Direct Flights From Birmingham (BHX)

Book nonstop and direct flights from Birmingham Airport (BHX) using the information listed here. Passengers in Birmingham, the city known as the founder of Veterans Day, will find the relevant details about the places they can fly directly to from BHX. Also, the information on airlines serving and taking flyers on flights from Birmingham is available here. Here you will have the answer to your question of where can you fly to from Birmingham.

Domestic Direct & Non Stop Flights

You can get direct flights from Birmingham to four domestic destinations: Aberdeen, Belfast City, Derry, and Belfast International. Airlines like Loganair, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, And EasyJet serve travelers on these routes. Check the table here to find more detailed information about these places.

Direct Destinations Domestic

Only three places have direct flights from BHX within domestic boundaries, as shown in the table below.

Destinations (Seasonal And All Year)Airlines That Fly From Birmingham
Belfast CityAer Lingus
Derry (Seasonal April till October)Ryanair

NonStop Destinations Domestic

Only one nonstop flight to Belfast City is operational from Birmingham; check the table below for details.

Destinations (All Year)Airlines Name
Belfast InternationalEasyJet

International NonStop & Direct Flights

No matter which international destination you want to fly to from Birmingham Airport, we have accumulated the saturated data for you here. Refer to the tables mentioned and check whether the place you want to visit is there before proceeding with your bookings.

International Direct Destinations

The table stating the direct route cities you will land when you take flights from BHX is here.

Direct Destination (Seasonal And All Year)Airlines Name
Tirana (Seasonal route March To October)Ryanair UK
BrusselsBrussels Airlines
Burgas (Seasonal Route May Till October)Jet2
Sofia Ryanair
Split (Seasonal Route May Till October)Jet2
HurghadaTUI Airways
Bordeaux (Seasonal April Till October)Ryanair
Chambery (Seasonal March till April)Jet2
Paris (Beauvais)Ryanair
Zakynthos IslandJet2
Reykjavik (Seasonal Route March till April)Jet2
CorkRyan Air
Isle Of ManLoganair
Catania (Seasonal Route May till November)Jet2
Milan (Bergamo)Ryanair
Rome (Fiumicino)Jet2
TurinJet2, Ryanair
Venice Marco PoloJet2, Ryanair
VeronaJet2, Ryanair
MaltaJet2, Ryanair
CancunTUI Airways
Tivat (Seasonal Route May Till october)Jet2
AgadirJet2, Ryanair UK, TUI Airways
MarrakechJet2, Ryanair UK, TUI Airways
WarsawWizz Air
WroclawWizz Air
Funchal (Madeira)Jet2
DohaQatar Airways
JeddahSaudi Arabian
Almeria (Seasonal Route May Till November)Jet2
Barcelona easyJet, Jet2, Ryanair, Vueling
Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)Jet2, Ryanair
IbizaJet2, Ryanair
Lanzarote (Arrecife)Jet2, Ryanair
Stockholm (Arlanda) (Seasonal Route April Till October)Ryanair
ZurichSwiss Airline
AntalyaCorendon, easyJet, Southwind Airlines, Jet2, SunExpress
DalamanJet2, SunExpress, Corendon, easyJet
IstanbulTurkish Airlines

International NonStop Destinations

The table states the nonstop cities you will land directly at when you take flights from Birmingham.

