on a Plane? Don’t forget to take a look.

Are wire hangers allowed on airplanes?

Certainly! You can travel with wire hangers in your cabin and/or checked baggage. Just make sure to pack them properly and you are good to go with them.

Can I put hangers in my checked luggage?

Hangers are acceptable in your checked luggage without any restrictions. Make sure they are not heavy and do not appear as weapons. If your luggage is inspected, it may land you in trouble. Also, pack them properly and separately from your other items in the bag.

Do hanging clothes count as carry-on?

Well, it depends on the airline you choose to travel with. They may or may not consider your clothes, coat, or dress as a carry-on. It is advised to collect such information in detail before you travel.

Can You Bring Clothes Hangers on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Clothes hangers or coat hangers are allowed to be taken in your checked baggage without any issues.


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  • Has anyone had any issues bringing hangers on a plane? I've got some delicate outfits, and I don't want them getting all messed up during the flight.
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  • Do you pack hangers in your carry-on when flying? Need some advice for my upcoming trip. Don't want my outfits to suffer!

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