Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane? TSA Regulations

Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane? TSA Regulations

Nintendo Switches have quickly risen to the top of the gaming console items and there is no dearth of gamers in modern times. Do you also like video games and, even when flying, you can’t afford to leave your Nintendo Switch behind? If so, you must be planning to pack it or your Xbox gaming console for an upcoming air travel. However, there are a few considerations you need to know when flying with your Switch.

Here’s the Answer: Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane through the TSA?

As per Nintendo Switch TSA rules, you can surely fly while carrying it on your flight, so don’t worry. But before you bring your Switch on your next journey, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established for bringing electronic devices. 

The TSA is in charge of making sure that all passengers are safe and secure, and they have clear regulations in place governing what can and cannot be brought into an aircraft. What you should know about bringing your Nintendo Switch on a plane is covered in detail in this guide.

We’ll go over the TSA requirements you must adhere to in order to bring your Switch on board, along with advice on how to pack it properly, and the alternatives you can use instead of it.

Can I Bring a Nintendo Switch on an Airplane in a Carry-On Bag?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your Nintendo Switch in your carry-on bag onto a plane. The TSA permits travelers to bring electronic devices including cell phones, computers, and tablets into the aircraft, and the Nintendo Switch is included in this list. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that you will have to take your Switch out of your luggage and put it in a different bin when you pass through security. This is necessary because the TSA considers it larger than a cell phone. Also, electronic devices can blur the X-ray image, and the TSA needs to see each item clearly. Make sure your Switch is kept in the bin for separate screening and don’t put anything else on top of it.

Can I Bring My Nintendo Switch on a Plane in Checked Luggage?

Absolutely! There is no restriction on packing it in your checked luggage. However, it is not advisable, as your Switch may get damaged or disappear in transit because checked luggage is frequently handled roughly.

Furthermore, the pressure in a plane’s cargo hold is lower than in the cabin, which might potentially harm the battery in your Switch or other electronic devices. The Switch should be kept in your carry-on bag for these reasons.

Can You Use a Nintendo Switch on a Plane?

nintendo switch

Yes, you can use a Nintendo Switch on your flight. However, you may have to keep it on flight mode when the plane takes off, as this is the guideline issued by most airlines. Once you reach a certain altitude, you may be allowed to use it without any hassle. It’s beneficial to gather such information before heading on air travel.

How to Pack Your Nintendo Switch For A Flight?

There are a few things to consider when securing your Nintendo Switch while it’s being taken by air. The first thing is to make sure your Switch is well-protected while traveling. From hard-shell cases to soft, padded cases, there are many different types of cases available.

Make sure it’s made particularly for the Nintendo Switch and pick the option that best suits your requirements. By using a case that is either made of soft material or not suitable for your device, you may face the danger of breaking your Switch. 

Also, make sure to bring any necessary Switch accessories, like games, controllers, and charging connections. You can pack any or all of these in your carry-on bag, but make sure to take them out and put them in a different bin so they can be screened. Labeling your Switch and accessories with your name and contact information is also a smart idea in case they are misplaced or left behind on the airline.

In order to swiftly and conveniently remove your Switch for security screening, make sure to pack it in an area that is accessible. You don’t want to be the one checking through your bag for your Switch and causing the security queue to back up.

Keep it in your front pocket or another spot that is simple to get to, and be prepared to take it out of your bag as soon as you get to the TSA security checkpoint.

Tips for Playing Nintendo Switch on a Plane

Apart from addressing your query, are Nintendo Switches allowed on planes, let’s discuss how to maximize your in-flight time. These pointers will help you use your Switch on a plane.

Keep a Portable Charger

Keeping your Nintendo Switch’s battery charged is one of the hardest aspects of playing on an airplane. Even if the Switch has a good battery life, it may not survive the entire flight, particularly if you’re playing graphics-intensive games. 

Make sure you have a portable charger with you so you won’t lose power in the middle of your flight. Portable chargers come in a wide variety of sizes, from compact versions that fit in pockets to bigger, more potent chargers. Select the one that seems fine according to your needs. 

Use Headphones

It may be a lot of fun and extremely boisterous to play games on your Switch. Other passengers may find the sound effects and music distracting, and you might be able to hear other people’s conversations or the sounds of the aircraft itself. Use headphones so you may concentrate on your game without distracting others. 

Earbuds and over-ear headphones are just two of the many varieties of headphones that are available. Make sure the level is adjusted so that it isn’t too loud and choose a pair that you can wear for extended periods of time comfortably.

