Can You Bring A Cat On A Plane?

Can You Bring A Cat On A Plane?

Can you bring a cat on a plane? traveling with cat can be a daunting task that requires proper preparation and adherence to airline regulations. It is important to check with the airline beforehand as each airline has its own policies regarding cats. The cat’s size and carrier may also influence whether they can travel in the cabin or must be checked as cargo. Well, it all depends on the cat policy of the airline you choose to travel with. There are certain criteria you need to be aware of, so as to proceed with carrying your kitten.

This is true that you will cherish making fond memories with your lovely kitty as you would make them with your family members on a vacation. In such a case, it might be difficult for you to leave your cat with your friend or a known one. 

However, it is crucial to be cognizant of issues pertaining to your cat’s health. Your cat’s suitability for travel, emotional equilibrium, and ability to withstand busy environments are all significant considerations.

Then you must pay heed to the security rules implemented by the TSA at airports regarding bringing allowed items on a plane. What do they say about flying with cats? 

Continue reading this guide and uncover all of the related answers.

TSA Guidelines : Can You Bring Cats On A Plane?

TSA Guidelines, Can You Bring Cats On A Plane

Well, it’s great to know that the TSA has made it clear on its website that when it comes to regulations pertaining to flying with small cats or a cat, passengers should follow the guidelines established by the airline they have a reservation with. 

There are no restrictions on bringing a cat on a plane. Passengers with small cats are allowed to go past airport security. The TSA has no problem with the fact that you love your cat dearly and cannot leave it unattended.

Policies For Carrying Cat By Airlines

We bring to you a set of rules for bringing Cat on a plane, as defined by some of the major airlines. Read further to know whether you can take your cat in the cabin, as checked baggage, or in the cargo section. 

But, you are advised to confirm the full instructions or rules with your airline for a hassle-free journey. Also, make sure that the carrier or crate carrying the cat must be full of enough space and have proper ventilation for the cat to stand and turn around easily. 

Policies For Carrying Cat By Airlines 

Does Delta Airlines Allow To Carry Cat On A Plane?

  • Bring your small cat into the cabin in a kennel. Else, it can go in cargo if it’s big in size. 
  • Make it a point to confirm the dimensions of Delta’s aircraft you are traveling in. Accordingly, you can take the kennel that fits properly under the seat in front of you.
  • Maximum dimensions of a soft-sided kennel – 
    • Length – 18 inches 
    • Width – 11 inches 
    • Height – 11 inches
  • Domestic travel – The cat must not be less than 10 weeks. 
  • Visiting the US from another country – The cat must be of 16 weeks or more.
  • Visiting the European Union – The cat must be at least 15 weeks old.

Policy of Southwest Airlines for Bringing A Cat

  • Your vaccinated domestic cat is allowed to travel in a carrier in the cabin on domestic flights. 
  • Maximum dimensions of the carrier – 
    • Length – 18.5 inches 
    • Width – 13.5 inches 
    • Height – 9.5 inches
  • You need to follow certain rules for taking cats on flights going to Puerto Rico.
  • Cats are not allowed on flights coming from or going to Hawaii.

Rules For Carrying Cat On United Airlines Flight

  • A hard-sided or soft-sided carrier with enough space may be used to carry a cat. 
  • Maximum dimensions of a hard-sided carrier – 
    • Length – 44 cm/17.5 inches
    • Width – 30 cm/12 inches 
    • Height – 19 cm/7.5 inches 
  • Maximum dimensions of a soft-sided carrier – 
    • Length – 45 cm/18 inches
    • Width – 27 cm/11 inches 
    • Height – 27 cm/11 inches 
  • The carrier must be placed properly under the seat located in front of you. 

Does Alaska Airlines Allow To Carry Cat On A Plane?

  • You must be 18 years or above to travel with your cat. It can be taken in the cabin.
  • You are allowed to bring up to two cat carriers under certain conditions. 
  • Maximum dimensions of hard-sided carrier – 
    • Length – 17 inches 
    • Width – 11 inches 
    • Height – 7.5 inches
  • Maximum dimensions of soft-sided carrier – 
    • Length – 17 inches 
    • Width – 11 inches 
    • Height – 9.5 inches
  • Your cat must not be less than 8 weeks of age. 
  • The cat must remain inside the carrier all the time, and the carrier needs to be placed under your seat. 

