Can You Bring Cough Drops On A Plane?

Can You Bring Cough Drops On A Plane?

Medicines are one of the major items travelers need to pack in bags. As the time for their flight approaches, they get fully engaged in shortlisting items or products to keep in bags. Are you also going through the same dilemma? Are you packing bags for a scheduled journey?

If yes then obviously, you must be finding it difficult to pack all items due to space constraints. Moreover, you must also be bothered by the response of TSA regarding certain necessary items such as cough drops.

TSA Guide: Can You Bring Cough Drops On A Plane?

Passengers do need to carry important things, and therefore, the TSA allows bringing items that are mandatory for you in medical terms. So, you can pack medicines in your carry-on and/or checked baggage.

However, cough drops come under liquid medication rules. You might be well conversant with the TSA liquid limit or the 3-1-1 rule. All liquid items must be taken as per the same. So, you have to pack a liquid item in containers or bottles that are not more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml in total capacity.

Then these containers need to fit into a single, clear, quart-size bag, which has to be placed in your carry-on bag or hand luggage.

But, you may get respite in case of cough drops, as these are “medically necessary liquids”. And, the TSA allows such liquids to be taken in unlimited quantities, reasonably though, in your carry-on bag.

Just like this, you could also bring other medicines such as melatonin in liquid form in your carry-on bag, as per the same guidelines.

Your checked baggage can contain these medicines in unlimited quantities. But, make sure to pack them within reasonable limits, otherwise, it could raise questions at the airport. Thus, these are the cough drops TSA rules, enabling a hassle-free air journey for you.

Can I Bring Cough Drops on a Plane in Hand Luggage?

You are required to follow the 3-1-1 rule, as per the TSA’s guidelines for liquid items.

However, the TSA allows passengers to bring liquid medications in their cabin baggage or hand luggage in containers with a capacity of more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml. Besides, the containers may not be packed in a quart-size bag but can be simply kept in your carry-on bag.

Cough Drops

Please bear in mind that it’s necessary for you to inform the TSA officer at the security checkpoint that you have cough drops or any other medically prescribed item such as Vaseline in a carry-on bag. The same needs to be taken out and put in a separate bin for proper screening.

This is because of the strict measures taken by the TSA to ensure the safety of passengers and crew on the flight, as some people may try to bring explosives or other prohibited items on board in the form of liquid containers.

You must also be aware that it’s beneficial to keep a prescription or the doctor’s note with you, as you can be asked to show the same. Well, this is usually crucial on international flights. But, it’s also better to stay safe while heading on a domestic flight. So, you are recommended to keep it in your bag.

Are Cough Drops Allowed on Planes in Checked Luggage?

Cough Drops Allowed on Planes

You are permitted to bring cough drops in your checked luggage without any limitations. But, it’s a wise decision to pack them within reasonable limits, as any single doubt in the mind of a TSA officer could result in trouble.

Take care of the packing part. Put cough drops bottles in a fully secured, separate pouch and then place them in your checked baggage. If you don’t know, your bag goes through transfers and there is a lot of movement among the items inside. Thus, it’s better to pack them safely and properly.


So, that was all about a major concern that almost every traveler has, can you bring cough drops on a plane? The answer is yes. They can be packed in containers whose total capacity is more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml, in the case of carry-on bags. The TSA has defined such rules for medically necessary liquids brought by passengers on board.

Nevertheless, it is your duty to stay honest and declare cough drops at the TSA security checkpoint, as these items need to undergo separate screening.

You can also pack them in checked baggage without any limitations, but make sure to consider a reasonable amount. Keep the prescription with you and also don’t forget to confirm the related rules defined by your airline. So, follow the simple cough drops TSA rules and enjoy your travel.

Can I Take Cough Drops On A Plane (FAQs)

Take a look at some most common queries asked by travelers on Can You Bring Cough Drops on a Plane and go ahead with a perfect flying experience.

Can you take cough drops on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to pack cough drops, as per the TSA rules. They can be packed in both or any of the bags, whether carry-on or checked luggage.

Is cough medicine allowed on planes?

Yes, you can carry cough medicine in your hand luggage and/or checked baggage. There are no limitations and the 3-1-1 rule does not apply to liquid medicines packed in hand luggage.

Can you bring lozenges on a plane?

Yes, you can bring tablets or lozenges in your carry-on bag and/or checked baggage without any quantity restrictions. However, it is better to pack them within reasonable limits.

Can you take medicine in handbag in flight?

Absolutely! You are allowed to travel with medicine kept in your handbag. However, it is advised to declare liquid medicines at the TSA security checkpoint for separate screening. Also, keep the prescription or the doctor’s note with you.


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  • Do I need to take my cough drops out of their original packaging and place them in a separate bag for security screening, like we do with liquids?
  • diana
  • I have a cold and plan to bring some menthol cough drops. Are there any restrictions on bringing menthol-flavoured cough drops on a plane?

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