Play Offline Games

Although the Nintendo Switch has a large selection of online multiplayer games that demand an internet connection, it can be difficult to play these games on a flight. The majority of airplanes don’t have Wi-Fi, and even those that do might not have a strong enough connection. Bring some offline games that do not require Wi-Fi so you may continue to play on your Switch while in flight.

Take Breaks and Stretch

Throughout a lengthy journey, it’s critical to stop and stretch your legs. While using your Switch to play games might be a lot of fun, it’s also crucial to look after your body. A long duration of time spent in one posture can cause cramps, stiffness, and other discomforts. Take breaks roughly every hour, if you can. In order to keep your body active and your muscles free, you can also perform some easy stretches while seated.

Alternatives to Playing Nintendo Switch on a Plane

Playing Nintendo Switch on a Plane

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent choice, but it’s not the only one. Depending on your preferences and interests, you can engage in a variety of activities while flying. Here are some alternatives to the Nintendo Switch that you may want to consider.

Bring a Book

Reading a book is one of the easiest and most entertaining ways to spend time on a flight. There is a book for everyone, whether you like reading fiction or non-fiction. Reading is a fantastic way to forget about travel worries and enter a new universe. E-books can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone, or you can bring a real book with you.

Watch a Film

Watching films is another preferred kind of in-flight entertainment. The majority of airplanes include in-flight entertainment systems with a variety of films and TV programs. Bring your own device and download films or TV series to view later without an internet connection. Just make sure you pack headphones to prevent disturbing other travelers.

Enjoy Music or Podcasts

On your smartphone or MP3 player, you can play your favorite tunes or podcasts if you’re in the mood for some music or interesting talks by speakers. On certain airlines’ in-flight entertainment systems, there are music channels as well. Bring headphones so that you don’t disturb other passengers.

Play Games on your Phone

There are several mobile games you may play on a plane if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch or prefer to play games on your smartphone. Just make sure to download them beforehand since the airline might not have Wi-Fi.


Sleeping is one of the most effective methods to pass the time on an aircraft. Bring earplugs, an eye mask, and a neck cushion to help you relax and block out noise. You’ll feel rested and rejuvenated when you reach your destination.


So, this was a complete guide on whether can you take a Nintendo Switch on a plane. Although traveling by plane can be a demanding and gruelling experience, it can also be a lot of fun with the appropriate planning and attitude.

The TSA allows you to bring a Nintendo Switch in your carry-on and checked luggage. You can play your favorite games in the air after adhering to the TSA’s guidelines for packing your Nintendo Switch securely and safely.

There are also other alternatives to keep you entertained during your flight if you don’t enjoy playing video games or would rather engage in other types of entertainment. The secret to traveling well, whether for business or leisure, is to be at ease, feel comfortable, and enjoy the in-flight entertainment options.

FAQs On Can you Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane?

We have got you covered with some most commonly raised queries on Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane? Glance over the same and prepare for an enjoyable journey.

Can I bring my switch on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your switch on a plane. If it is placed in your hand luggage, you will have to take it out and put it in a different bin when you pass through the TSA security checkpoint.

Can you fly with a Nintendo Switch packed in checked baggage?

Absolutely! Packing it in your checked luggage is not prohibited. However, it is not advised because checked baggage is regularly handled aggressively and your Switch could get damaged during transfers.

What are the Nintendo Switch carry on plane rules?

As per Nintendo Switch TSA rules, you can surely fly with a Switch in your carry-on bag. Nevertheless, when you go through security, you will need to remove your Switch from your luggage and place it in a different bin. The TSA believes it to be larger than a cell phone, so this is necessary. The X-ray image from electrical gadgets can also be hazy, and the TSA needs to clearly see each item.

Can you bring a Nintendo Switch charger on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a Nintendo Switch charger on your flight. But be careful, as most chargers are driven by lithium batteries. So, it is better to place them in your carry-on bag. However, you may also proceed as per the guidelines defined by your airline.

Do I need to put my Switch on airplane mode?

Putting the Switch on airplane mode may be required when the plane is about to take off. This is a general instruction issued by most airlines for cell phones or such devices when you fly with them. However, you may confirm the related rules set by your airline and use the Switch accordingly on your flight.


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  • I read online that gaming consoles are allowed, but are there any restrictions on the number of games or accessories you can bring?
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  • I read online that gaming consoles are allowed, but are there any restrictions on the number of games or accessories you can bring?

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