Non Stop Destination (Seasonal And All Year)Airlines Name
Salzburg (Seasonal Route March To April)EasyJet or Jet2
Vienna (Seasonal Route March To April)Jet2
DubrovnikJet2, TUI Airways
Zadar (Seasonal Route March To September)Ryanair
LarnacaEasyJet, Jet2
PaphosJet2, Ryanair
PragueEurowings, Jet2
Sharm el SheikhEasyJet or TUI Airways
Grenoble/Lyon (Seasonal March till April)Jet2 Or Ryanair
ParisAir France or EasyJet
Berlin (Seasonal Route April till November)EasyJet or Ryanair
Chania (Crete) (Seasonal Route May till November)Jet2 or Ryanair
Crofu (Kerkyra)EasyJet, Jet2 & Ryanair
Heraklion (Crete)EasyJet or Jet2
Kos (Seasonal Route May Till November)EasyJet or Jet2
RhodesEasyJet, Jet2 & Ryanair
BudapestJet2, Ryanair & Wizz Air
AmritsarAir India
PunjabAir India
New DelhiAir India
DublinAer Lingus or Ryanair
Milan (Malpensa)easyJet
Pisa (Seasonal Route March till October)Jet2 Or Ryanair
JerseyBlue Islands or easyJet
MaltaJet2, Ryanair
AmsterdamEasyJet or KLM
KrakowJet2, Ryanair, Wizz Air
FaroEasyJet, jet2, Ryanair
LisbonEasyJet, Ryanair
BucharestRyanair, Wizz Air Malta
AlicanteEasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair
FuerteventuraEasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair
MalagaEasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair
Menorca (Mahon) (Seasonal Route April Till October)Jet2
Palma De MallorcaEasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair
GenevaEasyJet, Jet2
IzmirJet2, SunExpress

Ranking Three Short Flights From Birmingham (BHX)

Passengers wishing to find nonstop flights from BHX for a short distance can try one of these three destinations. Isle of Man, Dublin, and Belfast City are the cities that are short distances from Birmingham, and passengers can hop on to them. Here are some details that might help you about the airlines serving these routes.

Isle Of Man (IOM)

All the flights from Birmingham to the Isle Of Man (IOM), which are direct, take an hour to map the distance. Only one flight completed the distance of 264 km from BHX to IOM. The airline LoganAir is the one offering its flights for this route. The aircraft used are ATR 72, which has 69 seats, and Embraer RJ145, which has 29 seats to accommodate flyers. Both aircraft have economic class and seating options that are on budget.

Dublin (DUB)

Birmingham BHX direct flights to Dublin (DUB) cover a distance of 322 kilometers in just 1 hour and 25 minutes. Aer Lingus and RyanAir are the two airlines that cover the route from BHX to Dublin. The Aer Lingus airline flies 5 to 6 flights daily and lands at Terminal 2 of the DUB airport. When you take a flight from Birmingham with RyanAir, there are 5 to 8 daily flight options, and the flight will land at Terminal 1.

The aircraft Aer Lingus uses are Airbus A320, 172, all economy seater, and ATR 72, all economy 68 seater. Ryan Air uses Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Passenger/BBJ2, which has 189 economy seats, and Boeing 737 MAX 8 Passenger, 197 economy seats.

Belfast (BFS)

Passengers booking nonstop flights from BHX to Belfast City (BFS) take 1 hour and 15 minutes. The distance between the two cities is about 365 kilometers, covered by Aer Lingus airline. The aircraft used by the airline is ATR 72, and it takes about 3 to 5 flights daily on this route with a seating capacity of 68 seats, which are all BHX direct flight economy options.

Cities With Longest Flight From Birmingham Airport

Those who want to fly to Cancun, New Delhi, and Amritsar might like to know that these three places from BHX have the longest-hour flights. So, when preparing for these cities, ensure you are hydrated enough and have planned everything tactfully. Here are some key details to help you when you take flights from Birmingham and take a long flight to these places.

Cancun (CUN)

When arriving at Cancun city from Birmingham Airport, a flight usually covers a distance of 7886 kilometers. The flight time is 10 hours and 40 minutes. Airlines that fly BHX direct flights to Cancun are TUI airlines. On average, 1 flight is flying by TUI airline to CUN from BHX. At Cancun (CUN), your TUI flight will land at terminal 2.

TUI flies aircraft Boeing 787-9, which has a seating capacity of 345 seats, and Boeing 787-8, which has a seating capacity of 309 seats. Boeing 787-9 has 63 seats for business and premium economy each, and the rest are economy. Boeing 787-8 has 29 seats for business and premium economy each, and the rest are economy seats that passengers can book.