Guidelines of JetBlue Airlines for Bringing A Cat

  • You can travel with your small cat in the cabin.
  • Maximum dimensions of a hard-sided carrier – 
    • Length – 43 cm/17 inches
    • Width – 31 cm/12.5 inches 
    • Height – 21 cm/8.5 inches 
  • Maximum dimension of a soft-sided carrier – 21 cm/8.5 inches
  • The total weight, combining the cat and the carrier, must be more than 9 kg.

Does Frontier Airlines Allow To Carry Cat On A Plane?

  • You can travel with your domesticated cat in the cabin. It cannot travel as checked baggage. 
  • Maximum dimensions of the carrier – 
    • Length – 18 inches 
    • Width – 14 inches 
    • Height – 8 inches
  • The carrier should fit finely under the seat in front of you.  

Rules For Carrying Cat On Qatar Airways Flight

  • Your domesticated cat can travel as checked baggage on your flight or on a different flight, provided its health conditions are fine.
  • The maximum total dimension allowed for a crate (carrying the cat in checked baggage) – 300 cm or 118 inches.
  • The cat must be at least 12 weeks old. 

Guidelines of Air New Zealand for Bringing A Cat

  • Your cat can travel in a carrier as checked baggage on domestic flights. 
  • You must confirm the separate rules defined for international flights. 
  • Maximum dimensions as per the type of aircraft – 
    • A320 and A321 aircraft 
      • 90 cm H x 80 cm W (bulk hold only)
    • ATR aircraft
      • 150 cm H x 120 cm W
    • Q300 aircraft
      • 150 cm H x 120 cm W

Rules For Carrying Cat On Etihad Airways Flight

  • You can take your cat if you are coming from or going to Abu Dhabi. 
  • In the case of any other destination, there are different regulations.
  • The cat must be at least 16 weeks old, with a weight of not more than 8 kg, including the carrier.
  • Maximum dimensions for a carrier fitted under a seat – 
    • Length – 40 cm
    • Width –  40 cm
    • Height – 22 cm 
  • Maximum dimensions for a carrier if you have purchased the adjacent seat – 
    • Length – 50 cm
    • Width –  43 cm 
    • Height – 50 cm 

Rules of Singapore Airlines for Bringing A Cat

  • Your cat cannot travel in the cabin but can travel as checked baggage on some flights. 
  • The total weight of your cat and the carrier must not exceed 32 kg. Otherwise, it can go in cargo.  
  • Maximum height of crates allowed as per aircraft – 
    • A330 aircraft – 22 inches 
    • B777 aircraft – 43.3 inches 
    • A380 aircraft – 23.6 inches
    • A350 aircraft -27.5 inches 

Does Emirates Airlines Allow To Carry Cat On A Plane?

  • Your cat cannot travel in the cabin.
  • It can travel as checked baggage in an IATA-approved crate on certain flights.
  • If you have a big cat, it may have to travel in cargo with a suitable atmosphere.

Rules of Hawaiian Airlines for Bringing A Cat

  • Cats are permitted to be taken in a cabin if you are on an inter-island flight or your flight is between the State of Hawaii and North America. Certain rules apply.
  • If the combined weight of the cat and the carrier exceeds 25 pounds, the cat can travel as checked baggage.   
  • If this weight exceeds 70 lbs, it will be taken in cargo.
  • Maximum carrier dimensions –
    • Length – 16 inches
    • Width – 10 inches
    • Height – 9.5 inches 

Can You Bring Cat Food On A Plane?

You are allowed to take cat food on a plane. The rule is as simple as bringing any other food item. If it’s solid, there are no restrictions on placing it in your carry-on or checked baggage.

However, if it’s in liquid form, you need to abide by the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule in the case of a carry-on bag. Hence, you can keep the liquid food in containers that are not more than 3.4 ounces or 100 ml. Those containers need to be packed in a clear quart-sized bag, which can then be placed in the hand luggage. There are no limitations on placing liquid food in your checked luggage.

Bring Cat Food On A Plane

You are advised to keep all the items arranged in your hand luggage for easy X-ray screening at the TSA security checkpoint. You may have to take out the liquid items for separate screening. Such small steps help speed up the process. It may also be noted that for service animals, there is no medical exemption for prescription cat food.

Can You Bring Cat Treats On A Plane?

