Can You Bring Eyeliner On A Plane? Discovering TSA Guide

Can You Bring Eyeliner On A Plane? Discovering TSA Guide

Eyeliner is one of the major beauty products that you would like to carry in your bag before heading on travel. After all, it’s about maintaining great looks while on vacation. Even if you have a business visit, it’s important to carry makeup products in your bag and look smart in a corporate setting.

Now if this question has put you into a dilemma, can you bring eyeliner on a plane, you can rely on this easy guide.

Read on for complete TSA guidelines.

TSA Regulations: Can You Bring Eyeliner On A Plane?

The TSA allows you to bring eyeliner on your flight. You can pack it in both hand luggage and checked baggage. Nevertheless, you need to abide by certain instructions, which have been put in place by the TSA. Taking care of the safety of passengers is in the hands of the TSA. Their rules ensure that no passenger carries a prohibited item or explosive on board.

The full guidelines follow ahead.

TSA Eyeliner Rules

You can bring eyeliners in your cabin bag and/or checked baggage without any issues. But, it’s a must for you to follow the regulations as per the type of eyeliner you wish to bring.

Gel or Liquid Eyeliner

The TSA has defined strict guidelines in case of liquid or gel-based items brought on planes. Hence, if you carry a gel or liquid eyeliner, you need to comply with the TSA liquid limit and pack this product as per the 3-1-1 rule.

You need to bring a mini pack of liquid eyeliner whose capacity is not more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml). Even if you pour eyeliner into one or more than one small container, you must be careful that the total capacity of containers does not exceed the mentioned ounces limit.

Containers must be placed into a single, clear, zip-top, quart-size bag, which is to be suitably placed in your hand luggage or carry-on.

Well, if you have eyeliner in more quantities, you are free to pack it in your checked luggage. Passengers are also suggested to keep a note of specific instructions issued by their airline in this regard, especially on an international flight.

Eyeliner Pencil

You may be habitual in using an eyeliner pencil, which of course, does not fall under the liquid category. It is a solid item for which no limitations or restrictions have been defined. You are allowed to pack solid eyeliners in more quantities in both bags.

Similarly, if you pack solid lipstick in your cabin or checked bag, there will be no restrictions.

Can You Bring Liquid Eyeliner On A Plane in Cabin Bag?

Yes, the TSA has no issues with passengers bringing eyeliners on their flights. You are permitted to pack this item in your cabin bag. However, it is important to consider the type of eyeliner you carry. If you carry a liquid or gel eyeliner, you need to follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for liquid items.

In fact, you must stay informed that this rule also applies to liquid foundation packed in hand luggage. So, according to this rule, you can either bring one container/pack of eyeliner or more than one container. But, the total capacity of containers must be less than or up to 3.4 ounces, which is equal to 100 ml.

Here, one aspect is worth noting. The TSA considers 3.4 ounces as the limit of the total capacity of containers. No matter, whether you keep a container half empty or there is less than 3.4 ounces of product in it, you need to maintain the said limit as the total capacity of containers.

Now you must put the containers into one transparent, quart-size bag with a zip lock, generally meant for toiletries. Then you are required to pack this bag in your hand luggage or cabin bag.

Pack everything well inside the bag so that nothing seems to be cluttered. This will enable the TSA officer to conduct an easy X-ray screening of your bag. Please note that if the officer asks you to separate an item out of the bag, you must be ready.

Additional verification may need to be held by them out of any doubt. If any item is found to be suspicious or harmful to passengers, it can be confiscated or thrown away.

Is Eyeliner Pencil Considered a Liquid?

Well, this thought must also be swirling around in your head if you are finding an answer to can I take eyeliner on a plane?

No, an eyeliner pencil is not considered a liquid, as it is a solid item. Hence, you can take it in your hand luggage and checked baggage without any restrictions in terms of quantity.

You can remember a simple rule to identify what could be considered a liquid by the TSA. An item counts as a liquid if it can be sprayed, pumped, squeezed, or spread. So, in this view, if you take liquid or gel eyeliner with you, it must be packed as per the 3-1-1 rule in the case of carry-on bags.

Can I Bring Eyeliner on a Plane in My Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can travel with gel/liquid eyeliners and eyeliner pencils packed in your checked bag or suitcase. As there are no limitations for liquid eyeliners with respect to a checked bag, you can pack them in more quantities, but still, it should be within reasonable quantities. Moreover, you must keep in mind the baggage weight limit set by your airline.

Apart from this, you must pack your eyeliner in a separate small bag, along with other cosmetics or beauty products. Keep the cap tightly secured so as to avoid leaks or spills.

In fact, such tips are also useful if you pack a deodorant in your checked bag. There may be irregular movements inside the bag, as it may be handled roughly or abruptly during transfers. So, if your belongings are carefully packed, it will minimize the chances of damage or unintentional leakage.

Final Thoughts

Now we come to the conclusion of the detailed guide on can you take eyeliner on a plane. You can pack it in both cabin bags and checked luggage. But, a liquid eyeliner needs to be taken in line with the 3-1-1 liquid rule, if packed in a cabin bag. However, more quantities are allowed in your checked bag.

Eyeliner pencils are solid in nature, and hence, they are good to go in a cabin bag without adhering to the TSA liquid limit. Also, you just need to be smart while packing an eyeliner pencil in your checked bag. Thoughtfully aligned and carefully packed items or belongings in this bag will ensure that there are minimum chances of damage or accidental leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the major queries on can you bring eyeliner on a plane that are generally raised by travelers. Take a look.

Is eyeliner TSA approved?

Yes, eyeliner is a TSA-approved item. You are permitted to pack liquid eyeliners in your carry-on and checked luggage. However, you are required to abide by the TSA liquid limit if you pack it in your cabin bag. Eyeliner pencils don’t need to be taken as per the liquid limit. They can be packed in more quantities in both cabin bags and checked luggage.

Is pencil eyeliner considered a liquid?

No, pencil eyeliner does not count as a liquid. It is a solid item, and hence, you need not follow the TSA liquid guidelines while packing it in your carry-on bag. There are no quantity limitations even in the case of checked bags also.

Is eyeliner liquid for hand luggage?

You can bring liquid eyeliner in both hand luggage and checked baggage. But, you must abide by the TSA liquid limit in the case of hand luggage and follow the quantity restrictions. There are no limitations on the quantity of liquid eyeliner packed in checked baggage.

Can I bring mascara and eyeliner on my carry-on?

Yes, mascara and eyeliner can be taken in a carry-on bag as per the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for liquids. However, if you take eyeliner in solid form i.e., the eyeliner pencil then you need not follow the liquid rule.

Can we carry makeup products in flight?

Yes, the TSA does not have any issues with makeup products packed in your carry-on and/or checked bag. You just need to take care of the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule if you carry a gel or liquid product such as eyeliner, liquid foundation, and nail polish in your cabin bag. Still, some items such as nail glue are not allowed in any of the bags as they are highly flammable in nature.


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  • Any tips for packing eyeliners in a way that won't cause them to break or leak during the flight? I've had some bad experiences before.
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  • I'm a bit confused about the TSA regulations. Can you bring a pencil eyeliner in your carry-on, or is it better to stick with the liquid ones to be safe?

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