New Delhi (DEL)

Direct flights From Birmingham to New Delhi take about 6833 kilometers, and the air flight time for this route is 9 hours and 20 minutes. Air India is the airline that serves passengers on the BHX to DEL route. Only one Air India flight takes off for this route from BHX. The flight will arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) at Terminal 3. Air India operates a Boeing 787-8 aircraft with a seating capacity of 256 seats.

Amritsar (ATQ)

On nonstop flights from BHX to Amritsar (ATQ), the distance mapped via flight is 6426 kilometers, and the time is about 9 hours. Air India, a Star Alliance member, is the airline that flights a single daily for the BHX to ATQ route. The aircraft flying on this route is Boeing 787-8, which has a seating capacity of 256 seats and accommodates passengers on flights directly from Birmingham.

Cities With Shortest Flight From Birmingham Airport

Passengers usually have a go-to place or a hot location that is loved and visited the most in a year. The reasons a particular destination becomes the one with the most flights may vary vastly. When you fly from Birmingham, some places have the most flights daily. These places are at the top of all BHX’s destinations.

Amsterdam (AMS)

Direct flights from Birmingham to Amsterdam (AMS) cover a distance of 444 kilometers; a flight will take 1 hour and 25 minutes to map this distance. Airlines like KLM take 4 to 5 daily flights, and EasyJet takes about one or two daily flights for this route of BHX to AMS. EasyJet Airlines uses a 156-seater all-economy Airbus A319 and Air A320, which is 184 economy seaters. KLM also provides direct flights from BHX to Europe.

KLM airlines is using Boeing 737-900 (winglets) Passenger/BBJ3, which has an economical seating capacity of 188 seats, Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Passenger/BBJ2, which has economical seating capacity of 186 seats, Embraer 195 E2, which has economical seating capacity of 132 seat, Embraer 175 (Enhanced Winglets) which has economical seating capacity of 88 seats, Embraer 190 which has economical seating capacity of 100 seats.

Dublin (Dub) & Belfast City (BFS)

These cities are also well/most traveled from Birmingham. The flights from Birmingham to Dublin take 1 hour 25 minutes, and for Belfast City, it takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes. For more details on these routes, check the title above of three short flights from Birmingham.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which cities have the most popular spots and most Birmingham direct flights?

Direct flights from Birmingham go to cities like Dublin, Amsterdam, and Belfast city, and they have the most flights visited in a year from BHX.

Where are the shortest distances of flights from Birmingham airport?

Birmingham BHX flight destinations that have the smallest/shortest flight distance/time are the Isle Of Man, Dublin, and Belfast City.

Where are the longest nonstop flights from BHX flying to?

Birmingham direct flights fly to Cancun, New Delhi, and Amritsar at the longest distance and have the most extended flight times.

What time does a flight take to travel the longest distance from Birmingham?

Nonstop flights from BHX to Canun take about 10 hours and 40 minutes, the longest.

What is the shortest flight time from Birmingham, and to which city the flight will land?

Flights to the Isle Of Man from BHX airport, which is just an hour away and is known as the shortest distance/time flight.

Which airlines are flying nonstop flights from Birmingham to international destinations?

EasyJet is the airline flying from Birmingham nonstop to Belfast International City.

Which airline is flying domestic flights direct from birmingham?

Loganair, Aer Lingus, and Ryanair are the three airlines flying from Birmingham to domestic destinations.

Which direct destinations from Birmingham (BHX) are seasonal and international?

Direct Seasonal flights from Birmingham go to Stockholm (Arlanda), Almeria, Tivat, Catania, Reykjavik, Chambery, Bordeaux, Split, Burgas and Tirana destinations.

Which nonstop flights from Birmingham are seasonal and in international destinations?

Menorca (Mahon), Pesa, Kos, Chania, Berlin, Grenoble/Lyon, Zadar, Vienna, and Salzberg are the seasonal locations where flights from Birmingham go internationally.

At Birmingham BHX, which airlines operate most flight operations in a single day?

Ryan Air, EasyJet, and Jet 2 airlines have the maximum flights from Birmingham.