You must be keeping your cat happy with treats. Well, yes, you can bring cat treats on a plane. The rules are just the same as bringing cat food in solid or liquid form, as explained in the point above. 

Can You Bring Canned Cat Food On A Plane?

This is also about taking food for your kitty on the plane. Since canned food can be in solid or liquid form, the same rules apply as you have already read above. 

Can You Bring Two Cats On A Plane?

It all depends on the cat policy of a specific airline. Generally, most airlines allow only one cat in the cabin. However, there are some airlines that allow two cats to travel together even in the same carrier or crate. After all, the weight of the carrier and the cat is a major factor considered by the airlines. If the weight exceeds a certain limit, you may have to follow different rules. So, you must seek information or instructions from your airline before making such plans for your cats.

Can You Bring Cat Wipes On A Plane?

As mentioned by the TSA, wet wipes are allowed to be taken in unlimited quantities in your carry-on bag and/or checked baggage. Similar rules may also apply to taking cat wipes with you. However, it’s also better to seek information on the same from your airline. You can also write to the TSA on Twitter. Express your concern and tag @AskTSA in a tweet to seek a response.

Can You Fly With A Big Cat?

There are specific restrictions on the combined weight of your cat and the crate, kennel, or carrier in which it is placed. Taking into account the same concern, when it comes to big cats, the majority of airlines accept them as checked baggage or transport them in the cargo area.

Usually, small cats are allowed to travel with you in the cabin. So, it’s better to talk to an agent of your airline for complete information. 

Do Cats Experience Stress During Air Travel?

It’s a fact that being at an airport is an altogether different experience for your cats. Right from entering the airport to boarding the plane, they might feel baffled by the whole scenario. 

In addition, all cats have their own mental health conditions. Some start feeling restless in just a fraction of a second, while some may adapt themselves to the surroundings. So, you never know what goes inside their mind. 

Cats Experience Stress During Air Travel

Hence, if you feel they can be left with your relative at home, you may consider it. Else, take them if there is no alternative. 

Steps To Follow Before Taking A Cat On A Plane

  1. First of all, it is beneficial to confirm cat policies and charges from different airlines. Then you should choose the one that suits best your needs. Sometimes, emotional support animals can be taken for free. But, it varies from airline to airline.
  2. Look for a direct flight, if possible. 
  3. Once you come to know about the instructions issued by your airline for taking cats or other pet animal like dog on a plane, try putting your pet in a spacious and comfortable carrier at home and see its reaction. It’s good if the pet gets used to staying in the carrier. 
  4. You must also be aware of the certificates to be shown at the airport. Get a health checkup done at your veterinary clinic, and observe any signs of stress in the cat such as vomiting, apcatite loss, and anxiety level.
  5. Your cat may also need to be vaccinated.
  6. You may also need a cat passport. Please be sure to check the same with your airline.
  7. Bring your cat’s regular food and drinks, or the items the vet recommends.

How To Fly With Cats On A Plane Through Airport Security?

  • It’s beneficial to take your cat in a carrying case or travel carrier. You must remove the cat and pass the empty case through the X-ray machine before the screening procedure starts. It will be physically and/or visually evaluated.
  • Please remember that the X-ray area is just for your carry-on luggage or personal things; do not place your cat in there.
  • While leashes are required for passengers to control their cats, they should be removed when the cat is subjected to a metal detector test.
  • A TSA agent will swab the cat owner’s hands for explosive trace detection to make sure there is no explosive residue.
  • After screening is complete, owners should place their cats back in the travel container far from the security checkpoint in the area designated for restoring composure. This distinct area helps to ensure the safety of both cats and other travelers.

Concluding Lines

You are permitted to take cats on flights, provided you comply with the cat policy of your airline. As per the TSA, there are no restrictions or rules on traveling with your cats. However, it advises that you get all relevant information regarding the rules established by your airline and act accordingly. Happy journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring 2 cats on a plane?

You may or may not bring two cats, as per the particular cat policy of your airline. 

Can you bring a cat with you on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a cat with you on a plane, only as per the cat policy defined by your airline. 

Can you bring domestic cats on a plane?

Yes, domestic cats are permitted to be taken on a plane, if your airline has such a policy. 

How many cats can you bring on a plane?

The number of cats that you can bring on a plane may depend on the airline’s specific policies and regulations, as well as the size of the carrier you are using.


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